Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Barbie Fashionistas! (#100 and #102)

Hi everyone!!! 
It's been a while, guys, I know.  I'm not going to elaborate why, you know the drill from the intro to almost every other post I've written.  #sobusy ;) 

So recently, I found these 2 lovely Barbie Fashionistas at my local Walmart.  I had known about #102 and had her on my Amazon wishlist, but I didn't know about #100!  I was excited to see them both and they appear to be from a set of 4 dolls that are being released with an extra outfit.
The blonde Barbie was also there, but I haven't come across the Asian one yet.

They each retailed for about $14.99 if I recall.

Barbie Fashionista #100 (Daisy Love) 

There was only 1 of each at the store, so I didn't get to "pick the best one" like I usually prefer, but luckily, they both looked pretty good.

Here she is with everything included.  I stripped her down so you could see that she has the basic 5 points of articulation that is standard with the Fashionistas and is of average height.  Luckily, the hips and shoulders extend out as well as back and forth.

 Barbie Fashionista #100 Daisy Love

Outfit #1
Black sunglasses, blue dress, yellow necklace and silver shoes. 

Her dress is a gorgeous shade of blue with a sheer skirt and pink skirt underneath. 
It's all one piece and velcros in the back. 

Her shoes are silver loafers and I love the detailed tassels and overall shape of these shoes. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of her orange purse, but you can see it in the 4th photo (nothing too special).

Outfit # 2. 

Outfit #2 is adorable!  I can't get over those scalloped edge shorts in such a lovely spring yellow color!  The crop top satin shirt is lovely as well what with the tiny little daisies and all.  The yellow flower necklace may be a bit much for this outfit, but it still works.

Both peices velcro in the back.  As you can see, the shorts are not hemmed, but the material feels fairly sturdy.

This doll has awesome hair.  I love the color and curls!
Also, I wanted to note that she did not have those plastic ties in her hair!  That was something I was really happy to see.

She has the Goddess facemold and I've seen a few other photos of this doll and some seem to have longer faces (which is typical of the Goddess mold I've noticed). I'm not sure if mine is different as it appears rounder, but I think she's really pretty regardless!
Her eyes are hazel and she has beautiful freckles!

Overall, she's a keeper and definitely one of my favorite new Fashionistas for 2018!
We've renamed her Zahra.

Here's a quick Made to Move skin tone comparison.  I would love to get her onto a Yellow Top as I think that's the best match, but Gabby is easier to find these days!
I have others in line waiting for Gabby's body so Zahra will have to wait a little bit before getting her new articulation.
Not to get off topic, but the lack of Made to Move bodies in alternate skin tones is ridiculous right now.  I could go on and on, but that deserves it's own post. Ha!

Next up is the lovely Fashionista #102 (Bon Voyage).  

I have had my eye on her for months on Amazon, so I was surprised to actually see her in the store.

Bon Voyage is a curvy gal and here is all that she comes with as well. 

She's very sophisticated and I love everything about her (except her lack of articulation, of course.)

The strip pattern in the back is interesting.  To me, it looks a little sloppy, but I know virtually nothing about fashion, so maybe this is good?

She has some cute molded details on her beach bag. If this had been a teeny tiny real wicker bag, I would've died.

As an alternative look, I pulled the skirt down a little (it doesn't close in the back in this position, though) to show off her curves.

She's cute. 

Outfit # 2 is a floral one piece romper.  
I found it interesting to note, both dolls were dressed in florals.  

The romper goes on like a real romper would as there is no velcro on this piece.  The back is tied up in a simple black ribbon.

She also comes with a gold bangle bracelet. 

Her shoes are awesome, but I'm not a fan of how the heels collapse under her weight. 

Looking good from the front. 

Here you can see how cute her gold sunnies are.  (And you can see me, too!) 

She has the Mbili (aka Grace) mold and it's definitely one of my favorite Barbie face molds.  This is the first time I've seen it on a lighter skinned doll.
Her make up is lovely and I'm loving her shiny golden hair styled in a high bun off to the side.

We've since renamed her "Amanda".  :)

Overall, I really love Amanda and I like both outfits.  I like that she came with 2 outfits as now I have more outfit choices for my curvy gals.

Here's a Made to Move comparison if you were interested giving her more articulation.  I tend to leave my Curvy Barbies on their own bodies because they're unique (and I was never able to get a Curvy MTM!) but I think she is the closest to AA Soccer Barbie. The newer redhead is also a pretty close match.

All in all, I am in love with both of these new dolls.  I think the quality of the doll and clothing is pretty good.  I'll always be disappointed by the lack of articulation when it comes to the Fashionista line, but I think the beautiful faces and hair make up for it.

What do you guys think?  I know some of you don't collect Barbie, but do you have a favorite out of the two?

It's good to be writing a blog post again!
I've been a little wrapped up in making videos for my YT channel, but I think I like doing blog stuff a little better.  Maybe I'll eventually ditch the videos and just come back here instead!  I have so many posts sitting in "draft form" and so many things to update you all on!

