Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Completed Anna and Elsa Snowflake Blankets! (Red Heart Dusty Snowflake Throw)

So way back (years ago, lol) I wrote a post telling you guys that I had embarked on a crochet mission to complete two "throws" for my daughters.
Well, I actually finished them LAST fall, but never got around to posting the photos of them so here they are!

I had a lot of fun doing these blankets and they traveled with me on car rides, vacation, the couch, on the beach and I also worked on them during work when I was on hold or in between stressful tasks (I work from home)!   Even though these blankets took me AGES to complete, I was a tiny bit sad to see such a long and relaxing project come to an end.

But I was also really happy to have finally finished them!

Sometimes the fun is in the "making" of things and not the actual finished result. :)

I didn't really know about "blocking" at the time (in order to get more even motiffs) so some of the snowflakes came out a little wonky, but overall, not too bad for a beginner!

I spent so many sunny mornings on the porch with my coffee making these little snowflakes. 

This one was for Pumpkin Pie. 
The Elsa fan. 

This one was for Little Button. 
The Anna fan. 

If anyone is interested in trying this project, I used this snowflake pattern and chose variegated blue/green, white and purple/blue Red Heart acrylic yarn from Walmart.

Some of the strands are unraveling a little and it's not holding up quite as well as I thought it would, but I love seeing them being used to keep warm or build a fort.

Little Button likes to poke her toes through the holes. :)

I hope you guys enjoyed my crafty post even though it didn't involve any dolls.  I had considered trying to make a doll sized mini blanket in this style, but never got around to it.  It would've been cute, though!

As of now, I'm finishing up a cross-stitch project and then will probably start on a new crochet blanket.  I really want to try to make a granny square one for the couch sort of like Amy Farrah Flower's blanket on the Big Bang Theory!

I know a lot of you guys sew, but was curious if any of you crochet as well??  It is so relaxing.
I hope you all have a good week and as always, thanks for reading and see you next time!

xoxo Farrah  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Journey Girls Kelsey 2017 Australia Doll

Oh gosh, I've really neglected this blog lately!  
Trying to do better and I miss reading all of your doll news and updates.  
Life has been even busier again now that school has started (both girls are in school, but blah blah blah, you know my "I'm so busy" schbeel already, so lets just move on to the doll, lol.

In today's review, I wanted to share a new doll that I recently bought from the Journey Girl's line at Toys'R'Us

So far, I only have one JG doll in my collection and that's Meredith, which I did a review here a while back.  I've always loved the Journey Girl line, but they sort of fell off my radar a little for a while until I happened to see the new Australia line that was just recently released.

For those that prefer a video review, here's the one I did for my You Tube channel, but otherwise see below: 

When I saw that they released a Kelsey doll with freckles and lighter red hair, I knew I had to get her. Her box is very pretty and colorfully designed to illustrate an Australian theme.
(Can't go wrong with kangaroos hopping through the Outback.)

The side of her box has clear plastic so you can see more of her outfit. 

The back of her box shows the other dolls that were released in this line.  I also picked up Callie and Ilee because something wild came over me and I wanted to get all three.

Chavonne is the other doll I would like to get, but first I have to wait until my doll budget is open again. :)

I love Australia and I love kangaroos! 

Out of the box, I was really impressed by Kelsey's gorgeous face.  I don't think this is the original Kelsey mold, but I'm not 100% sure as this is my first Kelsey.  She has a very soft and peaceful expression and I love her light freckle pattern.  Her hair color, eye color and skin tone combination is strikingly pretty. (I wish I looked like that!)

Her outfit is modern, colorful and trendy and I love the gray and pink color combo.  The gray fringy shawl velcros up at each shoulder and stays on very well. 
The pants are made of a thicker fabric than traditional stretchy leggings and are very nice quality. 

The back of the shawl is shorter as you can see. 

Underneath Kelsey's sweater is a simple gray and white stripped top that velcros in the back. 

Her UGG style boots are adorable!  Each have two pink bows and velcro in the back.  They are very easy to get on and off and my 5 year old could do it easily.

A treat for the feet. 

The hair accessory she comes with is a purple bobby pin with a crocheted coral colored flower. 

Her other accessory is this little fuchsia handbag made from a fake leather and canvas material. 

It opens! 
Perfect place to put that bobby pin. ;)

Here are all the pieces laid out together. 

So cute. 

