Friday, July 10, 2015

"Freaky Field Trip-Gigi Grant" Monster High

Hi everyone!
I hope your week is going really well and you're all finding time for yourselves and your doll hobbies.:) 

Today I will be reviewing one of the "newer-ish" Monster High dolls from the line called "Freaky Field Trip."  I picked up this Gigi Grant doll this late winter on my doll hunt and all of these photos and video were taken back in February and I am just now getting around to processing it onto the blog!  
Awfully behind in my blogging, but it's all good.  
This was a wave of 3 budget dolls that were priced at about $13 and each represent a specific class field trip.  There is Gigi who goes to the "Planetscarium", there's Toralei who goes to the Ascarium (aquarium) and Clawdeen who goes to the Museum of Unnatural History (haha).  

This is currently our first and only Gigi doll and I am trying to decide if I want to fork over the slightly high secondary market prices for the first version, but for now I am in love with this version of her! 

Who knew the daughter of The Genie could be so cute? 

"As you wish!" 

Gig comes in a very slim box with colorful and adorable artwork. 

Here's a look at her free from the box.  
I ended up doing a video review of her as well so if you're interested click below!

Minimal, but cute accessories. 

She comes with a dress, necklace, shoes, purple "brown" bag and telescope. 

Up close the telescope is really detailed.  There are lots of little scorpions molded onto it as well as little scalloped and "gem" like details

Her golden necklace consists of a scorpion charm and star beads. 

A purple lunch bag which she can't really hold. 

Amazing shoes with scorpions, stars and telescope heels! 

Beautiful galaxy dress showcasing the Scorpio constellation as well as a few others (Cassiopeia!)

Cute profile. 

Her hair is raspberry red and very layered, cut in a V-shaped shag with a coppery orange section near the front that is tied back into a little ponytail. 

Gigi has gorgeous big turquoise eyes with gold and blue eye shadow.  Her lips are a deep crimson, glossy red, and she has faint freckles scattered on her cheeks.  I love her upturned eyebrows that are similar to Rochelle and I wish they made more MH dolls with this eyebrow shape as I find it very endearing.
And of course, you all know I love a dimple chin! :)


I LOVE the genie ears. 

Her pink body is covered in segmented plates or scales and cover her neck, torso, arms and legs. Again, this appears to be linked with her scorpion theme (I believe her signature doll has a pet scorpion as well!)
She also has a scorpion henna tattoo on her neck, which I think is very creative to add to a doll...I can't think of too many other dolls with henna except maybe Hearts for Hearts Najhi.

She has very long nails as you can see.  Her skin is actually all the same color and I think the lighting when I took this shot was a bit off producing an illusion of discoloration. 

Although I haven't seen the original Gigi in stores anymore, we still hope to eventually add her to our collection through the secondary market.  By pulling Gigi's hair up, we can pretend she is the original one for now.

Here she is next to Blackcarpet Draculaura showing the intense pink of Gigi's skin. 

And now, next to Freaky Fusion Operetta also to show how pink Gigi appears.  And how big her eyes are!
I love how many different face molds they keep coming out with for these new Monster High Dolls.
I am totally impressed with this basic/budget line Gigi and she has been really fun to pose and photograph.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Freaky Field Trip Gigi Grant.
She's listed on on Amazon here: Monster High Freaky Field Trip Gigi Grant Doll now for only about $9 if you are interested in adding her to your Monster High collection. :)

Thank you, as always for stopping by the blog!
xo Farrah


  1. Cute pictures Farrah! Gi Gi is adorable and I love her dress! I like stars and astronomy so I hope I will one day add her to my collection as well!

    1. Thank you, Halo! I think her dress is the best part about her! :)

  2. I can see why you like her! I got a giggle from the names of the field trips! LOL

    1. Lol...those silly and clever folks at Monster High are just so creative. :)

  3. Gigi is so awesome! I really love her! Great review Farrah! I loved the pics at the end :-)

    1. Thanks Lydia! I know, she's so cute and really fun to photograph! :)

  4. Museum of Unnatural History totally cracked me up! I love her dress, such cool fabric.

    1. Haha, I know....I love the dress as well...I would totally wear this if they came out with one in my size. :)

  5. Hi Farrah, it's a very cute doll! Love the dress and the telescope! xx

    1. Hi Linda! I agree! she's a fun little doll to have here. :)

  6. She's got beautiful hands with such long fingers! I think that I'm in love with them. Most Monster high dolls have their hands wonderfully carved and designed, but GiGi's are exceptional. I wish I had my nails as long as she does - it would be awesome (even if very impractical in everyday life)

    1. I agree about the nails! I haven't seen hands quite like hers yet on any other character and hm is always surprising me with their creativity. :)