Thursday, August 10, 2017

July Doll Hunting and Thrifting

Hey everyone!
This past month, I filmed a little bit of our doll hunting and thrift store jumping and wanted to share with you all what we came across. I managed to snag a few new things, but overall I've cut back quite a bit on my spending which is a huge plus!
I feel so much more relaxed now for some reason and don't feel the need to rush out and buy EVERYTHING that is new or coming out like I used to.  It's probably because I have way too much stuff already and I don't like that hoarder feeling!

Speaking of new things...those new AG custom dolls!!  I will always prefer the Historical/Beforever line for nostalgic reasons, but I really want to check out this feature.
Unfortunately, each time I try to go on the website, I get the "error" page that says the site is temporarily unavailable.  It's 10:30pm right now and I can't even get on!
(Maybe there' a lot of West Coast peeps shopping..hmmm.)

Anyway, once the dust settles I'm sure I'll be able to get on.  I've always wanted a red-head Jess or Josefina mold!
I'm still on the fence about Nanea.  I think there are other dolls I'd rather get first (Rebecca, Gabriella, Mary Ellen, etc).  Although, I just saw the most beautiful custom of her here, which really makes me want her!

I've also made some progress on my doll room, which I did a quick video to show you guys.

This week I'm in the process of opening up my Ever After High boxed dolls.  I think there was around 40 of them (ahhhh!) and with the exception of a few of the signature 1st releases that I have doubles of and two random ones that seem to be rare and worth a lot of money (Fairest on Ice Ashylnn Ella and Spring Unsprung Kitty), I'm opening them all!
More to come on that soon.

I also have an AG haul that I wanted to also share with you in an upcoming post as I feel like my 18 in collection isn't getting enough playtime on my blog lately. ;)

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying your week so far.
xoxo Farrah

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Disney Haul, Tonner Cinderella and Disney Lego Castle

Hi everyone!
In today's post, I wanted to share with you some fun thrifty finds as well as my recent Disney haul from their "Twice Upon A Year" sale. I only make it to the thrift shop about once every month or two, so it was very exciting to find so many fun things in one trip!

Pictured above are close-ups of the 5 Disney Store Classic dolls that were there.  I can imagine that some little girl probably donated all of these together.
The first two are Anastasia and Drizella, aka The Ugly Stepsisters from Cinderella (both nude, unfortunately) and a clothed Lady Tremaine.  They need some makeovers but they look pretty good!  I also came across a Vanessa doll from The Little Mermaid which was quite a fun find as she appears to be pretty rare.  We also got a Merida doll from the movie Brave.

The entire loot. 

Pictured above are also 2 vintage Christmas vinyl albums (I looove listening to Christmas music on my record player during the holidays), 3 Care Bears DVDs (2 are from the 80s and one from early 2000s), a Lite Brite from the 90s (we have one from the 80s as well, which the girls always fight over, so now they each have their own), and then the 5 Disney Store Classic dolls, one basic Raven Ever After High doll, Making Waves Hayden-Liv nude doll and a Project MC2 basic Cameron doll.  The only one missing from our haul is the Genie doll from Aladdin. 

From the Twice Upon a Year Sale, I picked up a classic Cinderella doll to add to my small boxed princess collection.

I already had the 2015 version, but I felt like this one was different enough to get as well. 

Here are a few more of my Disney Store Cinderella dolls. The one on the left is a singing doll that also came with the pink dress and dress stand.

Just for fun, I set up my little Cinderella themed Tsum Tsums and figures. :) 

Here's another photo to show my up-to-date Cinderella collection which includes a Limited Edition Cinderella and Lady Tremaine doll set as well as my Disney Enesco Wedding Day Cinderella figurine.

Here's another group shot to show that I also got Classic Mulan (our first Mulan doll) and the Live Action Gaston and Belle 2 pack.  I originally wasn't going to get this 2 pack, but it was marked down to almost 50% off, so I decided to grab them. :)

Their outfits are so nice!!

