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Hello fellow collectors!
I started this blog in 2015 to share my love of dolls and miniatures.   Growing up, I was always drawn to and intrigued by dolls and dollhouses.  I loved to collect miniature furniture and to create little tiny scenes in a mini scale.  I can remember watching Sesame Street and falling in love with the dollhouse in this video

My sister and I used have adventures with with Maple Town Critters, Rainbow, Brite, and Strawberry Shortcake.  We played He-Man and She-Ra with my brothers.  My Little Ponies and Kenner Shimmer mermaids used to join us for bath time and we could usually be found snuggling with a Care Bear or two at bedtime. 

We used to play with our Barbies for hours on end, making beds out of towels, washing doll hair and making up fun little stories for our tiny family. We created fashion shows, family dinners, hot-dog stand beach lunches and so much more.  

As I grew up, dolls were pushed aside and most of our childhood dolls were given away.  Once I had children of my own, I rediscovered my love of dolls and miniatures again and found this amazing doll collecting community on the internet!

I've always been an avid hobby photographer and found that taking photos of our dolls was a really fun way to enjoy myself when I was outside playing with my young daughters. 

I started collecting dolls of my own in the summer of 2014 and have been collecting since!
My favorite lines to collect are Barbie, Monster High/Ever After High, Disney and American Girl. 

My Social Media:  
I have several Instagram accounts where I enjoy posting photos of my doll collection and photography and they are grouped into different doll lines: 

Main account (Monster High/Ever After High and miscellaneous):  @farrahli_ccad
American Girl and 18 inch dolls:  @cozydollsag
Barbie:  @farrahlibabs
80s Toys/Dolls: @farrahli80s

Youtube Channel:  (I stopped posting on here, but old videos are still available!) 

Thank you for visiting and happy collecting! 
xoxo Farrah 

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