Friday, November 20, 2015

Feel Good Friday-PTX and MJ

Happy Friday, everyone!  
You know how I am about my Fridays. 

If you like Pentatonix you will love this video.  If you like Michael Jackson, you will love it even more.  
There are no other instruments other than their voices!  
So good :)

Hope you all have a great weekend.
xo Farrah 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Barbie's New Bod (Made to Move Barbie)

Happy Monday (blech!)
Tonight, I wanted to share a few photos of the amazing new "Made to Move" Barbie, I just purchased last week from Amazon.
I hadn't even heard of this doll until I saw her photographed and posing like a dream on one of my favorite Instagram accounts for fashion dolls (@kid_md_plays).
I wanted to share a few quick photos of her in case you were interested to see the amazing articulation she has!

Stretch it out, girl!

These Barbies retail for about $14.99.  That part I couldn't believe. 
There are 3 different Barbies available...Barbie, Pink Top , Barbie (Teresa), Blue Top and 
and Barbie (Asian facemold), Purple Top.  According to the packaging, it looks like there will be a dark skinned Barbie coming out as well. I hope they make these in lots of different skin tones.

When I checked Amazon, the only one still in stock was Teresa, which was perfect because she's my favorite! They must have sold out pretty quickly at first, but I'm sure they will be back in stock soon. 

She comes dressed in a simple blue top with black, cropped yoga pants.  She does not come with any shoes. 

Her facial screening is simple, yet beautiful.  Her eyes are hazel-ish grey and I love her bold brows! Very Brook Shields in that Blue Lagoon movie.  
(Gosh, I need to re-watch those movies..I used to love them!) 

Image found here

I think I will call her Brooke too. :) 

My favorite facial feature of hers are her double dimples!  You can see them a little better in this black and white photo. :) 

Now onto her articulation! 
Warning...nude photos of developed doll figure are below....

It's like a Liv body for Barbies..but even better! 

What impressed me the most was her elbow joints, which are similar to the new large scale Monster High dolls that came out this past summer.  Her chest plate is flexible as well giving her wonderful variety of expressions and poses. 

Not only does she have awesome flexibility in her knees and elbows, you can rotate her upper arms and thighs to add even more creative posing.  

We can meditate together! 

Overall, I am so impressed. 

I am excited to see other peoples' reviews of her in the coming days.
Sorry this isn't more of a detailed review. :\
 I enjoy photographing my dolls, but just don't have the time to set up a good quality review so I hope someone does one here in Blogland.  I am fairly certain Emily will be all over this!  

Now if they could only put these bodies on those gorgeous Fashionistas, we'd be all set. 
$ just can't beat the price!  
Yay Mattel!
Yay Barbie!

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Thank you so much! :) xoxo

Saturday, November 14, 2015

October Doll Haul

Hello everyone! 
I'm a bit behind in my blogging this month as I've made more of a conscious effort to spend more time in the evening with Hubby.  I have gotten into the habit of doing all of my bloggy stuff after the kids go to bed and I was starting to miss how we used to watch TV together, have snacks and just hang out when it's just the two of us. 
I have realized that I have to blog at the best time that is convenient to everyone in the family...not just me. :) At the moment, it is from 5:30am until 6:15am when I get my daughter up for school!  Ahhhh well...if you are up at that time in the morning, think of me with my coffee pouring through doll and nature photos, lol. ;) 

Anyway, I'm sure if you are a fellow blogger with a family, you can relate!

I wanted to share with you guys our new doll/toy additions for the month of October.  I found some really nice sales this month and added some dolls I have wanted for a while as well as some "on a whim" purchases like the two new Disney Deluxe dolls.  (I felt a little bit of "buyers remorse" on those due to the steep price tags and I have to be better about saving..I really do!!) 

Here is my doll haul video as well as a few still shots.  

I still very much like collecting Monster and Ever After High.  I am too afraid to get one of the higher end dolls like Integrity Toys, Hot Toys or any additional Tonners because I don't want to get hooked!  :)

Marisol Coxi:

Gigi Grant (signature): NIB Ebay 

Frets Quartsmane:

Kitty Cheshire (signature): (now only $12!)

