Saturday, April 6, 2019

Thrifty Makeovers! (Monster High and Ever After High)

Ok gang, today it's time for a doll makeover post!
Gosh.  I had this entire review typed up and ready to hit "Publish", but blogger froze and wouldn't let me do anything!  When I refreshed, it all disappeared.  Ahh!  
I'll try to do my best to write what I had, but at this point, I think the photos will pretty much just speak for themselves!

The girls and I finally got lucky at our local thrift store and came across a bag of donated Monster High and Ever After High dolls!  
Pictured from left is Sugar Coated Holly O'Hair (EAH), Picture Day Abbey (MH), Posea Reef (MH), Signature Jane Boolittle (MH), Ghoul's Alive Clawdeen (MH) and Signature Raven (EAH). 

It was really fun to clean everyone up and see how much life 2nd hand dolls still have left in them. 
All of the dolls above were only $1 each. 

First up is Ghoul's Alive Clawdeen.  She wasn't too bad, but she definitely needed some help in the hair department. 

Here she is all cleaned up and she's looking pretty good!
She has this gimmick where you press a button on her back and her eyes close and she looks like she is howling.  The gimmick no longer works, but she's still a cool doll. 

Next is Picture Day Abbey and she was pretty much complete in terms of outfit and accessories!  Whoever had these dolls before took pretty good care of them and beside the messy hair, they didn't look like they were played with too much.

This Abbey had VERY gluey hair though and I had to do 4-5 glue treatments on her to get the stickiness out of her hair!
Overall she came out pretty good, but she's actually a double for us, so she may find herself back at the thrift shop!  At least now she's clean and glue-free! :)

Raven Queen is also a double for us, but I couldn't pass her up.  She was also "complete" as far as her outfit goes, but her hair was also VERY gluey.  She took several glue treatments to finally have soft, manageable hair again. 

It was cool to find a signature Jane Boolittle doll and she also barely looked played with!  Luckily her hair was glue-free so she just needed a scrub with dish soap\/baking soda as well as a hair wash and condition.  I didn't even take her ponytail out as she was in great shape already!

If we're being honest, this Holly doll is actually one of our dolls from our own collection.  I included her in this review as she needed a makeover anyway.  She's Little Button's Holly doll so she has been played with quite a bit.  She was also an easy clean up and luckily we found her missing hand!
I'm not sure where I put her dress though, so she is borrowing a Dutchess "Fairest on Ice" dress for now.

Posea was the biggest and best transformation of them all.  The other dolls we found together at the thrift store, but this one Pumpkin Pie found at the bottom of a box of dirty toys at the flea market. 
She had the worst hair I've every come across in a MH doll!  I wasn't sure how she would turn out, but she cleaned up beautifully!  She was actually easier to clean that Abbey and Raven!  

It was really satisfying to clean her up. :) 

So here's one more before and after shot of our new thrifted dolls. 
I really hope I can buy more 2nd hand dolls in the future as they're so much cheaper and they're really fun to clean up! 

Whether or not they all stay in our doll collection, I love knowing that if they get redonated, they will be more appealing to a child (or adult collector, haha) now that they are fresh and clean and looking good again.

Do you guys like to shop 2nd hand for any of your dolls?  What's the best find you've had out there in "the wild"? 
I remember finding a Little Mermaid Vanessa doll for $0.75 at our shop once! :)

Hope you're all having a good weekend and see you in the next post! :)

xoxo Farrah

Friday, March 15, 2019

Tall Barbie Made to Move Basketball Player 2018

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to another review.  Today it's all about Barbie, and better yet, articulated Barbie. :)
Back in the fall, Mattel released their first Made To Move Tall Barbie doll.
She comes in 1 skin tone so far and there is only 1 version of her (this Basketball Player.)

Here is her bright and colorful packaging.  She's so tall they sort of squished her in there by having her do a slam dunk.

Retailed originally for $15.99 on Amazon (now she's $14.94). 

Out of the box, you can see she comes with her dark hair tied back in a low side ponytail and her expression is sort of "crazed.".   Can you imagine those eyes staring you down the court as you're dribbling the ball towards the basket?

Her face is otherwise cute, and as I type this review (months after I'd taken theses photos, lol) I've bought 3 other dolls as well.  The other ones seem to have better eyes and not such a surprised look on their faces.

Her b-ball outfit is very colorful and pretty.  I love the jersey and her matching shorts.  The clothing seems to be pretty good quality.

She wears hot pink high-tops and comes with her own basketball.  (Stand is not included.)

She can stand on her own. 

The back of her jersey has her # printed on either side of the Velcro, but it's not the neatest thing in the world because it doesn't really line up that well.  

