Monday, February 17, 2020

Little Mini Kendra (Lori Dolls)

I'm finally getting around to sorting through the MANY doll photos I have taken over the years, and there are a lot that I never got around to sharing here on the blog. 

I hope you don't mind seeing some older dolls here on the blog, as I enjoyed taking photos of them at the time and still wanted to share!

When the Lori dolls came out, we got really into them.
We have the Lori dollhouse (which is actually a huge hit with miniaturists in turns of customizing...check out @allieshouse on Instagram for a visual treat!)
Our Lori doll collection is probably around 10 or so mini dolls and each one is cuter than the next.

Kendra was the first one I bought and here are a few photos of her that I took outside by our creek a few summers ago. 

If you're still in the dead of winter like I am, it's a real treat to see all of this green, lol. 

She has the same cloth body torso as the mini American girls. 

She came with an identical outfit as her 18 inch version did. 

Her boots have some nice texture and molding. 

I have since taken the ponytails out and boiled washed her hair so it lays straight. 

Overall, she's an adorable little mini doll and she was really fun to photograph! 
I think our 18 inch Kendra will soon be finding a new home as I really need to downsize my 18 inch dolls due to space, but mini Kendra will be here to stay!

Do you guys collect any mini dolls (aka 6 inches or smaller)?
I really like them as they are easy to store and are adorable!
Lori dolls still seem to be in Target as well as their accessories, but I haven't bought anything new in a few years.  The next time I'm in Target, though, I'll pay more attention to see what is new!

As always, hanks for stopping by and see you in the next post.

xoxo Farrah