Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Best May Ever

May was a great month.  We had 27 days over 70 degrees and sunshine almost daily!  Usually it's rain, rain and more rain and temps at least 10 degrees cooler. 
I wanted to do a post kind of summarizing the month so I can look back and remember some of the memories I've had with my kids on the farm. 

May truly marks the beginning of spring in my book as April can be either cold or "not as cold" here in the North East.  As you can see by the first few photos the grass is just starting to turn green again and there aren't really a ton of leaves on the trees. 

Remember our little friend Casper (now renamed Peppy)?  There she is enjoying the sun and grass with 2 other friends.

She kept trying to figure out how to come over to us :(  When we went back the next day, she was on the other side of the little creek so was able to trot right over and say hello. :)

We enjoyed lots of walks around the farm.  Piggie back rides were given and walking sticks were created.  Little legs were trying to keep up. :) 

Eating breakfast and drinking coffee on the porch was a fabulous treat.  I so adore sitting in the sun in the morning.  Little Button is so good at amusing herself while I crochet or read.  :) 

Getting kisses from her BFF! 
Suddenly blossoms were everywhere! 

During the middle of May we celebrated a delicious wedding rehearsal dinner at a cozy little spot in Saratoga, NY.

Being cheeky :) 

The following day we celebrated the marriage of my younger brother and his awesome girlfriend.  She is so funny and sweet and we're so happy to welcome her to the family.
It was a great time and since our babysitter fell through at the last minute, the girls stayed for the reception as well.
They did so well, they were so good and loved the dance floor!
Little Button wouldn't keep her shoes on!

This is my sister-in-law (married to my other brother!), my sister, me and the girls.  Little Button was starting to fade fast!  Pumpkin Pie was still holding strong.  :)

Last photo booth shot of the night. 

The girls were barely hanging on at this point, lol...we left shortly after..such little troopers!  Little Button fell asleep in my arms about 3 minutes after we took this. :)

The end of May proved more green and the appearance of the dandelion puffs.  I always love seeing the bright yellow of these fresh flowers, but seeing a field of this snowy white is pretty in it's own way.
Leaves were unfurled and bright within days it seemed.

This is the view of my daily walks during my lunch break at work.  I am so fortunate to work from home and am able to get outside each day.
After I cross the big hills out back, I go down this quiet little path that leads to more fields and a small pond.  Lots of great wildlife viewing!

This tree....omw.  If a tree can have energy, I feel like there is amazing energy here. 

Curious little guy. 

Enjoying the last of the fragrant spring blossoms.  I don't know if there is any more beautiful scent than the dainty little lily of the valleys.  I put this next to my bed at night and loved the smell as I fell asleep.  I will miss it!  Maybe I can find a nice candle to take it's place. :)

The cows are very happy to be back in their lush green pasture.  They are such a curious bunch and enjoying a drink at the stream.  Waiting for their turn.  Love them. :) 

Lastly, as we come to the end of the month, we got to enjoy the most recent bloom, the locust trees in the front yard  and their scent was amazing as well!  Short lived, but truly appreciated. 

This May was beautiful.  I just can't get over it.
It was the warmest and driest May our area has seen in decades!
I felt like we got a whole extra month of summer.  It's been amazing and hard to believe how fast it flew by.
I hope you all had a nice weekend as well as a wonderful month and see you soon.

xo Farrah

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Few Updates and a Doll Hunt Video!

Hey there fellow doll collectors. :)
Isn't it so nice to have this blogging world to connect with like-minded people?
I don't know about you guys, but I have NO ONE in my personal life that is a fellow doll collector. One of my brothers collects other things like DVDs and Star Wars stuff so at least I have him to talk about collecting and he totally "gets it."

My blog is completely anonymous and no one besides my immediate family knows I do this.
I guess, since it's new to me, I am still fairly shy about it.
But it's so fun. :)
It's such a creative outlet for me and I really enjoy writing and sharing the dolls I collect with you all as well as reading your blogs to see what's going on in your doll world.

So I wanted to share a couple of updates regarding some new things I have added and will be adding as soon as I can figure it out!

A few months ago, I started an Instagram account with doll photography only, and if you have Instagram and are interested in that sort of thing, my user name is @farrahli  :)
It's mostly photos of Monster High, Ever After High, Disney Dolls, American Girl, Barbie and My Little Pony.  Some are photos from the blog and others are just ones I take out and about.

I hope to eventually do an "About Me" page to share a little bit more about who I am personally as well as a "Doll Collection" page which has links to each of the dolls I've reviewed or photographed.

I also recently started a YouTube Channel and my subscriber name is the same as the one on my blog here:  Farrah Lily.

I only have a couple of videos posted, but I will mostly be doing doll reviews, doll hunts, and any doll makeovers I can squeeze into the day.
I have 3 subscribers already!  Whoo hoo! ;)

Here are some photos and the video of my doll hunt.
I was pretty nervous for some reason and even though no one was around, I was very quiet in the beginning.  :) I don't know why I care...I need to get over that!
It's amazing to see YouTubers like Chad Alan and Mommy and Gracie who are so comfortable filming in public and probably so used to it they just go for it!

Even though it's a few months  old, most of the dolls are still the same ones as the ones that are currently in my local Walmart and Target.
Stay tuned until the end to see what I got!  ;)

Here are a few of the dolls/toys that caught my eye in Walmart. 

This is the first version of Cinderella I've seen in her pink dress.  
The hair isn't movie accurate, but the dress is really cute!

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Live-action Cinderella dolls by Mattel.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls
Fluttershy was my favorite! 

Ever After High Into the Woods Poppy O'Hair

Ever After High Getting Fairest Apple White

Ever After High Getting Fairest Briar Beauty

Ever After High Mirror Beach Apple White

Monster High Haunted Draculaura

Moving on to Target, here are a few more dolls and things that caught my eye. 

Sheriff Callie costume.  
I thought this was ADORABLE.  :) 

I adore the Mooshka line of dolls and thought these mini fairy tale friends were really cute.  
I've had my eye on this fox one, but she wasn't in stock. 

Cinderella's wedding dress costume. 

Cinderella's blue ball gown costume. 

Monster High Gloom and Bloom Cleo de Nile

A couple of cute little seasonal Chelseas :) 

Nurse Barbie. 
 I almost grabbed her as I am a nurse as well :) 

They still had a few of the Hearts for Hearts dolls. 

These were my two favorite Our Generation Dolls.  

I also wanted to say thank you so much for the 25 subscribers I already have here on this blog.  I'm so touched that you guys are reading my posts and leaving such sweet comments and I am so appreciative of you all! :)