Thursday, January 19, 2017

Toy Story Mini Blind Bags

If any of you are Toy Story fans, you are in luck because they just came out with the cutest new blind bags EVER of these characters. :):):)

Last week, Little Button and I were doing our weekly grocery shopping at Walmart and we stumbled across these new Toy Story Mini bling bags in the toy section.  They looked too cute to resist and they had a full box, so we sifted and sorted until we found a bunch that had different codes on them.
They were listed at about $2.88 per bag.

When we got home, we opened them up (which I tried to film, but it wasn't recording, haha) so I went back and made a quick video of each one and what code was on the back in case any of you were interested in collecting them.

The stand about an inch and a half tall and have either zero to 2 points of articulation.  For example, that Woody one can move his head and waist for side to side, but some of the others don't move at all.
Woody and Jessie also have hats that can be taken on and off.

Woody looks like he's sweating bullets, lol. 

I love that they included Bo Peep in this line! 

The only one we are missing is the Squeaky Penguin (Wheezy is his name, I think) so if we find more of these blind bags, I'll have to look for him.

We are eternally grateful!

We must find a way to defeat Zorg! 

Also included was a "limited edition" grayscale Bulleye. 

Overall, these were so fun to open and very, very cute.  The all stand up well and would make very cute accessories for doll room or Disney collection.  We are huge Toy Story fans in our house and I think I even heard a rumor that they were making a Toy Story 4. (Maybe I'm wrong, though!)
The girls love them as well.
They are just too cute for words! ;)

xo Farrah

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Christmas and Holiday Season Doll Haul!

Hey everyone!
I know we are getting into the latter part of January, but I still wanted to share with you my Christmas/holiday sale/gift card haul video that I made. I wanted to do a "proper post" with photos and a description of each item, but couldn't find the time to squeeze it in.
For now, it's just ended up putting it up on Youtube and wanted to post it here as well in case you wanted to watch.
If you would like to see a review of anything in particular, let me know! :)

Hope you're all having a great week.  We're getting some pretty crazy freezing rain/ice right now, so I hope school is canceled tomorrow (so I can sleep in) haha..

xo Farrah 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas Day (and Happy New Year!)

Today is the first day of the New Year!  Happy 2017, everyone!  I always have mixed feelings on New Year's Day..a little sad to say goodbye to 2016, but also excited for what the new year may bring.  In reality, it's just "the next day" so it's kind of funny how we make it more than what it really is.

Before I do my doll collecting goals post for the new year, I wanted to share a few photos of our Christmas Eve and day.

Little Button was Mary in her preschool Christmas pageant and it was the sweetest, cutest thing I have seen in ages!  All the little kids were so adorable in their costumes!

 Like mother like daughter

The girls each got camera's as their traditional Christmas Eve gift and were happily snapping photos of everyone that came over that night. Those mini Polaroid camera's are really cool!

We had a small crowd gathered at our house on Christmas Eve and we sat around the table eating many different snacks and drinking mulled wine, cider. and Baileys.  It was such a nice and relaxing evening.

I am always the last person awake on Christmas Eve and above is my traditional "house is quiet after Santa came" photo.  My sister and brother-in-law spent the night so all of their gifts and our family gifts were under the tree as well.

One of our traditions each year is that Santa puts Baby Jesus in the manger to signify his birth so we wake up on Christmas morning to find him there.  We had 2 mangers this year...this cute little Playmobil one for the kids to play with and then my other one that's been in my family since I was little.  :-) 

The girls both got Hatchimals this year, and luckily they have a "doll and toy savvy mom" (haha) that knew about these prior to "the craze!"  I bought mine the day they came out and I was so shocked to see what limited quantities they ended up having and how much people had to spend on eBay.  They definitely were NOT worth the crazy prices!  Neither of ours hatched correctly so they both had to have emergency C-sections (lol) to be released from their eggs.  Luckily, they like them MORE now that they are out of the eggs since the hatching phase was a big old FAIL!

