Friday, March 15, 2019

Tall Barbie Made to Move Basketball Player 2018

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to another review.  Today it's all about Barbie, and better yet, articulated Barbie. :)
Back in the fall, Mattel released their first Made To Move Tall Barbie doll.
She comes in 1 skin tone so far and there is only 1 version of her (this Basketball Player.)

Here is her bright and colorful packaging.  She's so tall they sort of squished her in there by having her do a slam dunk.

Retailed originally for $15.99 on Amazon (now she's $14.94). 

Out of the box, you can see she comes with her dark hair tied back in a low side ponytail and her expression is sort of "crazed.".   Can you imagine those eyes staring you down the court as you're dribbling the ball towards the basket?

Her face is otherwise cute, and as I type this review (months after I'd taken theses photos, lol) I've bought 3 other dolls as well.  The other ones seem to have better eyes and not such a surprised look on their faces.

Her b-ball outfit is very colorful and pretty.  I love the jersey and her matching shorts.  The clothing seems to be pretty good quality.

She wears hot pink high-tops and comes with her own basketball.  (Stand is not included.)

She can stand on her own. 

The back of her jersey has her # printed on either side of the Velcro, but it's not the neatest thing in the world because it doesn't really line up that well.  

Here are all 3 MTM body types within this tan skin tone range. 
On the left is the Curvy Dancer Barbie, MTM Tall B-Ball Player in the middle and Soccer Player on the right. 

Most of the height comes from her thighs and elongated waist so clothing fits about the same as the regular MTM body type. 

She has the same face mold and features as her soccer player friend.  There are definitely subtle differences such as B-Ball's thicker eyebrows and lack of bottom lashes.  Their eye color is also a little different, but they could definitely pass as sisters.
I'm curious about the significance of the #59 that both of them are wearing, though.
This face scupt has such pretty scupted cheekbones.

It's really clear how crazy-eyed this tall MTM Barbie is compared to the MTM soccer player!

Currently, I only have 3 tall fashionistas that would potentially be a match to this skin tone. 
Up first is Fashionista #67  Cactus Cutie (we call her Callie).  
She's one of those dolls who has a familiar face, like I feel like I know someone (or maybe I'm thinking of a celebrity) that she really looks like!

She's a pretty good match. 

Next up is Tall Fashionista #52 (Plaid on Plaid-we call her Claire) and she is a great match for this body type!  

She's really excited about getting a new body! 

This one is my favorite tall fashionista in this skin tone at the moment.  She is Fashionista #89 XOXO.  Her name is Amoli and I think she has the sweetest face!

Amoli is a bit darker, unfortunately, but I don't know if there will ever be a perfect match for her as she's sort of a unique skin tone.

Ehh,  I'll make it work. 

Just for fun, here's a comparison of the Mattel Wonder Woman body and tall MTM.  She's an ok match if you wanted to have a Wonder Woman doll who is bit taller thank your other dolls.  (She IS an Amazonian, you know :).)

Overall, I'm really happy they added a tall MTM Barbie in the line up and hopefully they will also come out with more of these in the other skin tones. :)

I know only a few of you that read my blog actually collect Barbie, so for those that do, will you be getting her?
If you don't collect Barbie, what are your thoughts on these articulated MTM dolls??

Even though I don't really have time for doll photography anymore, they are really fun to pose and photograph, lol!  It's so nice to have the height variety.
MTM bodies in general are pretty easy to find at the moment so I need to get all my modern Barbies out and see who needs a new body!

I hope you're all finding time for your collections and enjoying all of your dolls and miniatures. 

Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo Farrah


  1. I think '59 is the year Barbie started.
    I didn't realise they were making MTM dolls in different body types.

  2. 1959 is the year Barbie made her appearance at the New York Toy Fair. Dates on Barbie clothes often have some relation to when a doll was produced.

    I found a basketball player at my local Walmart, but I didn't buy her at the time. I'll only buy her if I already have a doll that could use her body, and I haven't really looked at all my dolls yet.

