Monday, December 20, 2021

Happy Holiday Barbie 1994 - Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

Today's post features the beautiful Happy Holiday Barbie from 1994.  She is absolutely beautiful from her gold and fur lined dress, to her beaded detailed accessories.  Another stunner in the Barbie line! 

They also released the blonde Caucasian barbie in this line as seen below and she has the Superstar face mold.  Another gorgeous promo photo!  Mattel used to really treat us. :) 

Her gown is gold with faux fur trim and the bodice is decorated with sparkling beads and sequins.  She has two little holly leaves on each shoulder. 

She comes with a gold ring, gold shoes and a pearly colored brush. They also included a poster of the doll to keep! 

This Barbie has the Christie face mold and she is wearing a gorgeous gold, green and red beaded headband as well as matching beaded earrings.  Her green eyes and pretty face paint add the final touch of gorgeousness to this doll.  So beautiful! 

I love this Barbie so much.  Her gold theme with red and green accents is so beautifully combined and and she is such a festive addition to my holiday doll collection. :) 

4 more days until Christmas! 

xoxo Farrah

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