Fayebelle Thorn (signature): (now only $12!)

Cerise Hood (Enchanted Picnic):

Raven Queen (Enchanted Picnic):

Blondie Locks (Enchanted Picnic):

Fashionista (Red Ruffles):

Dolls not pictured: 
Aery Evenfall:

Rapunzel Deluxe Feature Doll (16in):
Ariel Deluxe Feature Doll (16in):

Lalaloopsy Mini Blind Bags: Walmart
MLP Blind Bag (series 13): Lavendar Fritter (Walmart)
MLP Apple Bloom and Sweetie Babs Figure Pack:
Care Bear Blind Bags (series 2): Cheer Bear and Share Bear Walmart

Overall it was a great month of toy collecting.  I am expecting things to wind down for the next few months as we get through the holidays, but if I see a good sale, it's very hard to resist! 

I hope you are all having a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! 

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

October Leaves and Pumpkins

Happy November!  Wow, October felt so busy for me for some reason and it's hard to believe we are getting so close to Christmas already. 
Here's my October wrap up post, and I hope you enjoy. :)

 This year, I decided to try a little seasonal photo shoot with each of the girls and here are a few from Little Button's 3 year old one in the cornstalks here on the farm.  I really like how these came out!  I wish I could show you all of them, but I'm just trying to be more internet-safe with not putting too many direct facial shots of the girls on this blog. ;)

Every morning I put Pumpkin Pie on the school bus at 7:20 and this month it seemed to time perfectly with the sunrise.  This particular morning we stepped outside and saw this gorgeous pink and orange one!  It makes waiting for the bus feel a little more magical. :)
(Although this is no longer the case since we turned the clocks back!)

The cows were still across the street for about the first week in October, but have since been moved to a different field.  We miss them.

I had totally forgotten about this delicious wild pear tree that was ready for picking this month.  The pears were so juicy and crunchy and it was so nice to be able to go outside and pick a few for snacking.

Here's a look at our Halloween/Autumn porch decorations.  The girls were very creeped out by the spiders!  It's hard to see, but the big momma spider is right behind the cornstalk on the left. :)

My sister and cousin both live in the Syracuse/Oneonta area and each fall, my mom, aunt and I head over there for a little day trip.  Usually we go the Fly Creek Cider Mill for some treats and shopping and this year we also headed into the very quaint town of Cooperstown for lunch at this really awesome Mexican restaurant called Cantina de Salsa.  It was so good!

 The day we went was one of the coldest days of the season so far and it was flurrying! 
I am not ready for that. 

The leaves were beautiful and fell with abundance this month. 

I did Pumpkin Pie's 6 year old photo shoot in this leaf pile and they came out great as well!  Very candid, but got some good ones of her having fun. :)

We had our Halloween party on the Saturday before Halloween and this year I dressed up as a Day of the Dead sugar skull character.  (Dia De Los Muertos.)  Basically I waited until the night before the party to go to the Halloween store at the mall to find a costume!  Everything there was super skanky.  This was the best I could do to mix some spookiness in while still being family friendly!
These temporary tattoos took about an hour to remove at the end of the night!  I was just happy then came off, lol.
J was a Wild West Bartender and the girls were Equestria Girls, Apple Jack and Twilight Sparkle.

I will probably be deleting this photo later, lol. 

Right before Halloween, J and I took a 2 night trip to Niantic, CT (right outside of Mystic) and we had such a blast!  I'll do a separate post on that soon.

We returned home on Halloween day and had a great time with the girls at a local Trunk-or-Treat.  Instead of being the Mexican Sugar Skull character, the girls really wanted me to be Rainbow Dash to match their costumes. :)

Overall, October was beautiful on the eyes and very chilly!  It felt sort of crazed and rushed, and I already feel more relaxed going into November.  We'll see what this month brings!
Hope you are all well and enjoying your day. :)
Thanks for reading!
xo Farrah