And lastly, here's my FAVORITE purchase of the entire year so far...a Tonner Cinderella that I won on eBay! I know she's not really "Disney", but she goes with the theme of the post, so I wanted to include her. I had been hoping for this doll for a few years now ever since I saw Emily's post here about her.  She is so beautiful!  

Here's a video Little Button and I made showing our haul. :) 

Speaking of Tonner Cinderella...I did a quick fix on the other Tonner Cinderella doll I have which is essentially the same doll, but with strawberry blonde hair.

A few months ago, Pumpkin Pie had gotten her hands on her while I wasn't watching and started brushing her hair and accidentally pulled out a clump of hair from the original hair style.  I hastily put her back in her box high up on a shelf and figured I'd wait until another time to fix her. 

"Whoopsie, Mommy!"

Some of the shorter hair around her ear had loosened from the original style as well.

Luckily, it was an easy fix!  The hairstyle was pretty basic in the back, so I knew I just needed to thread the hair back through and under the threads holding the style together. 

I took a sewing needle and threaded each hair back through the twisted style in the back.

Now that the top was looking smooth, I moved on to the side pieces, and I found that simply using gel and patting the hair back into place worked pretty well. 

Not perfect, but much better!

Now I don't have to be mad at Pumpkin Pie every time I look at this doll, haha!  (Just kidding!) :)

Lastly, I just wanted to share an update on my Disney Lego Castle that I got for Christmas. 
I am SLOWLY working on this at night, while I'm watching TV.  (Usually it's episodes of Dr. Quinn or Dr. Who, but occasionally Outlander and now Game of Thrones!).  My castle building progress has been on a bit of a stand-still for a few months now as I'm doing a 90 day fitness challenge (it's online, so I do it at home).  I really love how much healthier and active I feel (I'm on day 75!) and I really love it, but it takes up a lot of my spare time in the evening.

Despite the slow progress, I'm really savoring this build.  I love seeing each little room come together and doing this while watching TV at night is so relaxing. 

Yes, I still have a fake Christmas tree up with white lights, lol. I love the ambience. ;)

So there's my updates for now!  Sorry if this post was a little lengthy...I guess I had a lot to talk about. :)

As for my doll room, I have an update coming shortly as well as some fun toy hunting I've done with the girls.  In my current personal project called "Stop Being a Doll Hoarder" I have made a resolution to open all of my boxed dolls by the end of August (there are A LOT) and right now I'm working my way through Ever After High.  If you watched my previous "Messy Doll Room" video, you'll know I have a closet full of them!  Yesterday we opened the Birthday Ball line and tonight I opened all of my boxed Apple Whites. So fun!

Hope you all have a great rest of your week and are finding joy in your doll hobbies.
Until next time!

xoxo Farrah

Thursday, July 6, 2017

June Birthdays and Collection Updates

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July if you celebrate and are enjoying this summer season so far. :)

I haven't done a "personal post" in so long it seems.  I used to really enjoy writing them, but of course, life is moving at a faster pace now that the girls are getting older and our days are filled to the brim with all sorts of activity!  Life's crazy busy, but everything is great, so no complaints, ha!

This month both of the girls had birthdays.  Pumpkin Pie turned 8 and Little Button turned 5 and it felt like Christmas all over again, hehe, but at least I have another 6 months to save for the next round, lol.

Pumpkin Pie age 8

Little Button age 5

They are such good girls and so much fun at this age!!

Summer is definitely in full swing and this month we've been very busy it seems! They days are flying by.
Pumpkin Pie finished up 2nd grade and Little button is all done with Pre-K!
When I started this blog, the girls were only 5 and 2 and I can't believe how the time has flown.

Last day of school :) 

I'm coming up on my 3rd "blogiversary" this month and it's been so much fun getting to know you all. Some of you have been with me since that first year!  I feel like blogging, in general, has slowed down a bit since I started, especially in terms of the amount of people that read or follow blogs (Instagram seems to be taking over), but I still really love this space and hope to continue for a while.

In these 3 years, my most popular post was one I did very early on and it was a review for the Sparkle Girlz.  It is BY FAR, my most viewed post and I never in a million years would've expected that one to be it!