Here's a closer look at her face.  Her eyes are a gorgeous grayish, green and are fixed in the open position. She has feathery brows, rooted eyelashes, and painted lashes.  Her freckles are light and asymmetrical.  She has a faint rosiness to her cheeks and her lips are well painted in a matte reddish-brown. (Perfect for fall.)

Here's her hair right out of the box after taking the rubber bands out.  It's thick and rooted. 
This photo doesn't really do justice to how beautiful and soft it is! 

Here is is after brushing it. It was hard to capture because it was so smooth and shiny! 

Here's 2 of our other redheads to show a color comparison.  Kelsey's on the left, Our Generation Noa on the middle and Our Generation Kendra on the right.

We love redheads in this house! 

Here's Kelsey next to my Meredith doll and I THINK they have very similar faces (if not the same mold), but Kelsey's vinyl is a bit lighter lighter. Meredith seems to have slightly larger eyes, but they essentially look the same to me.
I think this mold and Chavonne's mold are my favorites in the JG line.

One thing I love about JG bodies is that the vinyl extends down lower leaving the chest to match the neck, which is nice if you want to dress them in summer dresses or shirts with a lower neckline.  In other words, dolls that have a completely cloth torso like American Girl can sometimes be distracting due to the "frankenstein" effect between the head and neck (or a dramatic thyroidectomy scar.)

Overall, I'm really excited and happy to add this doll to our 18 inch doll collection.  The girls love her and I love her and I definitely thing she's worth the $39.99 price point.  If you can grab her when they have a sale, even better!

Tonight we also opened Callie and Ilee who are just as cute.

Both of these girls were reviewd on JG Kelsey's blog, so if you're interested, check them out!  Her photos are so gorgeous. She is very knowledgeable abou this line of dolls.
Callie's review is here.  Ilee's review is here.

I'm so happy to be posting another doll review as it's been ages.  Thanks for sticking with me even though I haven't been posting as much.  I have so much I want to share with you all and hopefully I can find the time to blog.  I love it so much when I can!

Anyway, I hope this week finds you all well and of course, I am curious to know if you guys have gotten any goodies lately?  I need to catch up on my blog reading!
I know some of you collect a few Journey Girls...did any of you get any of these new ones?

As always, thanks for reading and see you next time. :)


Thursday, August 10, 2017

July Doll Hunting and Thrifting

Hey everyone!
This past month, I filmed a little bit of our doll hunting and thrift store jumping and wanted to share with you all what we came across. I managed to snag a few new things, but overall I've cut back quite a bit on my spending which is a huge plus!
I feel so much more relaxed now for some reason and don't feel the need to rush out and buy EVERYTHING that is new or coming out like I used to.  It's probably because I have way too much stuff already and I don't like that hoarder feeling!

Speaking of new things...those new AG custom dolls!!  I will always prefer the Historical/Beforever line for nostalgic reasons, but I really want to check out this feature.
Unfortunately, each time I try to go on the website, I get the "error" page that says the site is temporarily unavailable.  It's 10:30pm right now and I can't even get on!
(Maybe there' a lot of West Coast peeps shopping..hmmm.)

Anyway, once the dust settles I'm sure I'll be able to get on.  I've always wanted a red-head Jess or Josefina mold!
I'm still on the fence about Nanea.  I think there are other dolls I'd rather get first (Rebecca, Gabriella, Mary Ellen, etc).  Although, I just saw the most beautiful custom of her here, which really makes me want her!

I've also made some progress on my doll room, which I did a quick video to show you guys.

This week I'm in the process of opening up my Ever After High boxed dolls.  I think there was around 40 of them (ahhhh!) and with the exception of a few of the signature 1st releases that I have doubles of and two random ones that seem to be rare and worth a lot of money (Fairest on Ice Ashylnn Ella and Spring Unsprung Kitty), I'm opening them all!
More to come on that soon.

I also have an AG haul that I wanted to also share with you in an upcoming post as I feel like my 18 in collection isn't getting enough playtime on my blog lately. ;)

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying your week so far.
xoxo Farrah

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Disney Haul, Tonner Cinderella and Disney Lego Castle

Hi everyone!
In today's post, I wanted to share with you some fun thrifty finds as well as my recent Disney haul from their "Twice Upon A Year" sale. I only make it to the thrift shop about once every month or two, so it was very exciting to find so many fun things in one trip!

