Monday, July 18, 2016

Blind Bags: Monster High Minis, Care Bears and Toy Story

Blind bag opening video (sorry the volume is a little low again!) 

Hi everyone!  Just stopping in for a quickie.  Today's post is about a recent blind bag opening video the girls and I made together.  We ended up getting a few Monster High Mini blind bags as well as a Care Bear and Toy Story one.  
Blind bags are all the rage in our house and have been for at least the past year.  The girls LOVE them.  For me, personally, I like to collect the Care Bear ones (they just released Series 4!) as well as the My Little Pony, select Disney and now these adorable little Monster High ones. 

Below are the ones we ended up getting: 

Lagoona Blue (daughter of the Sea Monster) 

Venus McFlytrap (daughter of the Venus Flytrap) 

Draculaura (daughter of Dracula) 

Abbey Bominable (daughter of the Abominable Snowman) 

Catrine DeMew (daugther of a Werecat) 

These littles have articulation in the neck only and can more their heads from side to side. 

Care Bears Series 2 Good Luck Bear

Jessie from Toy Story
She has articulation in the head and waist!

Checklist for Toy Story Series 1
(we only have Woody, Bullseye and now Jessie)

Checklist for Care Bears Series 2 (we have all of these guys) 

Checklist for the Monster High Minis 

Abbey, Lagoona, Catrine, Venus and Draculaura

I LOVE these new minis.  I love blind bags in general because I think they make great "toys" for the larger scale dolls.  They have a nice collector appeal ot them and I can't wait to get more! 

What about you guys, do you collect any blind bags or did you in the past? 

Thanks for stopping by. :) 
xo Farrah 


  1. Cute! Considering how tiny they are, I'm impressed at the amount of detail that Jessie has - very cool. And the Care Bears are always adorable. :)

    I'd never seen those MH ones before - it almost seems like they make blind bags/boxes for almost everything now! They're an interesting style - not what I would have expected (they almost remind me of the Disney Tsum Tsums), but I can see how they'd need to be different from their regular mini figures (or those MH Mega Bloks figures).

    I'm trying to get out of the habit picking mystery figures up new, just because of ending up with duplicates (have I talked about the time I bought 24 of the GoT mystery minis and still only ended up with 2 of the 3 from the series that I wanted? Not my smartest purchases...), but I'll still probably pick some up second hand. Right now I have my eye on Titan Vinyl's Mass Effect mystery minis that are coming out next month - I'm going to try not to but more than one or two new, but those may be famous last words. There's just something fun about opening up these little surprise packages!

    1. I know what you mean about getting feels like a waste of money. It's nice to have the "cheat codes" to at least help, but not all of them seem to have those! Sometimes, if I really want to finish a collection, I'll just suck it up and buy the ones I need on eBay, lol.
      I hope you get the ones you want of the new Titan ones!

  2. Those Monster High minis are super adorable! I would buy them if they weren't in blind bags. I like mystery boxes and the mystery bags you can get at Michaels but I cant stand getting the same toy over and over. I would probably buy one and the second I got a duplicate I would be all, "Noooooo!," and never buy another one, lol.

    1. Oh wow, I didn't know Michael's had mystery boxes/bags...although come to think of it, I can't even remember the last time I was in a Michael's! Yeah, duplicates are really annoying! I love the ones that have the cheat codes, haha.

  3. What a great haul! My favourite was definitely Jessie from Toy Story! I love Toy Story :) Mmmm I don't collect blind bags, sadly they are very expensive where I live, but I got a few Disney/Pixar squishy ones last year; Dory, Buzz Lightyear, Woody & Sully.
    Lydia's Dolls

    1. Toy Story is so good, isn't it? Did you hear they are coming out with a 4th one?? I can't wait for that one. I'm sorry to hear the blind bags are so expensive where you are. It's so weird how different the prices can be on some things!

  4. Hello Farrah,
    You got some great figurines. They are really lovely. I am not a blind bag kinda guy...I like to know exactly what I am getting.
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac,
      I was just happy to not get any doubles. :) I'm looking forward to your dollhouse updates soon. It's nice to see you back!
      Hugs back

  5. I want to see those Monster High blind bags (or the lockers) in my country, those Minis are so cute! However, I think that Mattel could have done other interesting things with blind bags. What about blind bags that contained shoes or other accesories for the dolls? And the repeated ones could always be repainted.

    Great finds! See you soon!

    1. Extra shoes and accessories would be such a great idea! As for duplicates, great idea about customizing them... I've actually seen a few custom repaints already that people have done and they look great!

  6. I don't know if we even have those bags here but in the UK we used to call them Jamboree Bags if I remember rightly, and they had sweets and a gift in them, but nothing like these ones, they were tacky little things instead!! I love Jessie, she's so cute. I have a Jessie keyring here I wonder where!
    The care bears are sweet too, I like that green Lucky Bear, he's great!

    1. I bet the kids over there love those Jamboree Bags. I remember the closest thing we had growing up were the Cracker Jack boxes or caramel popcorn. There was always a prize inside. They still have them, but now it seems to be some sort of online code instead (boring!) We also used to have surprise prizes inside of cereal boxes as well! They don't do that anymore. I think it is illegal or something here as they don't allow the Kinder surprise eggs either! Maybe it's a chocking hazaard thing?
      Yes, I love that Lucky Bear too! Cute. The Jessie is great! I love that she can actually move her head and waste! Those are great little figures. :)
      Hugs xo

  7. Love the Toy Story ones, will have to keep an eye out for those. I've bought Minions (obviously) and Lego Minifigs the most. I just recently bought a Secret Life Of Pets one, ended up with a crocodile, not what I was hoping for LOL!

    1. The Toy Story ones are nice because the have a "cheat window" so you can see what you get. :) I didn't even know there was a crocodile in the Secret Life of Pets, lol. Did you see the movie?

    2. I haven't yet and I didn't know there was one either! That reminds me that I need to go to McDonalds and get two more of the Happy Meal toys.

  8. Mr. BTEG has collected a bunch of the LEGO minifig bags. At one point, people were posting what each bag was based on the bar code, but then LEGO caught on to that. Sometimes the minifigs have distinctive accessories, though, that you can sometimes catch by feel.

    I would probably buy Ever After High blind bags if they made those.

    1. Hi Barb, oh yeah, I've definitely used the "feel" method to try to pick what I want! I would buy EAH ones too, if they made them...I bet they will.

  9. Hi Farrah,
    They all look cute and as you said great for dolly dolls. :)