Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Holiday Barbie 2017 - Holidays Dolliday Christmas Countdown

Today we're taking a look at the Holiday Barbie from 2017.  
So this one is a beauty.  She's sophisticated and elegant with a gorgeous face and dress. 
I'm not totally loving the metal (plastic) star, but I love the rest of her! 

This holiday barbie is definitely one of the most unique we've seen in terms of overall design. 
I mean, the star is kind of cool, and I like that it's removable, but I think I like her without it a bit better. 

I wish I could wear this dress on Christmas. :)

Each point on the star features a red "ruby" jewel and she's wearing cute gold strappy sandals. 

This is one of the prettiest Closed Mouth Millie sculpts I've ever seen and she reminds me a lot of the Grace Kelly Barbies. 

Holiday Barbie 2017 is a stunning beauty for sure!  She may not be as glamorous or over the top as the ones before her, but she's elegant and lovely with a hint of old Hollywood glam. :) 
Do any of you have her in your collection? 

xoxo Farrah 

Monday, November 29, 2021

Holiday Barbie 2018 - Holidays Dolliday Christmas Countdown

Today's post features the lovely 30th anniversary Holiday Barbie from 2018. 

This year marked the 30th year anniversary of the Holiday Barbie line which started in 1988. 
Her box was brightly colored and very festive and that dress is just so beautiful!

As usual, she came in 3 different versions. 

I can see why they went with a red dress to match the 1988 red-dressed one, but that is pretty much where the similarities end!  I am not sure if they intended to make her look like the 1988, but she's still lovely, nonetheless! 

Blonde with the Mille face sculpt

  Brunette with the Tori face sculpt (I wish I had gotten this one!)

And the AA one with the Asha face sculpt (I love her natural hair!)

Here she is in all her glory. 
Those ruffles! 

Acessory-wise, she came with an elaborate necklace and beautiful pearled cuff bracelet as well as a pearled headband. 

She has 30 pearls total within her headband, bracelet and necklace to represent her 30th anniversary. 

She has red, high-heeled sandals. 

Her makeup really transforms the Millie face sculpt and she looks really beautiful.  
She has violet Elizabeth Taylor eyes!

Overall, I like this one.  I wish I had gotten the brunette as I think she's really cute, but you really can't go wrong with good ole' Barbie. 

Thank you for checking in and I'll see you in tomorrow's post! 

xoxo Farrah 

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Holiday Barbie 2019 - Holidays Dolliday Christmas Countdown


Hi everyone!
Today's quick post features the 2019 Holiday Barbie. 
I ended up getting the blond version in this line, however all 3 are stunning and I hope to eventually collect them all. 
I didn't take very many "out of box" photos yet, but wanted to share my video review of her that I did today. 
She's so beautiful! 

She is a gorgeous doll and features the Millie face sculpt that is still the dominant Barbie face sculpt of today. I really love her elegant, yet fun candy cane inspired dress with sparkly silver details, silver chandelier style earrings and her beautiful side-swept hair.  I wish she had come with ring or other silver accessory, though! 

Here are a look at the other two versions that were released. 

Brunette with the Neysa face sculpt. 

Curly hair with the Shani face sculpt. 

It's honestly hard to choose a favorite.  They are all stunning! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season so far. 

Xoxo Farrah 

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Holiday Barbie 2020 - Holidays Dolliday Christmas Countdown

Happy Holidays and I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. 
I'm at the tail end of a 4 day weekend, which is like a breath of fresh air in the frenzy of what my weekly schedule looks like! It's been so nice to have so many days off! 
In today's post, I just wanted to share my latest video review in my Happy Holiday Dolliday Countdown to Christmas with the Holiday Barbies series I'm doing on Youtube. 

Today's post features the brunette Holiday Barbie from 2020.  
She gives me Belle from Beauty and the Beast vibes!

Unfortunately, her eyes are a little wonky, lol, but I like her anyway. :) 

xoxo Farrah 

Holiday Barbie 2021 - Holidays Dolliday Countdown to Christmas

Happy holiday season, everyone! 
I'm sorry I've been so MIA this past year; I've just been so busy, I can't seem to find time for this blog (even though I love it so much and wish I could post more - I will never let go of this blog, lol). 

I just wanted to pop in and say hi and also post just a few photos my Holiday Barbie collection that I've worked on completing over this past year. 

I'm doing a series of reviews on my Youtube channel, so thought I might as well include them here for any who are interested in watching! 

For today's post, I reviewed the two 2021 Barbies I chose from this year's line.  

This year's Barbies are gorgeous and although I'm not loving the silver plastic corset that they added over her bodice, I think the faces of the two I chose are stunning! 

The AA version has the beautiful June face sculpt and the brunette has my girl Kira's face! 

I'm sorry I didn't take more photos.  I didn't think I would be making a blog post about them when I first did my Youtube review. This was a spontaneous decision right now, haha. 

Do any of you collect the holiday Barbies? 
I'm a total sucker for them as I'm one of those "Christmas freaks" that goes all out and I can't resist a holiday-themed doll! 

I hope you're all having a wondering holiday season so far, and stay tuned for more Holiday Barbies! 

I really am hoping SO MUCH, that I can find the time to start blogging again.

I've missed you all! 

xoxo Farrah