Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Redhead Ken (Fashionista #139)

Hi everyone!

Just checking in to say hi. It's been a few weeks since I posted and I've been distracted by my regular photography hobby so doll have taken the back burner ONCE AGAIN.'s ok though!

Today I wanted to do this random review to share one of my newer doll additions.
This redheaded Ken is one of my new favorites.  He's been around for a few months, so nothing new, but I think he is one of the first ginger-beautiful Kens we've seen!
I found mine at Walmart for $7.94 and had originally been on the fence about getting him, but after seeing him in person, I decided he was cute and I wanted him to join the herd. :)

He has the typical Ken fashionista 5 point articulation. 

I'm just going to say it, I think this shirt is hideous, but more on that later.
His red hair is molded to the normal blonde Ken pattern, with a swoop to the side and sideburns. 

He comes with this bright cool toned-yellow shirt with lots of weird random designs (not a good look for his coloring), distressed jean shorts and white slide on shoes (like Vans).

I'm sure most of you have heard about the new BMR1959 Kens and Barbies that came out recently.  More on them later, but I knew I wanted to body swap my redhead Ken with the new MTM Ken bodies and luckily he's a perfect match to the light skinned man-bun one!

He has the current Ken face mold, but with lighter skin, darker lips and grayish eyes. 

Just as cute. 

Overall, he is one of my favorite new Kens from the recent Fashionista line.  
I've been very selective about my Ken dolls because their lack of articulation is a big turn off for me.  
Now that we are getting some Made to Move bodies though, I can see my Ken collection hopefully growing!
They have so many more face molds and skin tones than ever before and I'm looking forward to seeing more.  
They need more redheads as well as Asian Kens, though in my opinion!  

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well out there.  
When I first started this post, the Coronavirus was still only over in China.  
Now it's everywhere and I know anxieties are high. 
I'm happy that the dolli-verse is here for us to serve as a nice distraction from all the craziness going on this world today. 

Take care everyone!
xoxo Farrah

Monday, February 17, 2020

Little Mini Kendra (Lori Dolls)

I'm finally getting around to sorting through the MANY doll photos I have taken over the years, and there are a lot that I never got around to sharing here on the blog. 

I hope you don't mind seeing some older dolls here on the blog, as I enjoyed taking photos of them at the time and still wanted to share!

When the Lori dolls came out, we got really into them.
We have the Lori dollhouse (which is actually a huge hit with miniaturists in turns of customizing...check out @allieshouse on Instagram for a visual treat!)
Our Lori doll collection is probably around 10 or so mini dolls and each one is cuter than the next.

Kendra was the first one I bought and here are a few photos of her that I took outside by our creek a few summers ago. 

If you're still in the dead of winter like I am, it's a real treat to see all of this green, lol. 

She has the same cloth body torso as the mini American girls. 

She came with an identical outfit as her 18 inch version did. 

Her boots have some nice texture and molding. 

I have since taken the ponytails out and boiled washed her hair so it lays straight. 

Overall, she's an adorable little mini doll and she was really fun to photograph! 
I think our 18 inch Kendra will soon be finding a new home as I really need to downsize my 18 inch dolls due to space, but mini Kendra will be here to stay!

Do you guys collect any mini dolls (aka 6 inches or smaller)?
I really like them as they are easy to store and are adorable!
Lori dolls still seem to be in Target as well as their accessories, but I haven't bought anything new in a few years.  The next time I'm in Target, though, I'll pay more attention to see what is new!

As always, hanks for stopping by and see you in the next post.

xoxo Farrah

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Throwback: Ever After High Hat-Tastic Tea Party Set

Oh boy, this is going wayyy back to 2015 I believe!
The Ever After High Hat-Tastic Tea Party Set was the first doll playset I purchased as an adult collector.
The main reason I got it was because I really wanted the Madeline Hatter doll that it came with as I had already collected the other dolls in the Hat-Tastic line.
Plus, I thought the whole set was really cute. :)

Heck, I took the photos and they've been sitting on my computer, so might as well add them to the my doll blog archive, lol.

Here's the whole gang.  So cute! 

Box photos above and below. 

                                                                  Glam shots. 

Here's a look at everything that came in the box. 

Woah, looks like Maddie's being crushed by the tree!  No fear, Cerise was out in the woods anyway and lent a helping hand. ;)


Here's some tea to help with that concussion. 

This set came with some really adorable tea cups, teapots and pastries. 

 The molding and detail is really nice. 

Cute little cupcake stand. 

It came with one chair (for Maddie our host, of course.) 
We used this chair A LOT in a lot of different playtime scenes. 

This Maddie doll is very cute and keeps with her blue and purple color scheme.
The photo below is the signature Madeline and I think they look different enough to justify having both.  I especially like the lighter purple hair of the Hat-Tastic Madeline.

Signature Maddie

The other seating option is this cute little bench stacked up on some books. 

It also serves as a place to store the teacups and treats once you're done playing. (Genuis). 

One side table is made to look like there is a tree growing up through the middle.
I didn't take a photo from the top looking down, but the circle part of the table is sculpted into the face of a clock.

The main table is larger with a lot more room for the accessories. 

Each cup fits into a little peg in the saucer to help them stay put. 

It's just so cute! 

Now it's time for some tea! 

         Time for a riddle! 

                                             Garden Party Sloan wanted to join in as well! 

 I match the decor

Overall, this is a very cute set and I'm glad I got it.  My daughters really enjoyed playing with this over the years and I'm sure by now there are parts missing, but that's ok, the memories are worth it.
Once I get to my Ever After bin to sort out, I'll have to take it outside and do some real "tea party" photos with it.

Did any of you have this set or collect Ever After High?
They were one of my favorite dolls to collect when I first started back in 2015 so this doll line is very special to me.  I used to love collecting these dolls!

Thanks, as always for stopping by!
Xoxo Farrah