Monday, May 23, 2016

Little Julie and the Crabapple Tree (American Girl Mini Julie doll)

One spring morning, beautiful little Julie decided to take a stroll through the dandelions to see what new things were growing.   Being at nearly ground level, she found it exceptionally easy to spot new blossums and sprouts.

As she meandered along, lost in her thoughts, she felt a sudden inspiration to see if she could climb up the freshly blossomed crabapple tree across the lawn!

It took her nearly all morning, but she finally made it across the lawn to the tree. 

Without ropes or climbing gear, she surprisingly clawed her way up the bark until she found a nice branch to perch on. Girls from the 70s are tough, you know. :)

As she sat and caught her breath, she was taken aback by what a different and beautiful world it was up here!  The greens, whites and pinks were so vibrant and like nothing she'd seen before on the ground.

The fragrance of the flowers was heavenly.  Little Julie was glad she took the effort to follow her impulses and climb up that big tree as this was a day she would always remember.

I hope you are all enjoying the spring blossoms where ever you are (as I am sure my area is probably one of the last to get them!!)

xo Farrah

Little Julie is a mini American girl Julie Albright doll.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Feel Good Friday-Chewbacca Mask

Ok guys, so you may have already seen this, but I have to share this video with you as I had the best laugh in AGES over this.

Since it was someone's personal video they shared on Facebook, I'm just going to link it here as I don't want to post her actual video without her permission (even though it's gone totally viral and posted everywhere by now!)

Basically it's about this woman named Candace Payne who buys a Chewbacca talking mask from the store to add to her collection.  First she talks about how she bought it for herself and not her kids, lol...and then she films herself trying it on and has a laughing fit over how funny it is.
I was crying from laughing so hard.

It really is about the simple joys in life!

Enjoy and happy Friday! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Monster High: Ghoul's Night Out Lagoona

Lagoona is notorious for having wonky eye screenings!

Today's post is just a photo shoot of another one of my Monster High dolls, Ghouls Night Out Doll Lagoona Blue.  I took these photos last spring, with the intent of doing a review, but when you see one MH review, you've seen them all. I won't bore you with the details. :)

Lagoona, as you may know is the daughter of The Sea Monster.  She's a lovely doll from a line called Ghoul's Night Out, which also featured Rochelle and Spectra.  I previously reviewed Spectra here.   Lagoona is one of my favorite characters from this brand, so I like collecting different versions of her.
Her dress is a bit on the skimpy side as it barely covers her sea monster bum in most shots, but overall she's a cute doll.
Not shown are her earrings, purse, cellphone, makeup compact and perfume bottle.  She was originally priced at $19.99.
At some point, I want to do restyled hair photos of all of my MH and EAH dolls, so I'll be sure to include all of her accessories at that time. I just wanted to get this post out of my drafts! ;)

Hope you have a nice day! :)
XO Farrah

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Feel Good Friday (on a Saturday) :)

Hi guys,
I meant to post this yesterday, but forgot!
I came across this song/video yesterday while I was working and thought it was so cute.  It's not to get up and dance!
And besides, everyone could use a little JT on a Saturday night. ;)
Enjoy and happy weekend!

xo Farrah :)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

April Snapshots

Hi everyone!  It's been a while since I've posted, but I hope you're all doing well. Here's my monthly round up, but to be honest, I can't even think of anything specific to write so I'll leave you with some photos and a few words.

April started out with the biggest snow storm we had all winter, but ended in green grass and spring flowers.
The girls were sick with fevers and ear infections for the second half of the month and I ended up getting strep throat for the first time!  It's been a bit of a blur, but we're all back in good health and ready for warmer weather.  I've gotten so far behind on catching up with all of your blogs and haven't had time for my own blogging as I've been going to bed early.  Little Button is quite the night owl lately and often times gets out of bed to come sit with me as she has been having a hard time falling asleep.
Blogging has to take the backseat as I have to remind myself of how little and precious this time with them is.  Soon they will both grow up and I'll miss these little snuggly moments. ;)

The book I read last month was called, "The Vanishing of Katharina Linden" by Helen Grant and it was ok.  It was a bit slow and kept my interest enough to keep reading, but I definitely wouldn't necessarily recommend it as a good read as there are so many better books out there.  I loved reading a book that was set in Germany, though!

The girls had a week off from school for spring break, so my mom and step-dad took them for a few days.  It was so strange having the house empty, but hubby and I were able to go out to eat and have some time to ourselves, which was priceless!

April usually tends to be a difficult month for me as the weather is very unpredictable and at this point I am so ready for warmth.  This year it was on the chilly and rainy side, but we made it through and spring is definitely here now.
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and thanks for stopping by. :)
xo Farrah