Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Happy Holiday Barbie 1992- Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

We are down to the last five Barbies in our countdown to Christmas!  I honestly can't believe I have posted this much this month, lol.  It's really only because I had foot surgery and am off of work until after Christmas as I never would've been able to do this otherwise! 

Today, we're looking at silver and crystal beauty, which is Happy Holiday Barbie 1992.

 Here's the African American version with the Christie face mold posed in a beautiful photo. 

This doll completely embodies the early 90s in my opinin.  Her dress and hair are huge, she has holographic sequins and she's just amazing!  Her skirt is metallic silver with large tulle ruffles and she has big shoulder pads with decorative silver and crystal beads. 

She has beaded earrings and a silver ring as well as silver hair accessory. 

She comes with pearly white heels and a brush. 

She also comes with this awesome poster! I absolutely love these little dioramas they used to set up for their promo photos. :)

                                    She has the Superstar face mold and a twinkle in her eyes. :)

Overall, she's one of my favorites.  I love her crystal and silver theme with the rainbow effect she gives off in the light.  I love her hair and her face and everything about her.  Happy Holiday 1992 Barbie reflects the fun that Barbie was in the early 90s.  She's a gem! 

xoxo Farrah 


  1. The abundance of icicle beading made me think of the opera singer from The 5th element :) Even so, I do like the dress and attention to detail. I think you have the wrong photo for the AA version, but I bet she looks great too!

  2. You are totally right, thank you for catching that! I updated it with the correct photo. I agree, both are beautiful! LOL ;)