Wednesday, February 23, 2022

February Birthstone Barbies


Happy February!  
Two Barbie lines I've been collecting over the past year are the Barbie Birthstone Collection Collectible dolls (released in 2002) and the Barbie Birthstone Beauties (released in 2007).    I did a post last year showing my January dolls, so this month, I wanted to showcase my February dolls. 

The first one is the gorgeous Birthstone Collection - February Amethyst doll from 2002. 

She is simply beautiful.  I chose the AA version because she was my favorite of the three choices and I think this purple shade looks so pretty with her skin tone. 

Here are the other two versions: 

Image from Google

                                                                   Image from Google

I also have the AA version of the Barbie Birthstone Beauty - Miss Amethyst as well. 

She's gorgeous as well; I don't ever use the word "bae" in real life, (except to annoy my preteen daughters lol), but the Steffie mold, in my eyes is my bae in terms of vintage faces! 

I love how they look together.  Even though they are two different doll lines, I think they go well with each other.  Perfectly purple. 

Up to that point, here are all of the ones I had collected.  

I also had the lighter skinned Birthstone Beauty doll that I found at a flea market and after I cleaned her up, she looked just as pretty as the other two! 

Goddess face mold. 

These two have the Steffie face mold.  I love how different they both look even though it's the same facial sculpt! 

This line has been so much fun to collect.  I've just been going slowly, collecting about 1 per month as they can be quite pricy on eBay.  I hope to continue to share them all on the blog each month! 

What is your birthstone??  Mine is March/aquamarine :)

xoxo Farrah 

Video review here if interested: 


  1. Those are some gorgeous dolls! The one with the Goddess sculpt is so stunning. The fact that purple is one of my favorite colors does help. In general, I would say that I like the Birthstone Collection dolls over the Birthstone Beauties, as they seem to offer more variety in terms of sculpts. But both lines have gorgeous dolls.

    Good luck collecting the rest of these. I hope you can find them at fair prices.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, there is definitely a bit more variety to choose from with the Birthstone Collection ones. The purple is beautiful!

  2. Waiting for October just got harder, LOL!

  3. They are all very pretty! The 2 Steffie type dolls actually remind me of a different line of dolls, just in the eyes, the eyes made me think of the My Scene dolls. Just something about the look they have. I don't collect birthday dolls.

    1. Yes, I can totally see the resemblance with the My Scene dolls. I think it has to do with the side-glancing eyes and the full lips!