Friday, July 17, 2015

Disney Princess Magiclip Dolls

Today's review is on the Disney Princess Magiclip dolls. 
I love these little things.  I love mini-versions of everything.  I'm sure most of you reading this do as well! 
These Magiclip dolls are mini-versions of the classic Disney princesses dressed in an easily removable dress and come in many different packs ranging from single dolls to "wedding dolls", to  3-packs, and 7-packs.  
They are made by Mattel who makes other popular dolls such as Monster and Ever After High. 

The girls had received this Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magiclip 7-Doll Giftset  as a Christmas gift and since then we've been hooked. 

While out shopping a few months ago, I came across this really cute Merida doll which was not included in the original 7-pack that the girls had received.  I knew she'd be welcomed immensely as Brave is one of Pumpkin Pie's favorite movies. I found her at Walmart and she was about $7.99.
I couldn't stop myself. 

Most of the 3-pack dolls come in a plastic bag with a handle that displays the princess in one of her dresses as well as 2 other dresses to interchange.  There's a cute movie version photo of Merida on the bottom left and the recommended age for these dolls is 3+.  

To open the bag, you just zip up the side and slide the plastic shell out to pop out the dolls. 

Here is little Merida and her 3 outfits up close.  It seems as though the dress on the right is the most accurate from the movie and the other two are sort of random.  Maybe she borrowed the purple dress from Rapunzel?

There is quite a lot of nice molded detail in these dresses and I feel as though the paint and quality is very nice.
The dresses seem sturdy and I haven't noticed any chipping or wear with use (6 months later as I am writing this.)

These figures have 5 points of articulation and can move at the neck (side by side), the shoulders and hips.  They have molded on "swimsuits" and shoes. Her hair is very intricately molded to form ringlets and I'm so impressed as they could've just slapped on a glob of plastic and called it a day.

I was also surprised by how nicely detailed their face paint is for a doll so small.

Here's a look at Merida with the other princesses we already had.   Each princess in the 7-pack comes dressed in a sparkly version of her signature gown.
Unfortunately Aurora (and Snow White's dress) couldn't make it to this photo shoot as I couldn't find them anywhere at the time!

Most of them can sit well, except Rapunzel who has to lean forward due to her long hair.

There is so much detail in all of their hair molding showing many different textures and colors.  They have better molded hair detail than some of the larger Disney classic male dolls!

The dresses come on and off by squeezing the bottom of the dress, which opens up the top, as seen above (reminds me of a clothespin.)
The doll then easily slide in, feet first.  

If you get a collection going, you can have fun trading out the different dresses among the girls. 

I was really pleased to see that each princess has a unique face and eye shape.  

Best dress. :) 

Merida is quite petite making our Sparkle Girlz mini doll seem huge.  I didn't officially measure her, but I think she stands at about 3 inches tall.  

They make perfect dolls for our 12 inch classic Disney dolls and would be even better scaled as a "12 inch doll" if you included it as a toy for an 18 inch doll. 

This was our favorite princess/dress combination. :) It's fun to be able to mix and match their dresses.  I'm such a Disney geek that I get a kick out of seeing them in different colors and dress styles!

Isn't it so fun to get out of those OTHER DRESSES? 

After this photo shoot was done, I found Snow White's dress and Aurora. (Isn't that just the way it is?)

When you're done playing, you can store them all in the zip-up carrying case. 

Overall, these have been the most played with toy in our house.  Maybe ever!
The girls aren't as intensely into them at this moment, but they really did play with them daily for months.  Little Button woke up playing with them, took a nap playing with them and went to sleep playing with them.
Even now, they are really easy to tote around if we go to a family get together, or we fill up tubs with water and let them have a pool party outside.  They are the perfect size to fit into some of our little dollhouses and provide so much fun for them (and me!) :)

We've since added a couple of the "Glitter Glider" versions as well as Anna and Elsa.
Another plus we've found is they pair very well with Play-Doh and the girls will make them different dresses and accessories.

