Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Farm

It's hard to believe that we've already been in our new home at "The Farm" for a whole week!  The house is finally coming together...things are unpacked, photos and artwork have been hung up on the walls, bookshelves are filling back up and it's starting to look super cozy in here.  

Here is a shot of our first morning.  The sun was big and bright and the girls and I sat outside and ate our breakfast on the porch.  This particular spot only gets a few hours of sunlight a day, so I am used to it being shady (and an awesome spot to watch thunderstorms!), but it does get the early morning sun and the lighting is so beautiful, bathing the floors and chairs in a golden haze.

There really is something about morning sunshine, don't you agree?  I LOVE SUMMER :)

Right away, we made a new friend.  She's kind of a loner here on the farm..a little straggler who just showed up one day and decided to stay according to my uncle (who lives next door and runs the farm.)  She's a guinea hen and kind of keeps to herself, flitting about, hopping on hay bales and her little mannerisms are so comical.  If you've ever seen one in real life, you know what I mean.  I'll try to get a video of her running one of these days, it's a rip :).  Pumpkin Pie named her Miss Sparklepants and it certainly suits her just fine. 

On this particular sunny morning we decided to take a small walk down to the creek.  We saw this little guy.  He looks like a lo moth caterpillar and this is what he will be when he grows up.  

This spot is known as the 1st creek.  I can remember many summer days wading in this water (although it seemed so much deeper when my sibs and I were young) and catching frogs and crayfish.  We had this horribly rusty old trap (which I can't believe they let us play with) that we used to lower into the water in the morning and then pull it up later to see what treasures floated in there during the day. 

Here are Pumpkin Pie and Little Button heading down to the 2nd creek.  

Of course Zoey decided to join us!

And I know you've all been dying of suspense, but here is the 2nd creek :)  If you look farther down, there is actually a deeper area that used to be our swimming hole.  
Beautiful green hills...great for sledding!.  

Now headed over to see if there are any cows in the field.  My uncle raises grass-fed beef cattle.  Little Button is absolutely smitten with cows.  Loves them.  Love her :)

More shots of the 2nd creek.  The water has been very low this summer.  Womp womp.  

Looking for her cows...I think Zoey sees them over there...;)

So far it's been a great week.  As you guys know if you've read this post, I was having bittersweet feelings about moving and leaving our old place and our old town, but now that we are settling in, I am just so happy to be here.  Everything is far away, there's not a lot of take-out choices, and my toy/doll shopping is a lot less inconvenient (!!!), but living on such a beautiful property in an old charming farmhouse filled with character and surrounded by animals has been so good for all of our souls already.  Counting my blessings tonight :)

And we have a porch chicken.  Meet Millie.  She is there every night, despite J shoeing her away.  The girls think this is hysterical. I think she is actually a hen from the coop at the house across the street (which used to be MY house growing up...that's it's own weirdness now), but I guess she wants to live here, lol.  Milli Vanilli.
I am dying to do more toy/doll "reviews" (aka minimal info and lots of glam shots), but am in the process of setting up my little photography area so hopefully more of that soon!
Goodnight all and thanks again for visiting my little nook here on the blog. :)  


  1. Looks great sister, so jealous!!!

  2. Lol,'s getting there! We can't wait for you and L to come and visit!! :):)