Monday, December 20, 2021

Happy Holiday Barbie 1993- Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

We've made it to 1993!  This year's Happy Holidays Barbie has a red and gold theme inspired by the Poinsettia plant. 

Here's a look at the lovely African American version of this doll.  She has the Christie face mold and looks gorgeous in this photo of her descending this little staircase. 

Here we have the Barbie version in her poofy, ruffly red tulle skirt.  Every other ruffle is trimmed in gold thread and she as two large bows adorning each shoulder. 

The bodice is gold and decorated with red leaves in the shape of poinsettias.  Each shoulder bow can slide down her arm if wishing to switch up the overall look. 

Her blonde hair is pulled up into a half ponytail and decorated with another poinsettia. 

She has gold and red beaded earrings to complete the look. 

She has the Superstar face mold with green eyes, green eyeshadow and red lips.  So far, a lot of these Holiday Barbies have green eyes, which I had never seen as often before in the 80s Barbie's I played with as a kid! 

I really like this one as well.  I found her at the flea market this summer along with many of the other's in my collection and the real magic to me, has been getting them out of their damaged boxes and taking a closer look at them all.  This "nostalgic" era of the Holiday Barbies are quickly becoming my favorites! 

xoxo Farrah 


  1. She wears such beautiful red. I remember making longer earrings like this for my dolls when I was a kid. The disadvantage was that the earring post became weaker because of it, good times.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I agree, her earrings look so good! That's so fun that you used to make earrings for them. I would love to have time to do that for my dolls! Merry Christmas to you as well and thank you again for reading my Holiday Barbie posts!! :)