Sparkle Girlz Dolls

As for my collecting, I am happy to report that I have slowed down with the volume of dolls I have been bringing in. Now that I am motivated to clean up and de-clutter my doll room, I've come across some dolls/toys that I finally feel ready to part with.  I'm realizing that there is definitely an "emotional component" to doll collecting and the buying part triggers a feeling in me that is really satisfying, but sometimes, once the doll is around for a while, I don't really care about it anymore, but I still don't want to get rid of it yet.
Sometimes the thrill is more in the buying than it is of the having.  I had been getting attached to these dolls, but not really doing anything with them so I need to learn to let go!

I'm making an effort now to "thin" the herd (for real this time!) and to focus and decide on the types of dolls I want to collect.  I love a lot of different things, but having a focus will be really helpful for me

I still really love American Girl, Disney and Barbie/Liv.
Since AG stuff is so pricey, I just get a little at a time and it's really enjoyable when I do make an American Girl purchase as it's not very often. :)

American Girl Truly Me #59 (Greta)

I don't collect a TON of Disney stuff, but what I do have, I love.  Every once in a while I will add something new like a Classic Doll, mug, piece of art, etc.  I love the Limited Edition dolls, but I can pretty much only pick 1 or 2  per year as they are pricey as well.  I've also started collecting the Enesco Couture Figures, which are gorgeous.  

Disney Vinyl Tsum Tsums

Ever After High is pretty much over for me and I have all that I want in terms of that line.  I have many still in box, so I need to go through those and donate/sell what I really don't need.

Monster High is also fading out as far as the new stuff.  Every once in a while, they seem to come out with a nice articulated doll, but their focus now seems to be geared towards a younger population and those unarticulated, minimally dressed dolls don't interest me..  Every once in a while, I'll buy an older one from eBay, though as I still love them and there are a few of the reboots and older ones that I still would like to collect.

Monster High Isi Dawndancer 

Barbie is still going strong for me because I love their Fashionista line and they are beautiful and affordable! I can't wait to start seeing the new dolls in store so I can start getting them. They are my treat after grocery shopping! ;)

Barbie Fashionista Terrific Teal (Erin) 

Even though some doll lines are coming to an end for me, there is still so much to enjoy and collect. :) 

Overall, the doll room is coming along and I'll do an update soon! It's amazing how much a coat of paint can help brighten up a space.

How about you guys?  How long have you been blogging?
Was there something you used to collect that you lost interest in and moved on from?
If you are a Barbie collector, do you have any predictions on which Fashionistas are going to be harder to find this season?
Is there anything from the new American Girl release that you are going to get?

Well, it's been nice catching up.  I skipped my exercise workout to finish this blog post, whoops. so I better be off to bed (and I better skip the snack, lol.)
See you next time!

xoxo Farrah

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Queen Hippolyta: Barbie Black Label Wonder Woman Series

It's not often you get a lot of "Mom dolls" out there, aka, dolls that are the mother of an important character.  It's certainly not often you get a "Queen Warrier Mom" doll, either so when I found out Mattel was releasing Wonder Woman's mama, Queen Hippolyta, I knew I had to have her! 

Bought on Amazon for $43.70

Before I get started on her review, I wanted to post a few photos I took of my other favorite Wonder Woman doll, Diana Princess & Hidden Sword Doll.  
She's such a beauty! 

I ended up doing a video review of her on my YouTube when she first came out if you are interested in checking her out! 


Anyway, on to the Queen!! :) 

I haven't been able to see the movie yet, but I've heard it was excellent.  As someone who is a huge Wonder Woman fan, and as someone who is extremely easy to please, I'm sure I will love it!  I'm really excited to see the backstory of Wonder Woman and where she came from.

For those that prefer a video review, please click here!  If you prefer blog style, then keep reading. :)

As you can see from the box, the detail is fairly simplistic and honors WW's signature colors of blue, red and gold.

The back of the box shows a photo of the beautiful Danish actress who portrays Queen Hippolyta, Connie Nielson.  She is most famously recognized to me as the character, Lucilla from the movie, Gladiator.

