Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Holiday Barbie 2005 - Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

Here's a quick look at the Holiday Barbie from 2005.  She has a burgundy, glittery icicle theme and I think she's gorgeous! 

This year they came out with four different versions of her.  
There is the burgundy blonde that we're reviewing today, the burgundy AA doll shown below and two Sears exclusive dolls in green dresses. 

I'm sorry I couldn't find a less blurry stock photo of her. 

Here she is in her full dress out of the box and she was designed by Bob Mackie.  She has a very unique dress design and beautiful accessories! 

The bodice has a burgundy sash that goes from her shoulder to her waist on top of a multi-layered gown.  There's a layer of white tulle on top of a red satin material and as you go further down, there's an asymmetrical white panel with glittery "icicles" dripping down.  

She has a beautiful "snowflake" tulle and glitter accent piece behind her shoulder as well as a brooch in emerald green and silver holding up her sash.  She wears a dainty silver tiara that matches her brooch and necklace. 

She has a very detailed necklace featuring a tear drop shaped gem adorned with green gems. 
This is so nicely made!! 

She wears simple white heels with straps across the top. 

This is our 9th Mackie face sculpt and it still amazes me how different they all look due to the variation in makeup.  She has plum colored eyeshadow, arched brows and defined lip liner with frosty pink lips. She also is the first one to have beauty mark near her mouth. 

Overall, she's a stunning addition to the Holiday Barbie line.  I love her beautifully made accessories,  gorgeous hair, and creatively designed dress.  She's a cranberry frosty gem! 

xoxo Farrah 


  1. I vastly prefer burgundy and emerald to the typical red and green. I wish AA dolls were easier to find, they are almost always prettier than the Caucasian versions.

    1. I agree!! They are all so much more expensive, but I really like them. I'm going to slow try to add more of the AA ones into my collection over the next few years.