Although their price is a little high, I'm happy with the amount of detail that went into their face paint, differences between each princess and molding on their hair and dresses.
Little Button was 2.5 years old when they got them for Christmas, and she was a tad rough with a few.  She broke off Cinderella's arm and snapped 2 of the dresses apart.  Luckily, the dresses easily snapped back together, but I think the recommendation for kids ages 3 and up to be pretty solid unless you have a very careful two year old :)

As a mom, I really recommend these little toys!  If you have a little girl in your life and are not sure what to get her for a birthday or gift, definitely check these out!  If you're a doll collector and you like collecting toys for your larger dolls, these are great as well.

Thanks for taking a look at my review today.  :)
Happy weekend!
xoxo Farrah

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  1. I love Magiclip dolls! I have 8 princesses including Merida!! I have her dresses except that purple one, she didn't come with that was for me :-) I seriously enjoy them!! Great review as always Farrah >.<

    1. Hi Lydia,
      I love them too! They are really fun, I love snapping the dresses on and off and changing their outfits. I'm glad you enjoyed the review. :)

  2. Those are really cute! I have to look into those!

    1. Yes! You can find them at Walmart, Target, ToysRUs and Amazon...prices seem higher on Amazon though. Maybe you'll find some on your thrift store hunts. :)

  3. Very cute, and I can see where they would be the perfect doll for younger girls who might want to change the clothes often but don't have the manual dexterity to do so with more detailed and delicate clothing. The detail is fantastic too, and I love your photos of the girls "socializing"!

    1. Yes! Your point about the manual dexterity is spot on...that is exactly why they are perfect for little ones and adults (as you don't have to change every outfit FOR them.) I had some photos of them socializing with some Star Wars figures that I forgot to add, so I will do that now! :)

    2. ROFL at the picture with the Stormtrooper helmet. She'd better be careful!

  4. Those are really cute! I'm especially impressed by the way the hair looks - I'm not usually a fan of moulded hair, but these look more natural than most.

    Loved seeing them paired off with the action figures as well!

    1. I agree, jSarie, I was really surprised at the detail these little guys had. It was fun to find ladies the same size as the Star Wars guys. :)

  5. Very cute! When my kids were younger, they were into Polly Pockets. They had the rubbery clothes, but were probably not as easy to get their clothes on and off as these are. The beauty of this size of doll is that the travel easily. They had a big zipper bag and a lot of accessories and clothes and even wigs! They spend hours playing with them. I haven't seen these Magiclip dolls before, but with have to check them out next time I shop! Thanks for the very thorough review.

    1. Oh yeah, I remember seeing Polly Pockets a while back. A friend of my (whose daughter is probably around the same age as yours) gave us a bunch of toys and she included a bunch of those little Polly Pockets. They are a hit as well! There is just something about miniatures that appeal to all ages, I think. Thanks for the nice comment. :)

    2. The 3.5" Polly Pocket dolls are also compatible with Magiclip dolls, I believe. There's several Youtube videos about the princesses wearing Polly Pocket clothes, but I haven't found anyone trying Magiclip dresses on Polly Pocket dolls. I suspect Petite Blythe dolls might be compatible too.

  6. Wow! Merida looks very detailed, this set definitely looks like it is worth the price.

  7. Great toys, they are very detailed for such small dolls! I like the dresses, and the way the 12" dolls look with them too. Have a great weekend! xx

    1. Thanks, Linda..have a great weekend as well! xo

  8. Great review Farrah! I loved it. I think these little girls are simply amazing and super cute, I understand why your girls fell in love with them (and you too!)

    1. Thanks Billa! I know, they were quite fun to play with. :)

  9. They're all adorable. I've seen these cuties in the shops around here, but until now I was not tempted to buy any of them. Unfortunately, after reading your review my attitude has changed. Grrrr, your blog is a danger zone. You temptress! :P

    1. Haha, sorry. :) I know what you mean though...all of these blogs are dangerous!!