Thursday, December 23, 2021

Happy Holiday Barbie 1989- Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

Hi everyone!  It's hard for me to believe that there are only 2 more days until Christmas.  These season absolutely flew by for me!  Today's review is dedicated to the lovely Happy Holiday Barbie of 1989.  We've officially hit the 80s! 

This year, unfortunately, they only released the Caucasian version of this doll.  
Here's another stunning promo photo and the photo they used for the back of her box. 
Look at that snow on the window panes!

Here she is in her full snowy white glory.  She has a lovely full gown in a satin(ish) shimmery material, faux fur and sparkling tulle.  She has small accents of red in her accessories and hair. 

She comes with a red ring, earrings and a necklace. 

She has the cute Superstar face mold as all of them have had since the 1997 Barbie.  I think she's so adorable! 

She's a beautiful Holiday Barbie with a gorgeous shimmery white theme and I love her accents of red and snowflakes.  I'm sure when she came out in 1989, people loved her!  I need to ask my parents why they never got me her, I honestly don't even remember these Barbies at all back then! 

Only 1 more doll to go.  I hope you're all have a very Merry Christmas Eve Eve! 

xoxo Farrah 

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