    1. That's interesting to know! As I rechecked this post, I also noticed that the Curvy one also has a 59 on her shirt. I've been seeing these tall girls at Walmart as well. I rarely come across the curvy one in the store though unfortunately. I really need to get all my dolls out and take a body inventory, lol.

  3. I was waiting for someone to match this MTM doll, as I can't find much info online. I will probably end up buying her, even if I'm not sure if she'll match my dolls. I have XOXO too, is one of the last 2 dolls I unboxed and reviewed, but I'm probably going to call her Christie.
    Take care!

    1. Christie is a great name for her! She's just so pretty. Yeah, she's in-between MTM body tones so it's hard to find an exact match. Take care as well! :)

  4. I don't collect Barbies but still find your posts interesting :) I did until recently, have about 8 or so Barbies, I gave them all away and some were still new in their boxes, having never been opened. I wanted to see those MTM girls and so I bought three of the first ones in the yoga outfits. I only opened one of those, the Asian girl and I thought the body was great. If I'd not already got my BJDs I would have been really happy to photograph such a poseable doll :) I really liked her face too.
    As for the tall girl above, she's great but the one I really like is the Football playing one above, she has a very nice face.
    And the mystery of the number 59, could it be that they were released last year which was Barbies 59th year in production? Only I read she reaches her 60th birthday this year.
    Big hugs xxx

    1. I'm glad you still find my posts interesting! That's what I love about the doll blogging community-you can still enjoy collections that you aren't actively collecting! The football one is my favorite one as well. I think you are right about the #59! :) Hugs back xo

  5. Hello. I am not a Barbie collector but I do have my childhood Barbie, one of the earlier ones.
    Can you tell me why folks are discussing a body match? What does that mean?
    In another blog I follow, folks were talking about taking off the Barbie heads. Is that what you mean?

    1. You're right! People like to take the heads off of their stiff, non-articulated dolls so that they can replace the bodies with one of these bodies to have more fun with posing, playing or photographing. :)

  6. Hello Farrah,
    These dolls are great! The added mobility must make play time more fun, not to mention it must be easier to costume them.
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac!
      Yes, the newer bodies are so much more fun! :)
      Hugs back :)

    2. Yes i Love Barbie

  7. If only she weren't SO similar to the soccer player! Right down to the hair and skin! I love that sculpt but I have no interest in a clone. I don't do rebodies, either, unless the head or body is missing/unusable. I hope there will be more dolls with this body, I love the "tall" figure.

    1. I know what you mean. She looks so similar to the soccer player. I mainly just got her to swap bodies with a few of my tall ones, but I agree...I don't intend to reswap everyone as that just is not cost effective in the long haul!

  8. Hi Farrah,
    Thanks for the naked body comparison shots, it has helped me no end! I do enjoy coming here to learn about Barbie, but I am still no sure if I will ever actually own one. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. I'm glad you found the review helpful! Barbie is such a slippery slope...once you get one, it's all downhill after that! :) xo

  9. Very informative! I need a made to move body for my Fashionista #52-Plaid on Plaid!

    1. I'm glad it was helpful to you! Yes, she is a pretty good match to #52! :)

  10. I collect Barbies, and I intend to get her. Thanks for writing about her and the photographs - you've helped me decide!

  11. Found your blog when I did search for info on tall Made to Move Barbies. Loved your sharing. I do not collect Barbies but have been buying some since the Made To Moves came out. Just received the tall Basketball Barbie and love her. Wished they had more. I will start following your blog. Thank you :)

    1. That's great that you have bought a few Barbies for yourself. The Made to Move ones are just so much fun to pose. Thank you for your nice comment and for following! :)

  12. hi i just got that doll yesterday and she is not standing upright is that bad?

    1. Hi barbie lover,
      I'm so sorry for the late response, just seeing your comment now! Hmm, I thin mine is pretty hard to balance as well because the feet are articulated and seem less stable so that's why she's harder to balance I believe. But I think they are all like that.
      Good luck!