Sunday, May 24, 2015

American Girl Mini Cecile Rey

Hi everyone!   
I hope you're all having a relaxing and fun weekend.  The weather is beautiful today and I just got back from my mom's Memorial Day picnic.  The girls are tucked in and snoozing away so before I go to bed, I wanted to get this review up as it feels like it's been a while since I've posted.  
I've been a busy bee this May!  I'm sure most of you have been busy as well, as I think it's that time of year where there's a lot more to do outside and school is starting to wide down.  
Our weekends, lately seem filled to the brim! 

Today's review is about the adorable American Girl Mini doll Cecile Ray.  
Back in August, AG had a really good sale on some of their minis.  It was right before they were getting ready to retire the Marie-Grace and Cecile duo and I was just getting into American Girl at that time.  I didn't really know some of the newer characters yet, but something about Cecile made me want to pick her right up!  I ended up getting her, Marie-Grace and Caroline for $10 each.  
(What a steal!) 

I was really excited to see that the packaging was a miniature version of the 18 inch doll packaging.

At first glace I was really impressed by the cute expression on  her face and how detailed the tiny book was.  

A great summary of Cecile's story and character traits can be found here on American Girl Wiki. Her story line takes place during the 1850s in New Orleans.

Her book is hardcover with a matching paper sleeve.  It has some illustrations inside and is really nicely done.  I honestly haven't read it yet, but I'm hoping too!

Here she is next to a regular size American Girl doll.  This is Elizabeth, who I purchased, used on Ebay for a custom project.
Elizabeth, as you know is 18 inches tall, while Mini Cecile is only about 6 inches.
She's almost the perfect sized "American Girl doll" for an American Girl doll.  :)

Moxie Girl Mini, AG Mini, Sparkle Girlz Mini. 

Here she is compared to a few of my other mini dolls.
Her head is about the same size as the other two, but is much more in proportion to her body.

And here she is next to Frozen Fever Anna who is 12 inches tall. 

Now more about Cecile.  I find the best and easiest lighting for doll photos is outside in natural light on an overcast day.  The weather was totally perfect so out we went for our mini photo shoot. :)

Lovely little Cecile comes dressed in a beautiful blue-turquoise dress, white knickers, white socks and black boots.  She has two white ribbons tied in her hair as well.  I think these colors look beautiful against her skin tone.

The little boots are very easy to take on and off and have a simple strip of velcro in the back. 

Cecile has 5 points of articulation (head, shoulders hips.) Her body is cloth and her limbs are vinyl.  I really prefer this older style body for the AG minis as they are exact tiny replicas of their 18 inch counterparts.

Her hair is a little unruly, but not horribly so.  I like how they were true to the ringlets and I can't imagine it's too easy to produce dolls this size with super neat hair without throwing in a ton of gel.
I think her hair is really cute.

She has an adorable little face!  Her skin is a beautiful shade of brown, she as rosy little cheeks and lovely hazel eyes.  Her eyebrows are high and straight giving her a very sweet and child-like appearance.

Once the glam shots were over, we decided to talk a little walk through the forest to an open meadow where I often see various wildlife.

Cecile is a fearless little thing so she took off-all 6 inches of her-leading the way along the path.

We walked for a bit, but suddenly we spotted some deer peacefully grazing in the field. 

Cecile decided to climb up on this tree stump to get a better look. 

There, much better. (Look at that cute face!) 
After a few moments of watching them, Cecile decided to climb a little bit higher to be able to see more of these graceful animals.

 Uh, oh...looks like they spotted us....

"Wait, please come back!  We won't hurt you, we just like to watch you because you are so peaceful and lovely," cried Cecile.

The air grew could hear a faint gurgle from the tiny stream along the path. 

A frog croaked.  No one moved a muscle.  ;) 

The pond was still. 
The deer stopped running and looked back at us again.  

We had a moment. (No joke, this really happened!) 

Cecile thanked the deer for allowing us to be in their presence, and off we slowly walked, leaving them to their peaceful grazing.

I hope you enjoyed today's post on American Girl Mini Cecile.
She's such a charming little doll and I feel like she has so much personality already.  The girls love her and she's easy to carry around and really fun to photograph.
Unfortunately she's been discontinued from the American Girl website, but you can still easily find her on Ebay at her normal price of around $24.95.

More reviews to come as well as some photos from my brother's wedding last weekend!
I wish all of you a very Happy Memorial Day if you're a fellow dweller in The States and thank you again for stopping by. :)
We are off to a parade in the morning!

Farrah xo


  1. Great photos, she is so cute! I was disappointed, when they first announced the 18" retirements, someone said that they would continue to make all of the dolls in the mini line, but that turned out to be incorrect. I have a mini Julie (original outfit) and a mini Isabelle, they are so cute and I was impressed with how nice the clothing is, I can't imagine sewing something so tiny.

    1. Yeah, I know, they are so cute. I also have a mini Julie (original outfit) as I wasn't as impressed with the BeForever one. I just really loved the details of the older ones. I actually prefer a few of the new BF minis such as Kaya, Kit and Samantha. It's too bad you can't just buy the mini outfits of the BF ones for more clothing options without buying the whole doll. The new Mary Ellen mini doll looks ADORABLE though, and I hope to pick her up as I probably will not buy the actual 18 in doll herself. Although the more photos I am seeing of her, the more I will probably change my mind. :)

    2. Me too, I think the mini is so cute for Mary Ellen. I'm running out of room for 18" dolls, so it's a nice alternative.

  2. What a cute little doll, she'd make the perfect doll for my Sasha girls....maybe they can have one for Christmas!!! (Arrrggh I can't believe I even said that, the word 'Christmas' in May!!!! )
    The photos are beautiful as usual, love those deer, what a gorgeous site to greet you when you're out and about with your doll :)

    1. It's never too early to start planning for Christmas in my world, Sharon! Thank you for your sweet comments, as always. :)