Thursday, December 16, 2021

Holiday Visions Winter Fantasy Barbie 2003 - Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

 Hi everyone!  

Well, there's only 9 more days until Christmas and we have about 12 Barbies to go so I think I am catching up! 
Today's post features the gorgeous Holiday Visions Winter Fantasy Barbie (aka Holiday Barbie 2003). 
She is unique and stunning and reminds me of a Winter Woods Frost Princess.  So pretty! 

Here's a look at the box design as well as the stunning AA doll with the Goddess face mold. 
I think this is my favorite box design out of the entire Holiday line! The back has clear blue plastic, so if you put lights behind her it creates a beautiful scene. 
Here's a stunning promo image I found online that I wanted to share.  I love the backdrop and how beautiful this whole winter scene looks! 

Here she is out of the box.  I love her long velvet coat that's lined with faux fur, her silver belt, stunning silver dress and beautiful updo! 

One of my Youtube viewers pointed out that this belt can possibly be removed and worn as a bracelet. 

You don't see belts like this anymore in the Barbie fashions, lol. 

She has her hair in a 90s prom inspired updo with a braid woven into the curls.  She also has long curls that hang down the side. 

She is another one with the Mackie face mold.  Again, it's amazing how diverse this mold is when you change the eye shape and makeup! 

Overall, I think she's another stunning and creative addition to the Holiday Barbie line.  Apparently she was the 1st in this Holiday Visions line, but they never made a 2nd one.  I absolutely love her velvety soft jacket and sparkly white dress. 

Another beauty!  They just keep getting better and better. :) 
Still no snow here in NY!

xoxo Farrah 


  1. She's so elegant, such a contrast to recent dolls with no makeup, no accessories and non-groomed eyebrows. In my browsing for older dolls with fancy clothes I'm pretty sure I came across the words "winter fantasy". It was a doll from 2005 or 2006 in blue velvet with silver. There are also Victorian holiday. I don't know if all these dolls count as official holiday dolls, but they are beautiful winter dolls.

  2. Thanks for the info! I love how they used to do "winter themes" back then. I'm sure I'll be collecting a lot more dolls in this era in the years to come!