Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Surjan and Lilian-Hearts for Hearts Doll

Last month when I purchased the new Hearts for Hearts girl, Nyesha, I was also fortunate to be able to grab Surjan as well.   Since getting to a Target these days isn't as easy as it used to be when we lived closer to one, I had to rely on Amazon for both of my purchases.  I happened to notice them right away when I was slinking around on Ebay one night and when I saw them both in stock on Amazon at their normal prices I threw them in the basket and checked out knowing that if was anything like the past Hearts for Hearts releases, they'd sell out quickly!    

They are both still listed on Amazon, but at slightly higher prices from when they were first released. 

Hearts for Hearts doll Surjan from Nepal. 
She is known affectionately here as Suri. 

Don't you want to pick me up and hug me? 

She actually does come with shoes and a gold bracelet, but I wasn't able to find them at the time that I took these photos, so I apologize for that.  Pumpkin Pie ADORED this doll when I first showed it to her.  That's why the hair is pulled back and small accessories are put away so they don't get lost during our play time. :)

This is not really meant to be a real review as I just wanted to share some photos of her that I had taken, but if you're interested in a much more detailed review of this doll, beastsbelle has a great one on her blog called Never Grow Up.  :)

As we all know, my favorite features of this doll line are their incredibly beautiful eyes and Suri probably has the most stunning eye color of all 5 now that I currently own.   I have always loved a bright hazel green eye paired with dark locks. The contrast is striking and I think she is stunning.  Her eye shape leans towards a traditional Asian eye with a hooded lid.  Her lips are a unique shape to the other H4H dolls I own as well.

I think she would make a great little sister for my Karito Kids Araceli (Pita) doll. :)

So pretty.
I will mention one thing about her hair.  Although it looks very glossy and soft in the photos, I found it to be a bit of a mess when she was first taken out of her box.  It felt pretty dry and ratty at the ends and it took me a while to comb through the tangles at the bottom .  Her hair was nothing like Dell's, which was so soft and gorgeous. 

Here's a quick comparison of a few of their profiles to show that they are all unique (Suri, Lilian and Dell.)

The new lovely ladies (Suri and Nyesha.)  
As you can see, she is quite a bit lighter than Nyesha.

Here are my light eyed ladies all in a row.  As you can see here, she is quite a bit darker than Dell. Each have a unique eye shape and color as well as a range of lighter skin tones, nose shapes, jaw shapes and mouths.  Even their eye brows are different.

Well done Hearts for Hearts! :)

Now, onto Lilian from Belarus. 

Here are the two blue-eyed babes (Dell and Lilian.)
Lilian was the other doll I wanted to briefly post about as she came into the collection back in November.
She is a cutie pie as well.

Dell's eyes appear much more blue-green than Lilian's as her's are strikingly sky blue.   Her eyes have more of a defined upper lid than any of my other Heart for Heart dolls and her make up is kept very natural.
Lilian's face shape is more angular and her lips are delicate with a bit of a defined cupid's bow.  Her lip coloring is also more of a rich berry red.

Lilian's cute duds.  I really like her folksy look.  I think the pants are adorable!
I think she would make a great little sister for my Karito Kids Ingrid (Zoey) doll :) 

Those gorgeous eyes.  Definitely the most striking feature of these dolls.  There is such a lovely color and depth to them that you don't see in a lot of other play dolls at this price .
My only concern is that I have seen a lot of doll photos where their eyes turn purple.  Does anyone know what that is all about?  I hope it doesn't happen to mine!

Lilian is one of the older dolls that happened to randomly come back into stock back in November.  I purchased her with Rahel (again both on Amazon) who had also been sold out for ages and I am really glad to have her in my collection.  She has a very sweet face and as I work on developing little personalities for these girls, I'm pretty sure she will be my shy/quiet loving one. :)

Once the weather gets a little less frigid, I'm hoping to have a nice outdoor photo shoot with all of these beautiful dolls.

There are a few more of them I'd like to add to my collection (Consuelo, Lauryce, Shola and Nahji) and I would like to eventually get Zelia for Pumpkin Pie (her absolute favorite) and Mosi for Little Button (because they both have bangs!) and I am hoping I can find some good deals on Ebay as they are mostly all sold out for now and quite inflated on the secondary market.  Tipi is gorgeous as well, but she seems to be the hardest one to find.

Even if I don't get any others from this line, I am very happy for the ones that I have. :)

I hope you enjoyed my photos of these lovely little dolls.  I just adore them and love the different cultural backgrounds that each doll has.  They are sturdy enough to be shared with the little girls and as long as I tie their hair back and hide all little accessories they seem to withhold play and outfit changes quite well.  Overall we love the Hearts for Hearts dolls in this house!

Thanks, once again for stopping by the blog.  More doll posts to come!  I took Cerise, Frankie, Spectra, Periwinkle, and Zarina out for some winter strolls in the snow this month so hoping to post those soon :)
Take care and have a lovely night :)



  1. Wow, these dolls are beautiful. Very nice photos. I would bet that your little ones just love them!

    1. Thanks Phyllis :) Yes, they really like them...they like to line them up, switch their outfits and pretend they are playing school. :) xo

  2. Love the comparison of their profiles - it's great to see how the different head sculpts differ.

    I have Surjan too, and I totally agree that the eyes are the standout feature on these dolls! :)

    1. I know, I thought it was really cool that they are all's nice to see the uniqueness among each doll. Thanks for the comment, (and recent follow!) jSarie :)

  3. So lovely! Your collection is awesome, I love them all :-). I didn't know the eyes can turn purple, that's odd! Maybe it's from light exposure? I look forward to the snow expedition :-). xx

    1. Thanks Night Owl :) I actually read somewhere that the purple discoloration was due to a "bad batch" of glue they used to glue the picture of the iris inside of the eye...maybe it is exacerbated by light.. I guess time will tell..weird!

  4. Are Surjan's earrings removable?

    1. To be honest...I'm not sure. When I get her out again I will check and reply back. :)

  5. Hello Farrah Lily, have you already checked if Surjan's earrings are removable?

    1. Hi Joanne,
      I think her earring are removable, but they are in there pretty good. There are specific earring holes that I can see, although I am having a hard time getting them out. I was not able to get them out, so I really am not sure. I really like the earrings in so I didn't want to try to take them out with any more force than I was already using.

  6. how can you get surjan what website i want her

    1. I think they might re-release her soon because I thought I saw it mentioned on their Instagram feed @heartsforheartsgirls. For now, I think she might just be available on eBay or Mercari. I hope you can find her!!