Thursday, December 16, 2021

Holiday Celebration Barbie 2002 - Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

Hi guys! For our 2nd post of the day, we're looking at the 2002 Holiday Celebration Barbie and she is just as stunning as the rest of them.  The dresses are getting a bit bigger again as we had slimmed down a little with the 2003-2005 ones. They will all be big dresses from here on out, lol. 


Here is the beautiful AA version of this doll and it's hard to tell, but I think she has the Nichelle face mold. 

Here she is in her burgundy, velvet glory.  The fabric is so soft and thick...very nice quality and the overall design is really pretty. 

Her bodice has glittery vines on top of a light pink metallic fabric.  She has large, bow-like sleeves that wrap around her collar and the base of the bodice is decorated with a bow. 

She, like 2004's Barbie, also comes with a purse.  This one matches the bodice of her dress and is in a pouch style. 

Her hair is pulled up into a long blond ponytail and she has a glittery ponytail holder adding an extra touch of sparkle to her look.  

She has a silver necklace with a "ruby" gem in the middle.  Such nice, tiny details. 

Pretty much all the shoes going forward have this same basic design, just in different colors. 

She has the Mackie face mold (she's the 11th one we've reviewed with this one!) and she also came with rooted eyelashes.  Her's are very subtle and really enhance her otherwise softer face.  She has purple shadow on the lids and defined lip liner with frosty light purple lips. 

Overall, she's really beautiful in this luscious sparkly velvet dress. She looks so pretty on my shelf under the Christmas lights!  I love her burgundy color scheme, accessories and lovely, sweet face.
I just can't say enough good things about this era of Holiday Barbies in the 2000-2010 range!  


xoxo Farrah 


  1. Man, I really miss rhinestones in doll jewellery! Nowadays most of the gems aren't even painted. I think the 2000s is my favourite decade in Barbie designs. We have a lot of diversity in skin and hair colours and many articulation options now, but we lost the detailed makeup and accessories, clothes that look good from any angle, hair fullness and overall quality standards. Speaking of that, were any of the holiday dolls affected by the glue head syndrome of a few years ago?

    1. Yes, I completely agree. My interest in collecting newer dolls is really fading. They pump out so many dolls that the quality (in the fashions and the accessories) is just really lacking. Now, I just try to stick with really nice modern ones (Barbie Looks and collector dolls) as well as finding the older ones I really like. As for the glue issue, I haven't noticed it yet! There was only one that I reviewed..I want to guess maybe 2004 who's hair seemed a little "tacky", but it was a different sort of sticky so not sure if it's a glue issue.

    2. Ah, that is just hair product. Glue inside the head was used around 2010-2015 and is easily detected if the had is hard (not squishy). If you're especially "lucky", it oozes at the hairline and/or yellows the vinyl.

    3. Yeah, I have a lot of Monster High dolls with this problem. I am sort of dreading getting them out of storage, because they all need to be cleaned up!