Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sunny Spring Mornings with Little Button

The sun is getting a bit warmer so Little Button and I are enjoying morning walks together after putting Pumpkin Pie on the school bus and before I head in to work.  So much to see! ;)

Spring lilies pushing through the last piles of snow. 

We've had a few random days in the 70s over these past few weeks and we take every opportunity to enjoy breakfast on the porch.  Our front porch gets the most beautiful sunshine in the morning.

Soaking up the sunshine and warmth after a long, cold and snowy winter.
Now we just have to wait for the flowers.  They are coming, though, they always do. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Early Spring on the Farm

Spring is here, but it "springs" to life very slowly here in the Northeast.  
Here's a few photos from around the farm I took a few weeks ago.  
Things have since gotten a little greener, but it sure is taking it's sweet time!  
We actually had two days where it snowed a little this week. :)  Brrrr....

Ginny the guinea hen and one of the chickens enjoying breakfast alongside the cows. 

The girls and Casper the friendly calf. :) 

Mama and babies enjoying a break from the spring mud. 

A few enjoying the calf-only pen (they can go in and out as they please) :) 

Pumpkin Pie loving the fresh air and the creek. 

J. breathing in the crisp air, taking in the view and happy to be spending more time outdoors. 

Pushing her sister. :) 

Warming up slowly!  There's the last of the snow on the hill! 
I think this was the day where it got in the 70s.  Sunshine bliss! 

Here's a couple of  Mini Lalaloopsies from the Easter Bunny. :) 

Last night J. took Pumpkin Pie to the Father/Daughter dance at her school.  Today I'm taking the girls to lunch with one of my friends-we both started our current jobs together when Pumpkin Pie and her youngest were 4 months old so I am always grateful for her friendship as we were great supports for each other during that first year of a new job with a small baby at home!
Tomorrow, I think will hopefully be a day of relaxing.  (As much relaxing you can do with a 5 and 2 year old, lol. )

I hope you are all having a warm and refreshing weekend!
-Farrah- xoxo

Monday, April 20, 2015

Elsa and Anna-Frozen Fever dolls by the Disney Store

Frozen Fever was the cutest little short film and it left me excited for more!
At the time of the photos and video of this review, we hadn't seen the new Frozen Fever/Cinderella movie yet, but since then, we have and really enjoyed it! The girls were glued, I was glued, I heard hubby chuckle at Kristoff's "I love you, baby!!" line.  ;)  
It was a good time. 

Today I wanted to share with you guys our Frozen Fever Summer Solstice 2 pack that we bought online at the Disney Store about a month ago.  They appeared to have sold out initially, but they are back on there today as I am typing up this post listed at $34.95. 

Frozen Fever Elsa and Anna 12 inch classic dolls
The packing is simple yet really pretty.  I almost didn't want to take them out!

The back of the box shows a 2D animated version of them both.  Happy Birthday, Anna! 
Look at Olaf :) 

I love Anna's adorable hairstyle in this artwork. Elsa looks gorg as usual!

Once the outer plastic part is removed, you can see that they are placed in front of a painted landscape of beautiful Arendell during summer. I love how they included the reflection of the castle in the water.  Anna is trying very hard to keep her feet dry. ;) 

Go ahead, Anna, you can go first!  (Birthday girl.) 


This might be my favorite version of Anna ever.  
Anna is a classic Disney doll so she stands at 12 inches tall.  I have her on an Ever After High doll stand for the review, but she doesn't actually come with any stands or accessories other than her beautiful self and her sister. 

Anna is a cutie pie for sure.  She well may be my favorite Disney princess because I adore her personality in the movies so much.  (I am a huge Kristen Bell fan as well!) 
I think the doll really captures her sweetness quite well. 

Her face is almost exactly like her original Frozen doll.  The only real difference I could detect are her lighter freckles.  Her eyes are a dark aqua green color and instead of actual lashes, she just has a block of black color swept across the upper lids to indicate full lashes.  She has cute blush on the apples of her checks and natural looking straight eyebrows.

