Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Walk with Sugar Fruit Drops (Lalaloopsy Mini Doll)

Hi everyone, 
Just a quick post today. 
I took these photos a while ago when I was on one of my walks and just wanted to share.  :)

These are Lalaloopsy mini dolls that were pretty popular around the time I started collecting (2014-2015) and although we only have a few, they are adorable!  
We still have a tiny collection of them and eventually I'll do a little group shot.  
This one in particular is one that my daughter had picked out and there's nothing too special about her in terms of theming (candy gum-drop themed), but she really seems to take a on a little personality in these photos. 

That's something I love about doll photography; certain dolls that wouldn't normally stand out, can sometimes get "new life" when photographed. 

Her name is Sugar Fruit Drops. 
Originally retailed for somewhere between $5-7 dollars, I can't quite recall! 
They usually came with a little pet and accessory. 
Here is a promo shot from Amazon. 

Lalaloopsy Sugary Sweet Mini Doll, Sugar Fruit Drops - ... Lalaloopsy Sugary Sweet Mini Doll- Sugar Fruit Drops ...
(I don't know how to make this photo smaller, lol) 

I think these little dolls (only a few inches tall) are cute and fun to photograph.  Many would argue there is a creepiness factor due to their eyes, but the black "soul-less" button eyes work for me! :)

Do you guys collect any mini dolls that are less than 6 inches, or did you ever collect these?

Mini dolls are my favorite to photograph as they are easy to conceal and then whip out when no one is looking and take a photo! :)

As always, thank you for reading and happy collecting to you all!


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Barbie Bathtub Set 2020

Hi everyone! 
I know it's been a little while (as usual) since I lasted posted, but wanted to pop in and say hello and see how everyone has been doing.   Thank you to Monster Crafts for always reaching out and bringing us all back together! :) xoxo

I know things have been difficult lately (to say the least) with COVID and all of the tragedy we've seen lately regarding racial injustice and police brutality, but I hope you are all doing ok and my thoughts are with you.  For all of my Black readers, I just wanted to say that I love you and appreciate you and am listening and supporting you.  The tragic death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor as well as many others has opened my eyes that I need to do more, donate more and support our black leaders in leading our country to better treatment and equality that they SO DESERVE!    It's not enough just to say that Black Lives Matter.  We need to try harder! <3

Today I wanted to show you a new doll I purchased a few months ago and had intentions of reviewing her at that time, but life has just been quite busy. 
I've still been working from home like I usually do, but I've also been doing the "home-school" thing with my daughters who are just at the end of 2nd and 5th grade. 
Their last day is officially June 17 and we can't wait!  
I've also begun taking my first online college class (my first college class since 2006!) and I've been really enjoying it, but it sucks up any remaining time I thought I had left, LOL. 

Anyway, sorry to ramble, lets get on with the review! 

Recently, Barbie came out with a line of wellness dolls ranging from Bath Barbies, to Fitness Barbies, to Meditation Barbies and to Spa and Relaxation Barbies. 
So far, I've gotten the Bath Barbie (today's review), Meditation Barbie and Relaxation Barbie. 

This theme is my jam. 

I knew right away that I wanted to get the darker skin-toned version of this doll as I felt she was prettier and more unique than just plain old Barbie.   
What really sold me was this cute bathtub and accessories. 
I found mine at Target and she was $19.99.

Outside of the box, you can see all that she comes with.  
This set comes with the doll, tub, separate shelf, a towel, washcloth, bath tray, toiletries, bar of soap, 2 scrub brushes, panda plant and puppy.  
She also comes with some fizzy bath packets that I did not try out for this review. 

Because what's more relaxing than taking a bath with your energetic puppy? 

The doll herself comes with a molded on bathing suit.  
What confuses me is that literally, almost every other Barbie comes in her birthday suit, but now that they've come out with a bath set all the sudden we need to be modest?   
I mean I'm sure taking a relaxing bubble bath is super fun with your bathing suit on (nope), but the least they could've done is make the bathing suit removable for us rebels who like to bath in the nude. 

As you can see, she has has more articulation than a regular Fashionista (yay!), but the hip angle kind of limits her actual poseability.   
Her knees bend at a 45 degree angle, but to comfortably lay in a tub, she sort of needs her waist to bend a tiny bit more. 

 This doesn't really look like a bath-worthy relaxation pose, unfortunately. 

One reason I really liked this doll, though was because her face was so pretty.  
She has dark brown hair parted in the center and brown eyes.  
Her lips are a nice natural darker pink color. 
She has a similar face mold to many other fashionistas, but this is the darkest complexion for this face mold I've seen so far. 
I believe this is called the Alec Face Mold. 

Fashionistas with the same face mold:  

Toys | Barbie fashionista, Doll clothes barbie, Fashion Barbie Fashionistas Doll with Long Braided Hair ...

As a side note, I've been going through my fashionistas recently to see if there are any I want to part with, and while doing this, I've been having fun grouping them by face mold and taking comparison photos.  
I'm hoping to start a fun comparison series on here eventually as well! 

But we shall see as I can barely post once per month lately, lol. 

Here's a quick shot of the back of her hair, which was cut pretty nicely and seems to be nice quality.  

The bath itself is pretty cute and modern looking.  
I think it would make a nice addition to a diorama with or without the cutesy accessories. 

Puppies are so relaxing!  (Nope)

This panda pot, though. 

I mean, get rid of that puppy and I'm in! ;) 

Here's a few more photos showing this Barbie's features.  
I apologize for the lower quality photos as I usually like to use my good camera, but at the time, I was just trying to get the photos taken quickly as my daughter wanted to play with this set.  
You guys know me and that if I don't photograph a doll or set quickly, it's likely that I won't know where the accessories are later, haha. 

Cute profile. 

Trying to get comfortable. 

Despite the posing limitations and her the chance that she's quite irritated by the puppy, this is a really cute set! 
Most likely I will be giving her a new MTM body down the road, but I'm happy that she at least came with SOME articulation. 
I have been wanting to build a bathroom diorama, but now just isn't the right time.  
Someday I will, though!  
And this bathtub is going right in it. :D. 

Do any of you have this Barbie or have you collected any of this Wellness line? 
As I said above, I have Relaxation Barbie and Mediatation Barbie, (all darker skin-toned versions) and I hope to post some photos soon. 

Thank you for reading and stopping by and see you in the next post!


*Disclaimer:  I LOVE PUPPIES :) 

PS: the bath fizzyy packets that come with this doll are quite messy and bright blue!  My daughter made a mess with them!