Here are all 3 MTM body types within this tan skin tone range. 
On the left is the Curvy Dancer Barbie, MTM Tall B-Ball Player in the middle and Soccer Player on the right. 

Most of the height comes from her thighs and elongated waist so clothing fits about the same as the regular MTM body type. 

She has the same face mold and features as her soccer player friend.  There are definitely subtle differences such as B-Ball's thicker eyebrows and lack of bottom lashes.  Their eye color is also a little different, but they could definitely pass as sisters.
I'm curious about the significance of the #59 that both of them are wearing, though.
This face scupt has such pretty scupted cheekbones.

It's really clear how crazy-eyed this tall MTM Barbie is compared to the MTM soccer player!

Currently, I only have 3 tall fashionistas that would potentially be a match to this skin tone. 
Up first is Fashionista #67  Cactus Cutie (we call her Callie).  
She's one of those dolls who has a familiar face, like I feel like I know someone (or maybe I'm thinking of a celebrity) that she really looks like!

She's a pretty good match. 

Next up is Tall Fashionista #52 (Plaid on Plaid-we call her Claire) and she is a great match for this body type!  

She's really excited about getting a new body! 

This one is my favorite tall fashionista in this skin tone at the moment.  She is Fashionista #89 XOXO.  Her name is Amoli and I think she has the sweetest face!

Amoli is a bit darker, unfortunately, but I don't know if there will ever be a perfect match for her as she's sort of a unique skin tone.

Ehh,  I'll make it work. 

Just for fun, here's a comparison of the Mattel Wonder Woman body and tall MTM.  She's an ok match if you wanted to have a Wonder Woman doll who is bit taller thank your other dolls.  (She IS an Amazonian, you know :).)

Overall, I'm really happy they added a tall MTM Barbie in the line up and hopefully they will also come out with more of these in the other skin tones. :)

I know only a few of you that read my blog actually collect Barbie, so for those that do, will you be getting her?
If you don't collect Barbie, what are your thoughts on these articulated MTM dolls??

Even though I don't really have time for doll photography anymore, they are really fun to pose and photograph, lol!  It's so nice to have the height variety.
MTM bodies in general are pretty easy to find at the moment so I need to get all my modern Barbies out and see who needs a new body!

I hope you're all finding time for your collections and enjoying all of your dolls and miniatures. 

Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo Farrah

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas from the Big Girls :)

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to you all! 
I haven't had much doll time lately, but the girls and I managed to get out the American Girls and a Karito Kid and dress them up in some festive outfits.  We had a lot of fun fixing their hair and sprucing them all up as they unfortunately have been stored away in bins for a few months as we just don't have room yet to display them. 

Here's Araceli, (Karito Kid Pita) in AG Kaya's trading outfit, which I bought a few months ago during one of AG's monthly sales.
I would eventually like to get a newer longer hair wig for Araceli as well as repaint her lips, but she's such a cute doll either way!

Listed below are our American Girl dolls in the order that they came into our doll family. :)

Elizabeth in the AG "Soft as Snow" outfit. 

Quinn (my other 2nd hand Elizabeth doll) in AG Rebecca's Performace outft. 
(I still haven't customized her, lol.) 

Samantha in her Frilly Frock outfit.  
(I would love to get some of her Holiday outfits someday.) 

Caroline in her Traveling outfit.  
I think this dress is so cute and festive! 

Greta (Truly Me #59) in the AG Fair Isle outfit. 

Julie in her Holiday outfit. 
(She's one of my favorites!) 

Grace (Girl of the Year 2015) in her Opening Night outfit. 
(I still haven't customized her either, haha!) 

Lea (Girl of the Year 2016) in Julie's Winter Coat and Hat. 
(Pumpkin Pie designed this ensemble.) :) 

Addy in her Tartan Holiday outfit. 
(Such a pretty and festive dress!) 

Anouk (Truly Me #28) in another one of Rebecca's Performance outfits. 

And lastly here is Kateri (Truly Me #66) in Josefina's Feast Day outfit. 

My favorite AG clothing to collect are the Holiday outfits (and PJs, lol.)  I am so happy and grateful for how my collection has grown and I hope to continue to add these beautiful dolls and their pretty outfits to our little doll family.
The girls and I had a great time fixing everyone up and posing them around the tree. 

This year, Little Button asked for her very first American Girl doll (Truly me # 64) and although she's only 6, she is very good with dolls at this point!  Pumpkin Pie also asked for an American Girl doll (Tenney), which I was surprised about since her interest in dolls has faded a bit (she's 9).
As for me, I am hoping for Gabriela (Girl of the Year 2017).  I guess we will have to wait and see what Santa brings!  

I would love to know what is on your dolly wish list this Christmas??

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and many blessings to you all for a healthy, happy new year filled with lots of time to enjoy your doll hobbies. :)