Her hair is tied up into a "ballerina bun", which is very cute, but not very accurate to the movie.  I'd imagine the animated hairstyle would be difficult to pull off on this small a scale, but I would probably bet their are some doll hair experts out there that could probably customize her to be more accurate.  :)  Her little clip looks like a little sunflower with a dangling blue and yellow ribbon.

Her outfit consists of 3 seperate pieces.  The top jacket has a beautiful Scandinavian inspired sunflower with some white tulips and bumble bees.  I love it!

The bodice is a navy blue with sparkles and copper edging and there's a pretty butterfly (or dragonfly?) design in the center.  Her blouse is a light creamy yellow.  This part of the dress detaches separately from the skirt.
I love that they added the tiny little sunflower button.

The base of her skirt has more tulips, bumble bees and sunflowers.  Such pretty details!

To provide more volume, there's another layer of lime green tulle underneath her skit.  
She's also wearing simple black flats. 

Her only accessory is this turquoise and copper sunflower bracelet.
If you saw the movie, you know who she got this from :)

I'm adorable! 

Three separate wardrobe pieces.
UPDATE:  One thing I forgot to originally mention is that Anna's skirt has pockets!!  You can see it in the first few photos of her in the box :) 

Anna has 13 points of articulation and I was glad to see she came with the hinged knees instead of click knees.  I find them a little easier to pose this way, even though they have to "sit like a man" due to the limited range of motion in the hips.  ;) I was surprised to see that they painted her legs green to represent stockings, but it doesn't really bother me personally.  It may limit other outfits you may want to dress her with though, as her green tights are permanent.  I'm guessing kids will most likely be fine with this. :)

Her's a few shots of her profile.
I am hoping to keep her in mint condition if I can so I didn't want to take her hair down (even though I am curious what it looks like down!)

Ok, Elsa, your turn! 

Thanks Anna. :) xoxo

Queen Elsa!  I like how relaxed she looks already.  

Frozen Fever Elsa's facemold also looks almost identical to the original Elsa doll.  There is a subtle difference that I can't quite put my finger on, though.  Her hair is obviously a bit tamer.  They included a clear piece of tape across the back of her fringe to keep it in place, which appears easy to remove if you wanted to.

Her eye makeup is smoky and strong. Her eyes are an icy, bright blue.  She has really cute ears.   I love the blush across her cheeks and nose.  She's even cute with a fever!  (As it should be.) :)

Comes with a very pretty lavender and white barrette. 

Her dress looks very Monet inspired to me.  I love the details, different fabrics and colors they used to design this.

Her dress comes stapled closed as you can see here.

View from the back showing the similar overall design it has to her original Frozen dress. 

Pretty pinks, whites and icy blues of the dress cape. 

Reminds me of this Nympheas Monet painting :) 

Her body style is exactly like Anna's minus the green "tights." Her coloring is a tad lighter as well. 

Profile shots and cute blushing ears.
(Sorry for the graininess of these last few photos!  I must've accidentally changed one of my camera setting during this shoot.)

Here's her telltale long yellow braid.  It's hard to see, but she has a clear piece of tape across the ends of her fringe/bangs to keep them "quiet." :)

I'm so cute and happy in the new Frozen Fever movie!  

For fun, the girls and I did a video review of these dolls, so please check it out!.
I stumbled around a little and it's awkward, but heck, gotta start somewhere. :)

Overall I love these dolls.  I love the colors and attention to detail they both have.
I'm not very good at judging whether they are worth the price or not, but they come to be about $17.50 or so each when you break it down, which is more than the $16 price tag on each of the original versions.
I got sucked in either way!

I am a tiny bit more in love with Anna.  I think she is so unique from her other doll versions that I knew I definitely wanted her in my collection.  I love the changes they made to Elsa's dress, but it's kind of the same dress, just different patterns and colors.  I keep hoping for a different "hair look" for her as well.  I may take her braid out an experience a little to give her a different look, but that's for a different day.

I hope you enjoyed this review!
Thank you for stopping by. :)