Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pond Swims and a Stroll Through the Field

What a gorgeous weekend!  We are moving next week and I have such bittersweet feelings about it.  We have been in our current house for almost 3 years and have some pretty great memories here.  As much as I love this little town and community (and being super close to my Mom!), we just can't pass up this fabulous opportunity we have to live in my grandparent's old farmhouse in the small town I grew up in.  It's only about 30 minutes away from where we are now, but it feels so much farther!

So we've been packing up like crazy.  So much fun as I'm sure you all know if you have ever moved an entire home, ;) It's eye-opening when you realize how much stuff you accumulate!

Yesterday after we spent the day packing up and bringing 2 carloads of stuff over to the farm, we decided to take a dip in my mom's pond.

The water was so warm and still.  The girls loved it!  Little Button was a little concerned at first, but once she got going, she didn't want to come out!
After dinner we took our evening stroll in the field along the "nature trails" J mowed for us.

Photo from last night's walk 
It's become a our after-dinner routine, trying to find new flowers and saying hi to the snails.

Tonight's walk :}
 I think this is what I will miss the most about leaving this house.  The girls weren't too crazy about the length of the grass and how Daddy hadn't mowed in a while- "what's the point...we're leaving in a week"-but I thought it was so beautiful with all of the clover blossoms sprouting about  Little Button requested to be carried about 5 secs after I took this shot!

Even though I feel a little sad, I am very excited to be moving with my family into a home that was so well loved by me and my siblings growing up.  It holds such special and warm memories for me and to have so much land to run on, creeks to play in, and animals to meet, it's hard to stay sad at all.

Looking forward to getting this move over with, that's for sure! :)
Hearts for Hearts doll-Dell
And this little gem arrived in the mail the other day!  More on her soon.  I absolutely LOVE this line of dolls (even though I am totally late to the game on them)  :) 
Happy Sunday and hope you all had a great weekend...back to work tomorrow (and time for bed now!)

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