Friday, July 24, 2015

Feel Good Friday 31 Accents

Happy Friday everyone!
We are headed off to vacation tomorrow for a week so I won't be posting anything until August!  (Crazy to think how fast July went by.) I had hoped to get another review as well as our monthly round up posted before we go, but alas, I ran out of time.  Letting it go!  :)
Instead, here's a video about this amazing actress I found on YouTube who has this incredible ability to mimic different accents.  I am in love with people's accents, so of course, this was right up my alley.
She is from Seattle, NY, but in this clip, she seamlessly transitions from accent to accent in one take.

​STANDARD BRITISH​ Hello, my name is Amy Walker, and I'm an actress, singer and artist, as a form of Courageous Compassion.
COCKNEY Right -Courageous Compassion. What's that then?
IRISH For me, when I embody the voice, physicality,
SCOTTISH ​erm... ​Hopes, Fears, Perspectives, Choices of another being,
ITALIAN I ​identify with them.
MINNESOTA Whether they're human, animal, otherwise or otherworldly,
BOSTON They become a part of me.
​S.​ CAROLINA When I identify with someone, I have an opportunity to let go of judgement; 
​AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE and practice courageous compassion.
BROOKLYN I might not agree with their perspective or choices...
AUSTRALIAN I've played characters where I'm just in agony trying to justify how they could make a particularly violent or destructive choice.
RUSSIAN I've Grappled with trying to understand how their humanity can allow it.
EGYPTIAN But when I approach it from a perspective of acceptance,
​YORKSHIRE I break through to a new understanding of how they may have been shaped by their circumstances,
​LISPING ​CHILD How they were treated by their parents, teachers, bullies...
MEXICAN I just let go of the labels, you know? and find their essence within me.
INDIAN For I am equally, imperfectly human.
​NEW ZEALAND Capable of the same monstrous and magnificent acts.
TEXAS That's why I call it "Courageous Compassion."
FRENCH It takes courage for anyone to identify with the darkness we're capable of.
CORNWALL And even the infinite light we can shine.
​WEST ​AFRICAN​/GHANA​ Especially the light. The beautiful light we can share with each other takes courage!
​US NEWS ​REPORTER: I believe that inspired art shows us examples of how we're choosing to live.
​BRANDY MAN It says, This person chose to do this...
​​VALLEY​ GIRL​ And here's what happened.
GERMAN It invites us to analyze our habitual reactions; and choose to respond from the heart.
JAPANESE Only then, from this greater perspective, can I truly say, 
SEATTLE "I, Amy Walker, perfectly imperfectly, choose to practice the ways of Love."
JAMAICAN I choose Love, man!
TRANSATLANTIC I choose to embody different perspectives as a form of courageous, compassionate Love.
BRITISH RP And that's only one form of love. One. Of Infinite doorways.
SEATTLE Vibes to your doorways to courageous compassion. For we are all connected.
While we are on vacation, I'm going to do a bit of a digital detox so I probably won't be signing onto the internet much at all.  I'm going to try to *gasp* read a book!  Or finish my crochet blankets that I started over a year ago.  I'll catch up on everyone's blogs when I get back.
Have a safe and happy weekend!


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