The side of the box features the same photo of Queen Hippolyta as well as the Wonder Woman logo. 
The opposide side of the box is just the clear plastic that extends over from the front. 

Here she is in all her glory.
She stands at 12 inches in height and her accessories include a plastic stand, sword, cape and shield.
Out of the box, I think she is GORGEOUS and they did a really nice job of capturing the likeness of Connie.

Still shot of Connie Nielson as Queen Hippolyta from Wonder Woman. 
Photo credit:  IMDB

The stand is a "thigh gripper" style which is nice as it's very well hidden underneath the doll's garments.

Because she is a Black Label collector doll, she comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Her tarnished, golden shield has a beautiful design comprised of birds flying around the sun with geometric shapes and feels to me to have a Grecian/Roman influence.
Although I didn't take a photo, the shield is held onto her forearm with 2 elastic bands and is very easy to put on or take off.

Her sword is decorated with the tiniest symbols in some sort of ancient language significant to the Amazon race that Wonder Woman comes from.

If you click on the photo, you can see even more detail.  I am so impressed!

Along each forearm, she has gold and copper colored armor. You can also see she has double jointed elbows and wrist articulation. :)

Each hand has painted on hand wraps.  One hand is in a fist, and the other is open to hold her sword.

Her thigh-high boots also share the gold/copper color scheme and still allow articulation of the knees.  The paint has a nice sheen to it.

The armor suit itself is nicely detailed and sculpted to mold her body.  I'm not sure if there is an easy way to remove this as I did not see any open seams in the back, so you may have to "have at it" with an X-acto knife, but I was really impressed with the level of detail on her body suit.

The suit armor extends downward in front of her body and is hard unflexible plastic.  This limits her movement slightly.  Her "battle skirt" consists of a wrap around faux snakeskin fabric with a large front panel allowing easy leg movement.
Battle fashion never looked so good. 

Another stunning feature of this doll is her long and elegant sleeveless cape that is made out of a very soft, tan fabric.  It's nicely made and has a faux fur trim collar that blends in with her hair color.  I think this was a great design choice as it makes the overall back of the doll appear more seamless.

With the cape removed, you can see more detail of her body armor. The design of this character's costume is very nice and Mattel did an excellent job of translating that to the design of the doll (in my opinion)!

Each shoulder has a removable piece of gold and copper armor. 

She also wears a fitted crown/tiara that is attached to her hair with two gold threads. 

I love the detail they put into the texture and design of this crown. 

Her hair is an ashy blonde color (although it looks very golden in this lighting) and reminds me of the hair color they used in some of my old 80s Barbies.  She has two tiny braids extending from both sides.
It's not the best looking hair out of the box, but I think with a boil wash and some styling, it will look nice.

Hippolyta has a beautiful face and the sculpt was designed specifically for this doll.  She has slightly side-glancing blue eyes with a light blue highlight, dark straight brows, light blush and dusty rose glossy lips. She has really defined and pretty cheekbones and nice definition in the chin.

I'm not too crazy about her hair "bump" so I think that has to go eventually.  :)

Her profile shows a beautiful straight nose and you can see more of the cheekbone and chin definition.  I love her little ear! 

"Hi, Mom"
Hidden Sword Wonder Woman with Queen Hippolyta

Overall, this doll is a stunner and one of my favorite Barbie Collector dolls I've gotten to date (to be fair, I don't have many).  She embodies my love of superheros, Wonder Woman, girl power and mommy power all in one doll and I am thrilled to have her in my ever growing WW collection.
I'm excited to eventually get Antiope as well and I'm almost tempted to get a 2nd Hippolyta to customize because I love her face so much. :)

Have you guys seen the new Wonder Woman movie yet?  I know it's not for everyone, but if you did see it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Are you planning to collect any of the Wonder Woman dolls? I know Emily from the Toybox Philosopher just did a review of the Wonder Woman dolls so I'm excited to check out her post!

Until next time, I'll be catching up on all of your blogs and can't wait to hear about the new dolly treats you've gotten as well.
See you next time!

xoxo Farrah

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