Thursday, August 10, 2017

July Doll Hunting and Thrifting

Hey everyone!
This past month, I filmed a little bit of our doll hunting and thrift store jumping and wanted to share with you all what we came across. I managed to snag a few new things, but overall I've cut back quite a bit on my spending which is a huge plus!
I feel so much more relaxed now for some reason and don't feel the need to rush out and buy EVERYTHING that is new or coming out like I used to.  It's probably because I have way too much stuff already and I don't like that hoarder feeling!

Speaking of new things...those new AG custom dolls!!  I will always prefer the Historical/Beforever line for nostalgic reasons, but I really want to check out this feature.
Unfortunately, each time I try to go on the website, I get the "error" page that says the site is temporarily unavailable.  It's 10:30pm right now and I can't even get on!
(Maybe there' a lot of West Coast peeps shopping..hmmm.)

Anyway, once the dust settles I'm sure I'll be able to get on.  I've always wanted a red-head Jess or Josefina mold!
I'm still on the fence about Nanea.  I think there are other dolls I'd rather get first (Rebecca, Gabriella, Mary Ellen, etc).  Although, I just saw the most beautiful custom of her here, which really makes me want her!

I've also made some progress on my doll room, which I did a quick video to show you guys.

This week I'm in the process of opening up my Ever After High boxed dolls.  I think there was around 40 of them (ahhhh!) and with the exception of a few of the signature 1st releases that I have doubles of and two random ones that seem to be rare and worth a lot of money (Fairest on Ice Ashylnn Ella and Spring Unsprung Kitty), I'm opening them all!
More to come on that soon.

I also have an AG haul that I wanted to also share with you in an upcoming post as I feel like my 18 in collection isn't getting enough playtime on my blog lately. ;)

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying your week so far.
xoxo Farrah