Later that day we went to my Mom and step-dad's house for Christmas dinner. She always has the prettiest decorations and their log cabin is so very, very cozy at Christmastime!

So Christmas has come and gone.  It was a wonderful time, but I'm not going to lie..I usually like the day after Christmas so much more because we can sit home and relax and still enjoy the season.
I'll post a quick post of some of the dolls I got this year as well as a some collector goals for the future very soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve last night and a great celebration today of the new year to come.

Happy 2017!
xo Farrah 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry and Bright..Today is Christmas Eve!

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas Eve!
I just wanted to stop in for a quick post before my father-in-law stops over for lunch.  We've had a very festive and bright Christmas season this year and it's hard to believe it's Christmas Eve already!  This afternoon we're heading over to the Christmas Eve children's Mass and then will come back here to spend the festivities with my family.
I can't believe how fast this month went by!
I started a new position at work and it's been so incredibly busy and I've had to sign on again after the girls go to bed, just to catch up for the next day.  Hopefully it all evens out soon.

We ended up getting several small snowstorms, so unlike last year's 70 deg Christmas Eve, we will definitely have a white Christmas. :)

The girls are sooooo excited and looking forward to everything.  Pumpkin Pie lost her first top tooth this morning so we will have a visit from the Tooth Fairy as well!
Christmas is so magical again when you have little kids and I'm eating it all up. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with family, friends (and wine)!
From our house to yours, we are wishing you a beautiful and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanza!  Happy Holidays to all.

Farrah, Hubby, Pumpkin Pie and Little Button

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Retro Roller Disco Outfit by Our Generation-18 inch Doll Clothes Review #1

Our Generation Kendra doll in the Retro Roller Disco outfit

Hello, hello, how's everyone doing?  I hope you're all well and staying warm and avoiding the temptation of all of these doll sales going on lately!  I know I've pretty much used up my budget for December AND January at this point.  Whoops!  

Today's review is on the Retro Roller Disco outfit made by Our Generation and this is an outfit I purchased last year, but hadn't gotten around to posting until now. 

This set comes with a jacket, romper, pair of rollerskates and a hanger.  I got mine at during one of their many Our Generation merch sales.  I think I paid about $10 for this one.

The romper material reminds me of a towel.  Terrycloth perhaps?  Very easy to put on and off. 

The jacket appears very well made with a working zipper.  My daughter LOVED that it had a zipper.  It's also a very bright coral pink color.

I mean these are the cutest.  The wheels turn! Little brakes!  I love them. 

The jacket fit over the hands, but it was a bit of a squeeze. 

Looking good on Our Generation Kendra, although looks like I should've hiked the top up a little higher.  ;)

The only problem we had was that our Kendra doesn't stand up very well so she REALLY wasn't standing up with the roller skates on.

As for the fit on an American Girl doll, we did run into one problem.  Unfortunately, I could not fit this jacket over both of her arms.  It was a struggle just to get it through one!

The romper and skates do look really adorable on Greta, I must say.  It does sort of have that skimpy 70s style to it, though.  This could also pass as a cute bathing suit if you were concerned about modesty and wanted to give this to a child.

I feel like this is how I want my hair cut the next time I go to the hairdresser..maybe I should bring this photo in to show the her??  Lol.

The skates fit nicely onto American Girl feet, but as you can see are a tad bit snug. 

We all know I just had to try it on Julie...our resident disco expert. ;)

The laces are so short so this is the best I could do! (I could've probably tried harder, though.) 

And here's a goofy little video review we made of the outfit. :)
We filmed this in the Fall of about not keeping up, lol. 

Overall, we really enjoy this outfit and I think it is definitely worth it, especially if you can grab it when it's on sale.  I love so many outfits in the Retro line of clothes from Our Generation and hope to get more to add to our collection!

I hope you're all enjoying this wonderful holiday season!
Xo Farrah