Wednesday, March 17, 2021

My First American Girl Doll Haul of 2021

Hi everyone!  
Today I wanted to share with you my first American Girl Haul of 2021.  Some of this stuff I purchased at the end of 2020, but it just sounds more interesting if I group it into a 2021 haul. 
As you can see, a new doll joined our AG family!  

I've been wanting to get Josefina for a while now, but since I already had Truly Me #66 (Kateri), and I use her as my Josefina stand-in, I was on the fence about her for as I was afraid they would be too similar. 
When AG sent me my $20 rewards email though, I suddenly felt inspired to add her to my historical collection.  

I'm so glad I got her!  She's so iconic to the American Girl line and I'm a little sad that's she's been "cubed" at this point, but luckily I have a few outfits that I purchased previously that she will be able to wear.  

Here's a quick photo below of Kateri, my TRU 66 just to show you the facial comparison. 
Her eyebrows are different, her hair is parted to the side and is shorter and her lips are darker/pinker.  

They look different enough for me, lol.  

I love her beautiful meet outfit, bright colors, and pretty patterns.  

Hopefully I can get around to reading her book at some point.  I usually enjoy reading the historical books a bit more then the girl of the year books (although I did enjoy Grace's book)! 

Does anyone this Beforever book that came with the doll the same OG one that is Josefina's original "meet book"?   

I also got her accessories which consist of a beautifully made shawl, a coin purse, one single coin with envelope, a necklace and a handkerchief.  

I'm so glad I got her! 

Next up, I got Nanea's Tropical Birthday Outfit.  
We don't have a Nanea doll in our collection, but I modeled it on Little Button's TRU 64 and she looks adorable!   I love the pop of red in the barrette and that adorable pineapple skirt.  
I like this outfit so much more than I thought I would! 


These are Courtney's adorable Care Bear Pajamas!  I love, love, love them.  I'm an 80s kid and I grew up watching the Care Bears and had all sorts of Care Bear "things" when I was little.  I remember I had the Good Luck Bear Plush and my sister had the Friend Bear Plush. :)  All of my friends had a Care Bear on their bed.  I loved seeing who everyone else had.  
The Care Bears on this nightgown are Wish Bear, Cheer Bear, and Tenderheart bear.  

I know for sure that I'll be getting Courtney at some point.  I adore her whole collection. So much nostaglia to me!!  I'm not in a rush, but I wanted to start collecting some of her clothing and accessories, which is something I enjoy doing BEFORE I get the actual doll.  

I think they look especially beautiful on Gabriela!  I don't think I've mentioned Gabriela on this blog yet, but I got her used on eBay a little while back and I'll do a separate post on her showing her before and after photos as well as the small collection of clothing I have for her.  

I think I'll also have her "be an 80s kid" and one of Courtney's friends once I get Courtney.  She can pull off that scrunchie so well! :)

Next I grabbed this little Garden Adventure Outfit for our Wellie Wishers and here I have it modeled on Camille. 
I thought the aqua and green colors would like nice with her hair and eye color as well as her overall "ocean" theme that she is marketed with. 

Here we have the Stars and Snow Dress I also purchased as it had gone on sale and I thought the deep blue color and silver embroidered snowflakes were so pretty.   Little Button got Joss Kendrick for Christmas this year and we thought she would be the perfect doll to model this dress! 

I'll do a separate post about Joss soon!  I think she's the cutest AG doll to date!  I hope they use this sculpt more often. :) 

The next outfit was one I was really looking forward to getting!  Usually, I try to only buy AG clothing when it goes on sale, but let's be honest, their sales have been awful lately when it comes to anything on my wishlist.  I fell in love with this World Traveler Ireland Set when it was first released and got it right away.  So wild of me!  I literally never buy new releases!  

Here we it have it modeled on my TRU 61 named Annie. I can't remember if I ever introduced her in the blog either, but before Josefina, she was my the last AG doll I had gotten (almost 2 years ago)!  
The green looks so beautiful against her red hair I think.  

Happy St. Patricks Day! 

Even though I still don't have a Rebecca doll (someday!), I have been collecting her clothing for years.  
I have never owned her nightgown, (although I have her robe) and I couldn't resist this adorable new version of her nightgown and slippers.  I think this is so well made and I love the details! 

Modeling Rebecca's Nightgown is my TRU 28, Anouk (named after the little girl in the book/movie Chocolat. :)  I can't believe AG retired her!! 

And here are a couple of bonus outfits that I got over the holiday season through their sales and whatnot. :)

Wellie Wisher Reindeer PJs modeled by Emmy 

Wellie Wisher All That Glitters (holiday dress 2020) modeled by Kendall

Holiday Cheer Pajamas modeled by my TRU 59, Greta

She has such a perfect face! 

And lastly we have the All That Glitters Dress (holiday 2020) modeled by Lea. I never noticed that my Lea had some eye-wonk going on until this photoshoot!  I just could not get the catch-light even in her eyes.   Regardless the gold in the dress looks so pretty with her hair. 

And here's one last look at the lovely Josefina.  
I am so thankful to have been able to add her to my Historical AG collection. 
I wonder who will be next??

Since this haul, I've only gotten three additional items from American Girl as I've been more focused on Barbie these past few months, but I had so much fun getting everyone dressed up and taking all their photos. 
Over the summer, I organized all my American Girl stuff and it felt so nice to go through everything.  

As for me, I'm taking my 3rd online college course this semester (I took one over the summer and one over the fall) and have felt very busy!  My course ends in mid-April and I'm really looking forward to having some time back in my schedule again to dedicate to my dolls.  Although that's the same time that Little League starts up for the girls, so I guess, we'll see haha.  

What have you all been collecting/crafting lately?  

I hope you're all doing well, thank you for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful day. 
Happy St. Patricks day if you celebrate!  

Happy collecting! 

xoxo Farrah xoxo 

 Companion YouTube video if interested.