Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Care Bear Series 3 Blind Bags

A few weekends ago, Pumpkin Pie and I did a blind bag opening video of the new Series 3 Care Bear figures. 
Care Bears are characters from an old 80s cartoon I grew up with and have always loved, loved, loved them. 
They have certainly made a come-back over the years and their looks and even some of their genders have changed since the original cartoon.  

I have a partial collection of Series 1 (still missing Cheer Bear and Good Luck Bear) and I have the whole collection of Series 2 (yay!)

Series 1

Series 2
They are so cute and small and I love taking them along for me on walks to photograph. 
These are one of the few blind bags that I like to personally collect. 

We got a pretty good variety with this opening! 
If you are interested, please check out the video :) 

Hope you have a good rest of your week! Happy Holy Week for those that celebrate. xo

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mini Gazebo for the American Girl Minis

Last spring (yes these photos are from LAST spring!) I found this cute bird feeder at our local Tractor Supply store and thought it made an adorable little gazebo for my mini American Girl dolls! 
The scale is a little off, but I think it works pretty well.  Here are a few photos of the girls enjoying it. :) 

Little Julie was very excited to have something new to play in. 

Little Cecile was excited to climb up to the top and have a looksie. 

Here's a look at the birdfeeder compared to a 12 inch doll.  Too small for that scale, but pretty cute for the 6 inch minis!

Little MG really loved sitting on the edge, watching the birds. 

There is nothing quite like that warm springtime sun. :)

Little Caroline had to run over to see what all the fuss was about. 

"All we need is some food and music!"

It's not nearly as awesome as the large version belonging to Samantha's collection, but it is perfect for us!  Since this photoshoot, it has gone back to being a regular birdfeeder, but it was fun to take photos with the little dolls. 

Looks what I found underneath the old dead leaves today...Yay!!  

I am about to crack open a Hard Cider (I don't like Guiness!) and pay tribute to my Irish heritage. This day always makes me think of my sassy Irish grandmother. :) 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, ya'll.
Hope yours is a good one. :) 
xo Farrah 

Displaying IMG_2583.JPG
Displaying IMG_2583.JPG

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

More Disney Tsum Tsums!

This winter we (I) got sucked into another collection, and that is the Disney Vinyl Stackable Tsum Tsums.  I did my first review here and have since added 2 more three-packs from the Series 1 collection.  They are too cute not to share so here are a few photos! 
We found ours at Walmart for about $4.95 per pack of 3.  

The first pack included Pluto, Tigger and Marie (from The Aristocrats). 

I love that they are including so many classic Disney characters into this line.  I'm not really interested in the modern characters, but I really have a soft spot for the ones I grew up with!

The second pack included Anna (from Frozen) Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh) and Minnie Mouse. 

As usual, the girls and I made a video. :) 

Hope you're having a great week so far. :)
xo Farrah 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Liebster Award!

Jennifer (kissedawake) from Mini Mad nomimated Cozy Comforts and Dolls for a Liebster Award.  Thanks so much, Jennifer!  I always love reading more about the people of the doll blog world and it's fun to fill these out as well.


If you haven’t heard of the Liebster Award before, it’s a fun award to give out to blogs you enjoy that have fewer than 1,000 followers. If you’re chosen for an award, and if you choose to accept the award, there are a few rules:
  • You have to link the person that gave you the award
  • Answer the questions they’ve chosen for you
  • Pass the award along to more bloggers who have less than 1,000 readers/followers
  • Ask them 11 questions
  • Let them know you’ve given them the award
Here are the questions Jennifer asked: 

1. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
     I'd have to say, from childhood it would be She-Ra.  I always loved her super-hero strength and all of her colorful friends that had their own special powers.  She was one of the favorite doll lines my sister and I used to play with. 


2. What’s your favorite flower (or plant if you’re not a flower person)?
    I love so many, but my favorite for now are Lilies of the Valley because they come up in early   spring and they smell so good!

3. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
     I used to make chicken broth with chicken feet (it still makes me gag just thinking about it!)

