Saturday, December 11, 2021

Holiday Barbie 2015 - Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

Hi again, we are back for more Holiday Barbies!

I apologize for the delay, I had surgery on my foot 2 days ago and was not able to get as many posts done beforehand as I would've liked!

Today we're going back to the 2015 Holiday Barbie. I ended up getting both the African American version as well as the Caucasian blonde version this time around. 

Both are beautiful!  

Kmart also released their auburn-haired exclusive doll who is beautiful too. 

There were also Walmart exclusive dolls that came with this ornament. 

I think the AA version of this doll is my favorite of the three.  I think she looks so beautiful and the outfit and accessories come together so nicely on her. 

This beautiful burgandy red looks so gorgeous on her skin tone. 
As you can see, the bodice is satin and leads to a tulle skirt. 

This was the first year Mattel seemed to add a metallic (plastic) accent to their dresses.  This was isnt' too bad. 

I though this poinsettia pattern was pretty and it has a beautiful silver shimmer in the light. 

Cute shiny red open toed heels complete the look. 

She has the lovely Mbili face sculpt. 

Full look with beautiful dress. 

Here's a closer look at the Blonde Caucasian Barbie. 
For some reason, she reminds me of Faith Hill!

She has the Mackie face sculpt. 

Both dolls are on the standard Model Muse body. 

Their only accessories are silver chandelier earrings. 

She has honey-gold hair and gray-blue eyes.  Very pretty!
But she doesn't really look very happy.  Maybe she's stressed about how much money she spent this year on gifts for her kids, lol. I can relate! 

Overall, these two are beauties are a step above what we've seen in the recent ones I already posted about. That's one reason why I wanted to go backwards, so we could enjoy the fancier ones closer to Christmas! 

As I mentioned abouve, I just had surgery on my foot this past Wednesday, and have to be on crutches for 4-6 weeks!
I was able to take about 3 weeks off from work, which is great, so I'm trying hard to rest and relax as best I can, but also finding time for the dolls! :)

I hope you're all enjoying your holiday season so far! 

xoxo Farrah 


  1. Get well soon! I just read the previous post and thought the dolls weren't too bad, but now that I compare them with the previous year release, I can see why so many people hated them! The 2016 faces are gorgeous, but the outfits are much fancier here.

    1. Thank you for the get-well wishes! Yeah, I think as long as you don't compare them to the older ones, they are all gorgeous in their own way. :)