Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Holiday Barbie 2004 - Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

 For my last post of the day, we're taking a look at the 2004 Holiday Barbie who is gorgeous in her emerald green velvety dream of a dress! 

This year they came out with an African American version with the Asha facemold along with burgundy versions of both the Caucasian blonde and AA doll.  I'm not sure if one or the other was an exclusive or not or if one color is more difficult to find, but I found the green one pretty easily on eBay. 

In this photo, her dress looks like a satin material as opposed to velvet, but I think it's actually velvet. 

Here she is out of the box.  I removed the tissue paper that was supporting her skirt, and unfortunately the bell shape of the dress deflated a bit.  I think this could easily be fixed by sewing a layer or tulle underneath into a hoop-skirt type of thing, but either way, she still looks pretty and the dress is stunning! 

Wizard of Oz vibes. 

Here's an up-close look at her beautiful bodice. Look at that detail and the gorgeous bead work! 

She has a very detailed choker style necklace with green gems. 

She is the first one we've seen that comes with a purse!  This is one of the best purses I've seen in the Barbie world.  Such beautiful detail! 

She has the Generation Girl facemold, and it's not my favorite version as it can sometimes be a bit harsher than the softer Generation Girl faces we've already reviewed.  She makes up for it with her rooted eyelashes, though!  I love her lip color. 

This dress is so pretty in person.  The velvet is thick and soft and the beads add such a nice detail. 

She's one that would benefit from a hair wash and re-style and I hope to do that soon! 

Overall, she's amazing.  I love her emerald green color scheme and dress. Her bolero style jacket is so nicely made and she reminds me so much of a "Barbie of the Emerald City" doll (if there actually was one). :) I love her soft matte makeup and rooted lashes.  These Holiday dolls of the 2000-2010s are the best! 

Do any of you have her? 

xoxo Farrah 


  1. I have a special fondness for 2004 dolls because it's the year I got my first Barbie. This one does not disappoint! I'll actually go on ebay to look for them after I finish reading.

    1. Oh wow, so this whole vibe must be very nostalgic for you! This one is such a great one to add to your collection. :)

  2. Replies
    1. It really is!! It's such a rich, full color. :)

  3. You didn't show the doll's shoes in this one, and since you drew attention to her 'Emerald City' vibe I was curious if by any chance she happened to have silver shoes like in the original Oz books or 'ruby slippers' like in the classic Wizard of Oz film.
    Signed, Treesa

    1. She came with plain green pumps for her shoes. If you would like to see a closer look, you can click on the Youtube video I posted above and go to 3:58 which is where I show the shoes! It would've been great if she had silver shoes though. :)