Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry and Bright..Today is Christmas Eve!

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas Eve!
I just wanted to stop in for a quick post before my father-in-law stops over for lunch.  We've had a very festive and bright Christmas season this year and it's hard to believe it's Christmas Eve already!  This afternoon we're heading over to the Christmas Eve children's Mass and then will come back here to spend the festivities with my family.
I can't believe how fast this month went by!
I started a new position at work and it's been so incredibly busy and I've had to sign on again after the girls go to bed, just to catch up for the next day.  Hopefully it all evens out soon.

We ended up getting several small snowstorms, so unlike last year's 70 deg Christmas Eve, we will definitely have a white Christmas. :)

The girls are sooooo excited and looking forward to everything.  Pumpkin Pie lost her first top tooth this morning so we will have a visit from the Tooth Fairy as well!
Christmas is so magical again when you have little kids and I'm eating it all up. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with family, friends (and wine)!
From our house to yours, we are wishing you a beautiful and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanza!  Happy Holidays to all.

Farrah, Hubby, Pumpkin Pie and Little Button

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Retro Roller Disco Outfit by Our Generation-18 inch Doll Clothes Review #1

Our Generation Kendra doll in the Retro Roller Disco outfit

Hello, hello, how's everyone doing?  I hope you're all well and staying warm and avoiding the temptation of all of these doll sales going on lately!  I know I've pretty much used up my budget for December AND January at this point.  Whoops!  

Today's review is on the Retro Roller Disco outfit made by Our Generation and this is an outfit I purchased last year, but hadn't gotten around to posting until now. 

This set comes with a jacket, romper, pair of rollerskates and a hanger.  I got mine at during one of their many Our Generation merch sales.  I think I paid about $10 for this one.

The romper material reminds me of a towel.  Terrycloth perhaps?  Very easy to put on and off. 

The jacket appears very well made with a working zipper.  My daughter LOVED that it had a zipper.  It's also a very bright coral pink color.

I mean these are the cutest.  The wheels turn! Little brakes!  I love them. 

The jacket fit over the hands, but it was a bit of a squeeze. 

Looking good on Our Generation Kendra, although looks like I should've hiked the top up a little higher.  ;)

The only problem we had was that our Kendra doesn't stand up very well so she REALLY wasn't standing up with the roller skates on.

As for the fit on an American Girl doll, we did run into one problem.  Unfortunately, I could not fit this jacket over both of her arms.  It was a struggle just to get it through one!

The romper and skates do look really adorable on Greta, I must say.  It does sort of have that skimpy 70s style to it, though.  This could also pass as a cute bathing suit if you were concerned about modesty and wanted to give this to a child.

I feel like this is how I want my hair cut the next time I go to the hairdresser..maybe I should bring this photo in to show the her??  Lol.

The skates fit nicely onto American Girl feet, but as you can see are a tad bit snug. 

We all know I just had to try it on Julie...our resident disco expert. ;)

The laces are so short so this is the best I could do! (I could've probably tried harder, though.) 

And here's a goofy little video review we made of the outfit. :)
We filmed this in the Fall of about not keeping up, lol. 

Overall, we really enjoy this outfit and I think it is definitely worth it, especially if you can grab it when it's on sale.  I love so many outfits in the Retro line of clothes from Our Generation and hope to get more to add to our collection!

I hope you're all enjoying this wonderful holiday season!
Xo Farrah 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My American Girl Doll #59 - Greta

American Girl Truly Me #59

Hi gang, sometime last year, I was able to purchase my 6th American Girl doll and I don't think I've ever really posted photos of her yet.  Back when they used to do those wonderful (yet totally annoying in terms of AG website crashes) Jill's Steals and Deals sales, I was able to get this lovely gal for a really nice discounted price. 

She is a #59 Truly Me doll with brown layered hair, brown eyes, light skin and a Classic face mold.
She was on my AG wishlist for a while, but not one that I necessarily had been eager to immediately get as I figured she'd probably be around for a while.

Once she arrived, I feel in love with her adorable face!  I always thought I preferred the Josefina face mold, but there is something about the Classic mold and brown eyes that is really cute to me.

Her hair is beautiful with many different strands of brown giving it a very pleasing appearance.  It's also completely straight so my daughters are able to enjoy her and I'm not really worried about her getting too messed up. :P

The new meet outfits are fairly plain, but cute, none-the-less. Just seeing these daisies in the photo makes me think you could really make it adorable by adding a few accessories or a nice flower crown.  I love the boots.

The nice thing about her is that she's a low-maintenance AG doll in terms of giving her to a child.  I can't see how her hair can get too ratty as it's so silky straight and easily detangles with a brush.  I guess, perhaps, the strands may break with really rough play, but so far, out of all the AGs that I own, her hair is the most forgiving.

I knew a "Greta" in college that had brown hair, brown eyes and was sweet as pie so that is who I named her after. :)

So far, Greta is our "botanist" and loves the outdoors.  She loves to take walks outside and learn about different plants and their healing properties.  I think she may grow up to become an acupuncturist and provide education regarding herbal remedies. :}

Overall, I did not expect to love this doll as much as I do.  I was fooled into thinking she was a bit plain, but now that she's here and we've been playing with her and creating a personality for her, she's a total delight.

Do you guys have any dolls you've ever gotten that you unexpectedly ended up falling in love with?

I hope you all are enjoying the start to the holiday season that's quickly approaching!

I have a few giveaways coming up, so stay tuned! :)
Farrah xo