Pictured above are close-ups of the 5 Disney Store Classic dolls that were there.  I can imagine that some little girl probably donated all of these together.
The first two are Anastasia and Drizella, aka The Ugly Stepsisters from Cinderella (both nude, unfortunately) and a clothed Lady Tremaine.  They need some makeovers but they look pretty good!  I also came across a Vanessa doll from The Little Mermaid which was quite a fun find as she appears to be pretty rare.  We also got a Merida doll from the movie Brave.

The entire loot. 

Pictured above are also 2 vintage Christmas vinyl albums (I looove listening to Christmas music on my record player during the holidays), 3 Care Bears DVDs (2 are from the 80s and one from early 2000s), a Lite Brite from the 90s (we have one from the 80s as well, which the girls always fight over, so now they each have their own), and then the 5 Disney Store Classic dolls, one basic Raven Ever After High doll, Making Waves Hayden-Liv nude doll and a Project MC2 basic Cameron doll.  The only one missing from our haul is the Genie doll from Aladdin. 

From the Twice Upon a Year Sale, I picked up a classic Cinderella doll to add to my small boxed princess collection.

I already had the 2015 version, but I felt like this one was different enough to get as well. 

Here are a few more of my Disney Store Cinderella dolls. The one on the left is a singing doll that also came with the pink dress and dress stand.

Just for fun, I set up my little Cinderella themed Tsum Tsums and figures. :) 

Here's another photo to show my up-to-date Cinderella collection which includes a Limited Edition Cinderella and Lady Tremaine doll set as well as my Disney Enesco Wedding Day Cinderella figurine.

Here's another group shot to show that I also got Classic Mulan (our first Mulan doll) and the Live Action Gaston and Belle 2 pack.  I originally wasn't going to get this 2 pack, but it was marked down to almost 50% off, so I decided to grab them. :)

Their outfits are so nice!!

And lastly, here's my FAVORITE purchase of the entire year so far...a Tonner Cinderella that I won on eBay! I know she's not really "Disney", but she goes with the theme of the post, so I wanted to include her. I had been hoping for this doll for a few years now ever since I saw Emily's post here about her.  She is so beautiful!  

Here's a video Little Button and I made showing our haul. :) 

Speaking of Tonner Cinderella...I did a quick fix on the other Tonner Cinderella doll I have which is essentially the same doll, but with strawberry blonde hair.

A few months ago, Pumpkin Pie had gotten her hands on her while I wasn't watching and started brushing her hair and accidentally pulled out a clump of hair from the original hair style.  I hastily put her back in her box high up on a shelf and figured I'd wait until another time to fix her. 

"Whoopsie, Mommy!"

Some of the shorter hair around her ear had loosened from the original style as well.

Luckily, it was an easy fix!  The hairstyle was pretty basic in the back, so I knew I just needed to thread the hair back through and under the threads holding the style together. 

I took a sewing needle and threaded each hair back through the twisted style in the back.

Now that the top was looking smooth, I moved on to the side pieces, and I found that simply using gel and patting the hair back into place worked pretty well. 

Not perfect, but much better!

Now I don't have to be mad at Pumpkin Pie every time I look at this doll, haha!  (Just kidding!) :)

Lastly, I just wanted to share an update on my Disney Lego Castle that I got for Christmas. 
I am SLOWLY working on this at night, while I'm watching TV.  (Usually it's episodes of Dr. Quinn or Dr. Who, but occasionally Outlander and now Game of Thrones!).  My castle building progress has been on a bit of a stand-still for a few months now as I'm doing a 90 day fitness challenge (it's online, so I do it at home).  I really love how much healthier and active I feel (I'm on day 75!) and I really love it, but it takes up a lot of my spare time in the evening.

Despite the slow progress, I'm really savoring this build.  I love seeing each little room come together and doing this while watching TV at night is so relaxing. 

Yes, I still have a fake Christmas tree up with white lights, lol. I love the ambience. ;)

So there's my updates for now!  Sorry if this post was a little lengthy...I guess I had a lot to talk about. :)

As for my doll room, I have an update coming shortly as well as some fun toy hunting I've done with the girls.  In my current personal project called "Stop Being a Doll Hoarder" I have made a resolution to open all of my boxed dolls by the end of August (there are A LOT) and right now I'm working my way through Ever After High.  If you watched my previous "Messy Doll Room" video, you'll know I have a closet full of them!  Yesterday we opened the Birthday Ball line and tonight I opened all of my boxed Apple Whites. So fun!

Hope you all have a great rest of your week and are finding joy in your doll hobbies.
Until next time!

xoxo Farrah