Saturday, January 25, 2020

Wellie Wishers Have Joined the Herd

I told myself I wouldn't, but I did. 

Yes, the American Girl Wellie Wishers have squirmed their way into my doll world.
Their big eyes and colorful outfits won me over and here we are!
There are 5 Wellie Wishers total and so far we have 3 and a handful of outfits.
What I really like about them is that they're a little smaller than a typical 18 in doll and they have vinyl bodies rather than cloth.

The first doll I got was Camille.  I was actually able to pick her out at Toys 'R 'Us before they closed, which is a luxury I miss now that most of my doll shopping is done online.

Camille's ocean theme and bright blue eyes are what drew me in the most.  I would've LOVED her as a younger girl.  I mean look at those fish boots!
So, I had Camille for quite a while before I decided to add additional ones to my collection.

They next one we decided to get was Emerson (or Emmy as we call her) and she was Little Button's favorite.
I had to order her right from the AG website as Toys 'R 'Us had closed by that time and out of all of the dolls, I really wish I could've picked her out in person.

She's the outgoing performer of the group.  

Emmy has a unique face mold compared to the other 5 characters. I'd say, my only complaint about her is her eyebrow shape.  If I could've picked one out in person, I would've chose one with longer bangs to hid the eyebrows!
Other than that, she's adorable!!

Her outfit is very girly and very cute. 

Last up is Kendall.  She's my 2nd favorite in the line1up after Camille.  
I think she has such a cute face! 

She's the creative crafter. 

How cute is this face??
Part of me wants to define her eyes a little more, though maybe with a washable marker or by adding false lashes.

I really love all the different patterns and polka dots going on throughout her outfit. 

The outfits are so well made and very colorful.  They would also all look great on each other. 
Each outfit consists of a top, underware, skirt and wellie rain boots.  Emerson has ponytail holders in her hair and Kendall has a headband. 
Their skirts each have a layer or some kind of fabric and a layer of tulle. 
They also each have a bow somewhere on their outfit, either on their shirts or skirts. 

I also picked up these two outfits during one of the monthly sales on AG's website. 

First we have Camille modeling the Enchanted Garden PJs. 
As you guys know, I love doll pajamas. :)

These PJs have a cute forest/cottage pattern on them and include adorable green slippers. 

And now we have Emmy modeling the Casually Cozy outfit.  She looks so much cuter with her eyebrows hidden, haha.

This outfit comes with a knit shirt dress and hat as well as color tights and boots.
So cozy!

As you can also see, they each have their own face mold as well.  

And the last item I got during that sale is the Milk and Cookies set.  I love collecting Christmas themed accessories for my dolls.

This is a cute set that comes w/ an adorable red tray with white polka dots, two Christmas Linzor style cookies, a glass of milk, a bunch of carrots for the reindeer and a letter to Santa.
I love it!

Overall, we're happy with our little Wellie Wishers.
I think I'll probably get one more, the redhead Willa, and even though my complusiveness to collect the whole set is making me want to get Ashlyn, I need to step back and ask myself if I REALLY, REALLY need her.
She's adorable, but I have to keep being mindful of the quantity of dolls that find their way into our house!  For each new 18 inch doll I buy, I try to get rid of one as well.
I almost sold Emmy as I couldn't bond with her, but Little Button protested saying she was her favorite, so she lives in her room now. :)

What do you guys think of these? Do any of you collect them?
Which is your favorite from this group?

Thanks as always for stopping by and happy collecting!

xoxo Farrah


  1. LOL, Emerson and Camille tie for my favorites. I love Oriental dolls, and I love blue and green. These are a cute bunch of dolls overall, though; it's hard to pick just one favorite.

  2. I've got Willa and I absolutely love her. I'd probably have gotten more but to buy them from overseas you have to work out time zones, phone American Girl and speak to an actual human. If it was something I could mail order online at one am, without talking to anyone, I'd probably have all of them 🤣

    1. Ugh, I'm sorry it's such an ordeal to order them overseas. Do you have Amazon where you live? They sell them there also (at least they do on the Amazon US site.)
      That's great that you have Willa-she's adorable!!

  3. They are all cuties. I don't have any though. I have 10(?) 18 inch dolls who have found their way to my house. I am not sure how that happened and yet here they are (chuckle).

    1. Hi Dorothy,
      Yes, I completely know what you mean! :)

  4. Te lalki są śliczne! Bardzo spodobały mi się ich twarze i ubranka!
    Od niedawna (choć nie lubię młodszych lalek) mieszkają u mnie lalki od Paola Reina 32cm. Są takie kochane, że mam już ich 5!
    Pewnie zaprosisz jeszcze do domu dwie pozostałe laleczki : Willa i Ashlyn ;-
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie ♥

    1. Ha ha! Prawdopodobnie masz rację co do dwóch pozostałych lalek dołączających do kolekcji lalek. :) Słyszałem o lalkach Paola Reina i kusiło mnie, aby je zdobyć! Są piękne.
      Dziękuję za miły komentarz!

  5. Hello Farrah! I really miss the days when I could just walk into a toy shop to check things out. Several of the toy shops here have closed and everything has moved to the net. Well, good side is that you can browse for ever and do not need to rush before closing time. But there is nothing that can take away the feeling of looking, touching and then buying.

    These American Girl Wellie Wishers are so cute. I can understand that some just follows you home. I would have picked them along too. Camille has such pretty sparkly blue eyes and Emmy looks so happy. Kendall is so cute and the outfits are just adorable on all of them. The extra clothes you got, the PJs with the slippers are my favorite. Cozy!

    Enjoy the new week ahead!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment! Yes, I really miss those days here as well when you could find and connect with the perfect doll. Here where I live, we only really have 2 stores that you can go and look around in, but the doll sections seem to be getting a bit smaller.
      That's true about the net though, you can take your time looking!!
      I hope you have a wonderful week ahead as well. :)

  6. They are adorable! And those sweet.

  7. Hi Linda!
    Thanks for stopping by and I agree, Kendall is adorable! :)

  8. The Wellie Wishers are really cute, but I don't plan on adding any to my collection. Unless it's a really small doll (like my Cu-Poche dolls,) I also need to be following the one-in one-out rule. I think in the end, it does keep our collections more enjoyable and "special" as well.

    1. So true, Barb! I think if I had a smaller collection, the dolls would seem more special to me. I need to really take the time to go through each collection and weed out! It's going to be a long process, but I know I need to do it! :)

  9. Hi Farrah,
    Do you have any Kohl's stores or Barnes & Noble stores in your area? These stores sometimes carry Wellie Wishers stuff, at least the ones in driving distance from where I live do. Though they seem to have the biggest selection around Christmas time. Still, it might be worth a look if there's a location near you.
    Signed, Treesa

    1. Hi Theresa!
      Thanks for letting me know! I do have both within 45 minutes of me so I will have to check them out! :)

  10. I would like to get one of these but they're not available in our Toys R Us which is still trading here in Spain. My favourite of your three is Kendal and then Emerson. I am not really that in to blond/blue eyed dolls so she is my least favourite. I might get one some day from Ebay....
    I love the colourful cozy outfit too, it's really great!

    1. Hi Sharon, I hope you add one of these to your collection some day!
      I think the outfits would like adorable on some of the dolls you already have as well. :)