Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Redhead Ken (Fashionista #139)

Hi everyone!

Just checking in to say hi. It's been a few weeks since I posted and I've been distracted by my regular photography hobby so doll have taken the back burner ONCE AGAIN.'s ok though!

Today I wanted to do this random review to share one of my newer doll additions.
This redheaded Ken is one of my new favorites.  He's been around for a few months, so nothing new, but I think he is one of the first ginger-beautiful Kens we've seen!
I found mine at Walmart for $7.94 and had originally been on the fence about getting him, but after seeing him in person, I decided he was cute and I wanted him to join the herd. :)

He has the typical Ken fashionista 5 point articulation. 

I'm just going to say it, I think this shirt is hideous, but more on that later.
His red hair is molded to the normal blonde Ken pattern, with a swoop to the side and sideburns. 

He comes with this bright cool toned-yellow shirt with lots of weird random designs (not a good look for his coloring), distressed jean shorts and white slide on shoes (like Vans).

I'm sure most of you have heard about the new BMR1959 Kens and Barbies that came out recently.  More on them later, but I knew I wanted to body swap my redhead Ken with the new MTM Ken bodies and luckily he's a perfect match to the light skinned man-bun one!

He has the current Ken face mold, but with lighter skin, darker lips and grayish eyes. 

Just as cute. 

Overall, he is one of my favorite new Kens from the recent Fashionista line.  
I've been very selective about my Ken dolls because their lack of articulation is a big turn off for me.  
Now that we are getting some Made to Move bodies though, I can see my Ken collection hopefully growing!
They have so many more face molds and skin tones than ever before and I'm looking forward to seeing more.  
They need more redheads as well as Asian Kens, though in my opinion!  

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well out there.  
When I first started this post, the Coronavirus was still only over in China.  
Now it's everywhere and I know anxieties are high. 
I'm happy that the dolli-verse is here for us to serve as a nice distraction from all the craziness going on this world today. 

Take care everyone!
xoxo Farrah