Friday, December 17, 2021

Holiday Celebration Barbie 2000 - Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

Hello everyone! There are only 8 more days until Christmas!  I don't know about you guys, but this holiday season is flying by for me.  I mean, I guess it usually does, but seems to be more so this year for some reason. 

Today we're looking at the Holiday Barbie from 2000, which was called "Celebration Barbie".  She was the 1st on in a two doll series, the 2nd one being the one in the previous post (Celebration Barbie 2021).

This particular year, they treated us to both an African American doll as well as a Teresa doll! 
The AA doll appears to have the Asha face mold. 

Teresa has the Teresa face mold! 
Finally, Teresa is getting some love. 

This Barbie has a gold and white theme and her dress has a few different layers with different types of fabric.  She has a layer of gold tulle with snowflakes, a metallic fabric layer, then a layer or white tulle with snowflakes and a final white nylon layer underneath it all. She's also wearing a white faux fur stole around her shoulders. 

Here's a closer look at her stole and the details of her bodice. 

Her necklace is nicely molded showing teeny, tiny little beads. 
It reminds me of an upside-down crown. 
She's also wearing a gold ring, which I forgot to photograph for some reason! 

                                    She comes with gold high heels and a gold colored brush. 

Here's a closer look at her gold crown and gold stud earrings. 
Her hair is pulled up into two different sets of rope braids.  One forms a headband around her head and the other comes together in the back into a half ponytail. 

She also comes with an ornament for the tree! 

She has a the beautiful Generation Girl face mold and her makeup is gorgeous. 

Overall, she's such a stunning doll!  I love her gold and white theme, her long hair and beautiful face.  She has a sparkly and elaborate dress with nice accessories and I think she's very fitting to celebrate our first year in the 20th century. 

xoxo Farrah 


  1. Somehow I missed a few posts. This one has such a festive design, both elegant and cheerful. Even the ornament is a nice addition.

    1. Haha, no problem at all, you have left me so many nice comments on so many of them, I truly appreciate it! :)