If interested, I did make a video of this one as well:

See you next time! What have you guys been collecting or excited about lately??

xoxo Farrah

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Saying Goodbye to Journey Girls? Chavonne, Ilee and Callie Australia 2017 Line

With the closing of Toys 'R' Us, I'm left wondering what will happen to the Journey Girls doll line.
I haven't heard any news either way so I'm asking you guys if you've heard anything?

As you know, the Journey Girls line is Toys 'R' Us's version of the 18 inch doll that is so popular today.  Their main competitors are Walmart's My Life dolls, Target's Our Generation Dolls and of course, American Girl dolls.

In total, I only own 5 JG dolls, but I really like them and am sad to think about the possibility that this may be it for the line.

Today, I wanted to share some photos of the 3 I had recently added to our collection, as well as link 2 reviews I've previously done in case any of you are on the fence and want to snatch one up from your local TRU before they are gone (maybe forever)??

All 3 of my newer dolls are from the 2017 Australia line and first up is Chavonne.

Even the box is pretty. 

I knew I wanted this beauty from the moment I saw her.  Although, I missed out on the earlier Chavonne with the short curly hair, I am still really happy that I managed to get one Chavonne doll before TRU closed their doors. 

Journey girls Chavonne - Australia 2017

Her skin tone and eyes are so beautiful.  I had to order my doll online, so I'm slightly disappointed that her eyes appear to be a little wonky, but I can live with it. ;) 

Chavonne comes with an adorable peach-shaped purse (that opens)!

On her feet, she's wearing strappy, navy blue sandals. 
I must admit, I like the JG slim feet better than the AG boxy feet! 

They are very easy to get on and off . 

Here's her hair taken down from the original ponytails.  I just combed it through with my fingers and it's very soft and shiny.
The print on her dress is so pretty!  It's very "vintage tropical" and this dress would look great on AG Nanea.

They back of her dress close with Velcro and again, I'm totally in love with this print! 

The details in her sweater are just amazing for something so small. 

Her hair is pulled back with this lovely "gold" leaf clip.

Overall, I'm so happy I was able to get a Chavonne doll from this line.  I think she is beautiful and unique and will forever remind me of Toys R' Us!

Next, I wanted to show you two other Journey Girls I got last fall.  I bought them at the same time that I bought Kelsey (which I already reviewed here.)

Here's a quick look at Callie.  (And I mean 'quick' as I guess I barely took any photos of her!)

I was interested in this Callie because she came with bangs, which I thought was really cute.

Her outfit is really nice as well.  It's a very earthy color scheme and seems like very cute "real life" outfit.

It's hard to see the details in her shirt as it's a bit washed out, but the sleeves are lacy.  

Here is what Callie comes with.  Not pictured is her yellow purse (which you can see in her box photo.  I think her outfit is so adorable.  The girls were fighting over those cute slouch boots. ;)

Lastly we have Ilee, who made her introduction originally as a Special Edition Holiday doll from 2016.  She also came with brunette hair as you can see here.

Ilee's outfit is very well made with lots of texture and detail. I really like the colors they chose for her and it really compliments her light hair and eyes.

She has a unique facemold from the other girls.  Her eyes seem larger as well as the width of her mouth and lips.  I think she would've looked really cute with freckles.  (Maybe I should give her some!)

Her dress has a lot of texture to it.  It's not just a flat fabric.  I'm so impressed with Journey Girls clothing.  I have honestly never bought any of their clothing packs, but the next time I go to TRU, if they still have any outfits, I want to grab some. (The last time I was there, the shelves were getting pretty bare, though.)   :(

A nice touch is this little fabric flower at the end of her braid.  It attaches to her hair with a little elastic band.

I'm happy to add another set of sandals to our shoe collection. :) 
You don't see orange sandals very often and these would look so cute on AG Julie, but I already know they would be too slim to fit. :(

This is what her hair looks like right out of the box.  It's hard to tell, but she has different tones of blonde in there giving her hair a beautiful shine.

The detail of this sweater shawl is gorgeous. 

 I took this one so you could see what the dress looks like.  I really love that JGs have a vinyl chest as I feel they look nicer in these types of outfits than a cloth bodied doll.

And lastly, here are more details her outfit.
I must've forgetten to take a photo of her purse as well, but you can see it in her box photo.

So to wrap things up, I'm going to miss the Journey Girls.  They are a beautiful group of characters and their personalities are left up to your imagination.  I have my 5 and these are probably the only ones I will own at this point.  I'm happy with it as I am running out of space anyway, ha!

Their clothing is lovely, they are very well made, and it was nice to have another quality, gorgeous, 18 inch doll line to collect..

Here's a group of my JGs and it's hard to chose a favorite!  Meredith was my first one and I've had her for a few years, so I'm a little partial to her, but they are each so unique and very pretty.

For those of you that collect 18 inch dolls, do you have any Journey Girls?
Are you sad to see them go?  Didn't Barnes and Noble have a doll line called Espari that had doll just like these?

Thank you again for visiting my part of the "dolliverse" and hope you have a fantastic week ahead.

xoxo Farrah