Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Holiday Barbie 2006 - Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

Good morning, everyone!  
In today's review, we're taking a look at the Holiday Barbie from 2006.  She was designed by the infamous Bob Mackie and is a bit different from all of the ones we've previously seen. 

Here's a look at the African American version with the Goddess face sculpt.  Gorgeous!! 

Here she is out of the box. She totally gives me "Russian princess/Queen of the Northern Lights" vibes with that beautiful outfit. 

She is wearing a thick, black, velvet gown with snow white faux fir trim and she has lovely silver and gold embroidery all throughout her dress and bodice. 

The pattern on her skirt reminds me of a Christmas tree. 

Her earrings are fantastic and feature a gold and silver star with red and green beads mixed in. 

This headband is so nicely done!

She has metallic gold high heels. 

She has the Mackie face sculpt with a more "severe look" than some of the other ones I've previously reviewed.  She has heavy gold glitter eyeshadow and very arched eyebrows.  She also has very defined lip liner and frosty mauve lips.  I like her slight widows peak and green eyes.  Her earrings look so good! 

Overall, I think she has a very creative design and although I initially didn't think I would like her that much, once I got her opened and started looking at her details, I really started to appreciate her gorgeous design.  If the African American one was easier to get, I probably would've gotten her instead, though. :)
I love the amazing detail that went into her gown from the silver and gold embroidery, to the star gems and faux fir trim. 

Do any of you have her? 
I hope you're all having a nice holiday season so far.  It doesn't feel as much like Christmas this year as it usually does.  We've been having unseasonably warmish (50s F) weather and not a single snow storm this year yet, so I think that might why!  

xoxo Farrah 


  1. This one is so unusual! You don't often see non-character Barbies with a widow's peak. Her rhinestones are in typical tree lights colours and look very festive.

    1. Yes, I remember some of the 80s dolls had a little bit of a widows peak, but very few and far between beyond that. She's definitely one of the most unique ones in the whole line!