Monday, October 27, 2014

Grayscale Flapper and a Halloween party

I'm going to skip around a little bit and do a Halloween post!  This weekend we had our first ever Halloween party.  It was pretty small and mostly just family, but we had a blast decorating, making food and dressing up.  I haven't properly dressed up for Halloween in years!


I have gone back and forth as to whether I wanted to "show my face" on this blog, but I guess it's time I should.  (Even though I don't really look like my real self here, lol...)  I'm a bit shy, so I hadn't really planned on revealing my identity, but I really liked how my costume turned out so here I am!

This is me!  Hello and nice to meet you! 
Yes, I am a real person and not really a 1980's Hawaiian Barbie ;) 

This year I decided to dress up as a 1920's silent movie star/flapper.
I had seen a post recently of this couple that dressed up as silent movie stars and it just looked so amazing in the photos that I knew I had to try it!

Here's J dressed as the "Headless Horseman" ...I could not stop laughing every time he walked into the room :}  Amazing...

Black and white silent movie star or ghost flapper?  Both are cool :)

We had a great time transforming the house into a spooky treat to walk through.  In this particular room we  had black lights and REALLY creepy music playing...the girls were pretty freaked out and wouldn't go in here at first, but by the end of the night, they loved it.  (Delusion from all the sugar and dancing!)

 Waiting for the guests to arrive!  Little Button is ready to party! 

He did the mash...he did the MONSTER mash...

My sister and me...she dressed up like Arwen from The Lord of the Rings...she looked so good!

I'm exhausted, Grammy, put me to bed!  Mommy is too busy having fun! 

My mother was Glinda the Good Witch of the North.  Little Button was in awe....

I'm up way past my bedtime!

Pumpkin Pie just eating it up...

We had such a great time!   My grandparents used to throw the BEST Halloween parties back in the day and everyone in our family was just so happy to be back in this space again, dressing up and eating tons of food and dancing to "Thriller."  
It was nice to bring the Farm back to life. 
Next year, you're all invited! ;)

Halloween is one of those perfect nostalgic holidays for me that really transforms me back into my childhood.  It was so great to celebrate!  

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and I hope you all have a nice week and a fantastic Halloween!


  1. hi Farrah, nice to meet you :-). Your costume looks GREAT!!! So original in the black & white tones! You all look super great actually, and the headless horseman costume is hilarious! Thank you for sharing your photos here of the happy and fun party, it was a pleasure to see and read :-). xx

    1. Thank you, Night Owl :) Yeah, the Headless Horseman costume was a hit for sure ;) xo

  2. You Halloween party looks like fun. You look awesome - love your costume. Glad you showed yourself. You sister and Mom are beautiful too. Looks like everyone had a good time. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much, Phyllis! Yes, it was a really nice time and I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. :) xo

  3. Hi Farrah. It is so nice to see you!
    What incredible costumes both you and your husband are wearing. I love them both. So creative!
    This was a really cool post. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much, Isabelle! Your comment is so sweet and I had a lot of fun with the grayscale makeup. I'm really glad you liked the post :)