4. What was the last movie you saw (at home or in theaters)?
     We watched Star Wars (A New Hope) on my birthday last weekend, lol


5. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
    Too many to choose!  All of them!  My top 5 are Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland and Bali

6. How did you meet your best friend?
    Well, I have lots of close friends, but my best friend is my twin sister.  We met in the womb! :)

7. Which AG doll outfit would you wear if they made a version in your size?
     Probably this one :)

8. If you could make a custom doll based on any character or real person, who would you make?

    I would make an Ayla doll from the book The Cave of the Clan Bear.  It's one of my favorite books and I'd use a 16 inch blonde Cinderella scuplt Tonner doll!  I loved those books (even though they got worse as the series progressed.)  Either her or Claire from Outlander. :)


9. What’s your favorite season?
    Definitely summer!

10. If you could talk to/understand any one species of animal, what would you choose?
       Whales/dolphins.  I am so fascinated and intrigued by them.  I would love to be able to     communicate with them!


11. If you could instantly learn any language, what would you choose?
       I have so many.... I would love to learn all of them, lol.  Spanish would be the most practical, but French is the most beautiful to my ears. :)

Now I get to choose 11 more people (oh my!) so here goes:
jSarie (Revenge of the Toybox), beastsbelle (Never Grow Up), Flo (Say Hello to My Little Friends), Sharon (Sharon in Spain), Billa (billa's Dolls and Fashions), Lisa (The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse), Xanadu (Xanadu Dolls), Serenata (How Many Dolls?), Phyllis (A Day in the Life of My Dolls), Barb the Evil Genius (My Little Doll Corner), AddylovesWolves (Life in Dollyton City).

Here are the questions I have for you.  I really liked Jennifer's questions so I'm keeping them pretty much the same:
1. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
2. What’s your favorite flower (or plant if you’re not a flower person)?
3. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
4. What was the last movie you saw (at home or in theaters)?
5. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
6. How did you meet your best friend?
7. What is your dream job?
8. If you could make a custom doll based on any character or real person, who would you make?
9. What’s your favorite season?
10. If you could talk to/understand any one species of animal, what would you choose?
11. If you could instantly learn any language, what would you choose?

Thanks again for nominating me, Jennifer, this was really fun!
xo Farrah 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Februrary, the Snowiest Month of Winter

Ah, short, weird little month.  Every year it seems like I blink and February is over.  
Which is fine by me as I am always looking forward to the next summer season where ever I am within the year!

This year, Feb started out really mild with this one day in particular being absolutely gorgeous and warm. 

 Where did all of these birds come from all the sudden? 

Winter campfires are the best.  Sticky s'mores and marshmellows stuck in hair...just so good. 

Calves are evverywhere!  They are so cute and inquisitive and not yet afraid.  I just love them. 


 I really can't complain, though, because this winter has been amazingly mild compared to every other winter in my whole life, lol.  The snow in the pictures here are pretty much the only snowstorm we've gotten.


These two couldn't of been happier. :)

Today is my birthday and although we had a really low-key, quiet day, I had so much happiness in my heart as I reflected on all of the amazing blessings that are in my life.  I may have more gray hair, a lot more "smile lines" around my eyes and a little less energy, I feel like I have so much more self-worth and balance then I have ever had  and I'll trade that over pretty much anything!  Hopefully in another 10 years it will be even more!  It's good to get old. 

I hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead.  xo!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

New 2016 Ever After High dolls seen on Amazon :)

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!
As most of you know, Ever After High is coming out with a few new characters in their doll line.  I just noticed that a bunch  of them are on Amazon so I wanted to share!

I included links in case you wanted to check them out.  These are affiliate links, but the first 3 appear to be higher than average prices.  I would guess they will come down to around $19.99 when they are actually released. Most are in the $30-40 range and are from 3rd party sellers so I am definitely going to wait until they come down in price and to see better photos of them. :)

First up is my favorite:

She is the daughter of Jack from Jack and the Bean Stalk.
Does this photo look fake to you guys?

Next is:

Meeshell Mermaid
Daughter of the Little Mermaid.

Next is:

The daughter of Thumbellina. 

And the last is: 

Epic Winter Crystal Winter Doll
Daughter of the Snow Queen.

There are also showing the new face molds of the regular Ever After High characters which are seen below being released in the Epic Winter Collection:

Epic Winter Ashlynn Ella Doll
The Daughter of Cinderella

Daughter of Snow White

Daughter of the Mad Hatter

Daughter of Goldie Lockes

Daughter of Sleeping Beauty

I haven't seen any images of the new Raven or any other characters yet.  
Overall, I'm not so sure about the new EAH faces.  I think some are better than others.  I think Blondie, Maddie and Briar are pretty cute, but I'm not sure about Apple and Ashlynn. 

I guess I will have to wait to see them in person to really decide what I think. 
What about you guys?  Do any of you collect EAH?  If so, do you like the new dolls? 

xo Farrah