Monday, December 13, 2021

Holiday Barbie 2012 - Happy Dolliday Countdown to Christmas!

 Hi everyone!
Today we're taking a peek at the gorgeous Holiday Barbie from 2012. 

She's a classy lady and I'm excited to have her in my collection! 

In 2012, they released 3 lovely versions of this doll. 
The coveted brunette one, the AA doll with the Goddess face sculpt and the blond doll, which is the one we are reviewing today. 

This black-haired one was a Kmart exclusive and she's a bit more expensive on the secondary market. 

Her she is in her full length glory.  She's on the Model Muse body and has 5 points of articulartion. The gown is composed of a gorgeous red patterned fabric with a tulle underskirt layer. She has a statement bow tied up in the front. 

This is such a beautiful fabric they used! 

She also comes with a beautiful silver necklace with nice molded detail. 

Her earrings are silver and dangly.  Not too elaborate, but at this point, I'm just happy she has them! 

Her shoes are open-toed red shiny heels. 

She's another one with the Mackie face sculpt.  Gorgeous brown smokey green eyes with clean lower lashes, a hint of sparkle on the brow bone and cherry red lips complete her gala look. 

Here's a better look at her earrings as well. 

Overall, I am really impressed with this gorgeous Barbie!  I love her dress and accessories as well as her stunning face.  I love the design of her dress and different fabrics they used. She a new favorite for sure!

I wish her hair was a little more...something; maybe and updo would've looked nice.  Other than that, she's a stunner for sure! 

Do any of you have this one? 

xoxo Farrah 


  1. This doll is so beautiful, I miss the Mackie sculpt. From this year, my favorite has to be the dark hair one with fair skin, but they're all beautiful. I don't collect Holiday Barbies, mainly because here they're hard to find and so overpriced for what they are. Also, I care more about their faces than the actual "Holiday" theme, so it's just not worth it unless I find a bargain. Or if I win the lottery, then I wouldn't care so much about the price.

    Wish you a lovely week ahead.

    1. Thank you, MC. I know, it's a shame that some dolls are harder to get where you live. That would be great if you could find some of your favorite ones with the Mackie faces for cheaper prices to put on a MTM body!

  2. This one is gorgeous too! Will you do a lineup at the end? Even better, one in chronological order and another in order of personal favou.