Thursday, February 26, 2015

Autumn Flashbacks with Apple White (Legacy Day)

Hi guys!  I have a quick mini-review of the very first Ever After High doll I purchased back in September.  

Apple White Legacy Day. 

Random one for a first EAH doll, I know.  She's not my favorite character,  but I happened to notice her at my local Walmart and something about her lured me in.  
Girl's got it going on. 

Apple White Legacy Day
Take a good look at the purse, because this is the only photo of it! :} 

For those of you that don't know, Ever After High dolls are a series of characters that represent the "sons and daughters" of classic fairy-tale legends.  Apple White is the daughter of Snow White. 

I am in love with this doll line (maybe even more so than Monster High) and have really enjoyed the webisodes which you can view any time at the Ever After High website. 

Originally I didn't care very  much for her character as I felt she was very superficial and a little irritating, but as I continued to watch the episodes, I really grew to like and admired that she was trying to be a better person. :) 

As you can see, she comes with a brush (shaped like a key), stand, purse and a "legacy book" that comes with a tiny little key. Instead of a headband, she comes with a crown that is attached by rubber bands to appear as though it is easily resting on her head. 

Apple White Legacy Day 

Classic Apple White

Here's a comparison of Legacy Day and the original Apple.  There are very similar as you can see, but LD's features are a little more petite and her makeup seems a bit more natural.  Her hair is also parted on the opposite side.

After de-boxing Apple, Pumpkin Pie and I went for a walk and decided to take Apple with us for a little woodsy photo-shoot.

See that tiny apple ring on her finger?  This photo is the last I saw if it!  Whoops.  

Legacy Day is a special night for all of the students at Ever After High.  It's the night where each character signs the Book of Legends, sealing their fate to carry on their parents' legacy.
Apple eagerly signs as she can't wait to follow in her mother's footsteps, meet her prince and live happily ever after.

Little assistant, setting the scene :}

Apple is completely in her element when she's in the woods. 

Her face paint is beautiful.  She has very natural eye shadow with a touch of glitter under the brow bone.  Her lips are a frosty ruby red.

As we were taking photos, Apple took a moment to summon the animals. 

Her animal attracting skills must have been working as we stumbled across these two cutie pies in the field at the edge of the woods.

Two little fawns basking in the sun and munching on grass :) 


Apple's magic was starting to wear off and within a few moments, this little trio pranced off into the woods.
We love you, deer!

Next we headed back to the house and got Little Button up from her nap.  The photo shoot was still going strong so we found this little apple tree and got to it. 

Autumn was a beautiful time here on the farm, but we are still going strong with winter at the moment.  This has been the 2nd coldest February on record my husband tells me and I completely believe him!  I am surprised February has gone by this fast though, and it's hard to believe spring will be here in 4 weeks.

Hope you have a great weekend!  
Thank you, once again, and always, for stopping by. 
 :)  xoxo

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Simply Wonderful Day

Thank you guys so much for your sweet and kind comments regarding my Hearts post that I made a few days ago.   It really was comforting to hear all of your own personal stories and I love talking about stuff like that so maybe I'll do another post like that in the future! :)

I hope you're all doing well, where ever in the world you are reading this blog.
Here it is FRIGIDLY cold.  This week was probably the coldest week of the year and yesterday it only got to be around 9 deg F and the wind was wicked!

I found this post in my drafts that I had written back in September.  I don't know how, but I got really behind in my blogging (well, I guess I know how, haha-I am snap happy with the camera and just don't have time to edit them all as I go along!)
But before my next doll review, I wanted to post this as I had already written it all out and it seems like I had such a great time on this particular day, I want to remember it.  :)

Here goes:
I had the most wonderful day today.  Tomorrow is the last day of summer, and this was a perfect day to celebrate the end of my favorite season.   I just haven't had a day like this in ages!

It was a gorgeous, sunny, balmy day.  The original forecast had called for rain, but for some reason, it was blue skies all day long.

First it was off to the barn to visit the animals.  Always a crowd pleaser. :)

Looking for Ginny the Guinea Hen (you can see her-she's that white spot in the back!) 

I took a long walk outside with the girls, past the creek and into the big fields out back behind the farmhouse.  The girls both agreed that we should attempt to conquer the 2nd hill and so we did.

Unfortunately, after we made it up the 2nd hill, Pumpkin Pie declared that she could no longer go on. Tears welled up, she slunk to her knees and wouldn't budge!
Little Button smarten up pretty quickly and made the same observation for herself so there we stood...two crying kids and only one of me.  Like a doof, I alternated carrying one and then carrying the other, trying to make it back to the house when lo and behold, our hero (Daddy!) started heading down the path towards us on his bike.

I quickly shouted "go get the 4-wheeler and save us!"  So he did and everyone was happy once again.

Later on, during nap time, I was able to sneak away by myself and take an hour long walk, back through the fields, but took a different route and went much father.

The air was so still and quiet.  Everything seemed so at peace and serene and I rarely get this quiet, reflective time to myself that it just made me so happy.  Such a simply thing as a walk.

I am so happy we moved here.  This old farm has innumerable wonderful memories for me growing up and I had forgotten how beautiful it is everywhere. The energy in this place is practically buzzing.

When I came back to the house, Little Button had woken up, so we fetched Pumpkin Pie and headed down to a spot in the creek with big flat rocks, perfect for little feet to balance on and frolic about.
And frolic they did..after an hour they were both happy and soaked and we headed back for dinner.

It may not really seem like much, but it was just one of those days, you know?  The kind where time perfectly moves along.
Everyone is happy.

So now, in real time, this is what the weather actually looks like today, haha! :

I am just craving that wonderful sunshine of summer!  For now, I wish you guys all a warm and cozy night.   Thanks again for stopping by and see you again soon! :)