Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rapunzel and Ariel Palace Pets-Disney Store (Retro Review)

Hi guys,
Today's post is about some older dolls that we've had for a while that I just wanted to share.  The girls each got these for Christmas in 2014 and they had remained on the Disney Store website for quite a while.  When I checked tonight to grab the link, I realized they were gone!
Regardless, I still wanted to do the review as I already took the photos and they've been sitting on my computer for ages.

DISCLAIMER:  this review contains nude dolls, just as an FYI.

First up is Rapunzel.  Since Pumpkin Pie got her for Christmas, here's the only photo I have of her in the box.

She came with her pet pony, food dish and brush (which was just a molded brush, not useful at all in brushing hair) and retailed for about $29.99, but I honestly can't remember!  Either way, I'm pretty sure I didn't pay full price, as I remember getting her on sale.

Look at that hair.  

Here she is from head to toe.  Her dress is a bit more detailed then the 2014 classic doll we had and she came barefoot, just like all of her dolls in the past did as she never wore shoes in the movie.

Her bodice is quite detailed down to the eyelet trim on her neckline and sleeves to the little embroidered cuffs above her elbows.

The back of her dress closes with a strip of Velcro, but leaves a little bit of a gap where her skirt lines up.  I like that the details follow her all the way around to the back.

Here are the two dresses side by side with the 2014 Classic Rapunzel on the left and Palace Pets Rapunzel on the right. It seems like Classic's dress has more detail on the skirt half, which Palace Pets has more on the top.  Overall, Classic's dress appears to be more movie accurate. 

Palace Pets Rapunzel has a very cute face with dark green eyes, light freckles and bubble gum pink lips.

Compared to Classic on the left, their faces are almost identical.  The main differences are the Palace Pets has lighter, slightly more upturned eyebrows, lighter freckles and brighter pink lips.

Here's a closer look as a comparison.
The most significant difference overall though, lies in the hair length.

Palace Pets Rapunzel has super long hair! 

Classic 2014 Rapunzel has hair that reaches her ankles, while Palace Pets goes quite a bit further.  Both are the same beautiful, golden color.  Classic Rapunzel's hair seems a little thinner.

When the hair is braided, the difference doesn't seem quite as dramatic. 

 Rapunzel comes with her pet pony named Blondie.  Blondie stands about 3 inches tall and her body is molded plastic, covered in a coating of glitter.  Her tail is brushable and golden with streaks of tinsel.

I kind of don't get the whole glitter thing, but the girls loved it.  Her crown is sort of attached if I recall, but it is still held on with a clear rubber band.

Her hair is molded in side-swept braid. 

She is very cartoonish appearing, but that's pretty typical of Disney. 

Here's a look at the body articulation and a body comparison with Periwinkle who is one of the 10 inch Disney Fairies. 

Periwinkle's clothes actually do fit Rapunzel, but it's a bit snug. She looks great in turquoise! 

Little Button is a HUGE Ariel fan so she ended up getting Palace Pets Ariel. 

And what a beauty she is!  One thing I really loved (and so did Little Button) is the fact that she came in her human form dressed in her pink dress.

Ariel has a gorgeous face.  Her make-up is very subtle with pink eye shadow, auburn brows and glossy coral/pink lips.

For a facial comparsion with the 2014 Classic Ariel doll (on the left), their faces are almost exactly identical.  The only difference I can really see is that Palace Pets face may be a tiny bit thinner.

Ariel comes with her pet cat Treasure.  She is also made of molded plastic with a fuzzy tail.  Her tail feels like it has a wire inside of it, thus making it poseable.  This pack also came with a purple bowl and brush, which I didn't get a photo of.

Both Palace Pets dolls are equipped with 13 points of articulation.  This includes the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles.
Both dolls appeared quite bow-legged.

Classic Ariel (the left) and Rapunzel only have 11 points of articulation as a comparison.  The top half is the same, but the knees are clickable and there is no bend at the ankle for the Classic dolls.

This is how they look when they sit.  So one is more lady-like than the other, lol. 

The Palace Pets dolls (as well as the Disney Classic dolls) have very similar torso sizes as Liv dolls.

So Liv clothes fit perfectly! 

So do Disney Fairy clothes! 

Now some black and white glam shots. 

Even though I didn't get these dolls for my own Disney collection, they were amazing gifts for my girls.  They don't play with the actual pets, food bowls or brushes, but they absolutely adored the dolls.  Next time, I would've just gone with the cheaper Classic dolls, but we are still glad to have these two in our collection.

Are any of you out there fans of Disney or collect the dolls?

I hope you enjoy this Retro Review and didn't mind that I posted about dolls that are a few years old.  Thanks for reading and have a nice week! :)
xo Farrah

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Toy Story Mini Blind Bags

If any of you are Toy Story fans, you are in luck because they just came out with the cutest new blind bags EVER of these characters. :):):)

Last week, Little Button and I were doing our weekly grocery shopping at Walmart and we stumbled across these new Toy Story Mini bling bags in the toy section.  They looked too cute to resist and they had a full box, so we sifted and sorted until we found a bunch that had different codes on them.
They were listed at about $2.88 per bag.

When we got home, we opened them up (which I tried to film, but it wasn't recording, haha) so I went back and made a quick video of each one and what code was on the back in case any of you were interested in collecting them.

The stand about an inch and a half tall and have either zero to 2 points of articulation.  For example, that Woody one can move his head and waist for side to side, but some of the others don't move at all.
Woody and Jessie also have hats that can be taken on and off.

Woody looks like he's sweating bullets, lol. 

I love that they included Bo Peep in this line! 

The only one we are missing is the Squeaky Penguin (Wheezy is his name, I think) so if we find more of these blind bags, I'll have to look for him.

We are eternally grateful!

We must find a way to defeat Zorg! 

Also included was a "limited edition" grayscale Bulleye. 

Overall, these were so fun to open and very, very cute.  The all stand up well and would make very cute accessories for doll room or Disney collection.  We are huge Toy Story fans in our house and I think I even heard a rumor that they were making a Toy Story 4. (Maybe I'm wrong, though!)
The girls love them as well.
They are just too cute for words! ;)

xo Farrah