Friday, March 4, 2022

A Cozy Cocoa Stand with the Wellies

A few years ago, I purchased the Wellie Wisher's Hot Cocoa stand when it went on sale on American Girl's website.  It's a pretty cute little set with some nice miniatures and it was fun to get the girls dressed up to go outside and have a warm treat! 

The set came with these two larger pieces; the stand and a bench. 
It also came with mugs of cocoa, cookies, whipped cream and more as you can see below. 

These items below came in a separate Wellie Wishers Christmas Eve "cookies and milk" set, but I added them to this set as I think they went so well together The yellow mug of hot chocolate (look at those marshmellows!) came with the Our Generation outfit I'll show you in a sec. 

Here's Emerson ready to serve up some treats! 

The back of the stand has little shelves to store the cookies and mugs and there's also a little drawer for the acorn "money". 

Kendall is dressed up in the "Snow Much Fun" outfit.  I love the pastels! 

Earmuffs used to be my jam back in the 90s. :)

Emerson is wearing some Wonderous Wishes PJs from 2019 (I think). :)

And her's Bina wearing a cute Our Generation Girls outfit called "Cocoa Cozy".  This is one of my favorite outfits from OG! 

Overall, this was a very cute little playset to set up and take photos with.  My daughter really enjoyed it when she was younger.  As I make an effort to "thin the [doll] herd", I think I will be passing this set on to my niece.  I think it will have many more years of fun! 

Do any of you collect any of the Wellie Wishers or their playsets? 

xoxo Farrah 


  1. Hi Farrah! That's such a cute playset, I love the miniature mugs! I'm not very familiar with the Wellie Wishers dolls. Since American Girl doesn't seem to be availiable outside the US, I don't think this brand is either. However, I would buy a nice playset from another brand if it works with Barbie and other fashion dolls. I'm keeping an eye on the Rainbow High pool playset, just in case I can get it on sale.

    Have a lovely weekend ahead!

    1. Thank you, MC! I think this might actually work with Barbie, but the food would be too big...before I get rid of it, maybe I'll set it up again and see if I can do a photo shoot! I really like the RH pool to, but definitely going to try to wait to see if it goes on sale. :)

  2. Hello Farrah! I think that this playset is very cute and I love the details too. The cups are adorable. The dolls have nice outfits and those fluffy slippers are cute. :)