Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cherries, Candy and Ladders-Thrifty Throwback Thursday

I have a very nice co-worker who asked me if I was interested in some of her daughters old games and toys.  I am not one to ever pass up that's so fun to rummage through a box of someone else's "trash" to find your own treasures!  Plus, we have a thrift shop that just opened down the road and I figured I could donate them if the girls weren't interested. 

She pulled into work the next day with a trunk full of goodies for me to bring home.  Yay!  There was a box of My Little Ponies (circa 2003ish?), Littlest Pet Shop Critters and Polly Pocket houses, accessories (I think that is what they are..)

Included were some old board games that brought me way back.  I have a twin sister and 2 younger brothers so board games were always big part of our play time.  Hungry Hungry Hippos, Battleship, Trouble, Sorry!, Monopoly (but don't let sis be the banker, lol), and our all time fav, Mouse Trap.

Hi Ho! Cherr-O was the first one I opened.  This was originally published in 1960 and is currently by Milton Bradley and the age range is 3 and up. Tried playing this with Pumpkin Pie (age 5) and Little Button (age 2.)  PP got the idea pretty well, but LB knocked over all the cherries each time she tried to spin the wheel :}  This was pretty irritating to PP, lol. 
Cherries making their way on to the spinner.  The cherries are super cute, though. 

Best to put away and bring back out during LB's naps for now!

Next up, we opened Candy Land.   This game was designed in 1945 and is now owned by Hasbro (formally Milton Bradley?) and is also for ages 3 and up.  That was another hit w/ PP.  She loved the colorful board and the simplicity of picking a card and moving her gingerbread man to whatever color block the card showed.

The character cards were quite sought after.  I ended up picking most of them, but slipped the Ice Queen back into the pile and rigged it so PP would pick it as well ;)

LB, once again, fabulously filled her role as the cheeky toddler and knocked everyone's men over each time it was her turn.  Luckily, she was easily distracted by the box of My Little Ponies so we could get on with the game.

This was definitely a hit w/ my 5 yr old.  She was a bit concerned about getting stuck on a black dot, but we managed to avoid this.  ;)  We played until we both won, of course.

Lastly we checked out Chutes and Ladders.  This was also first published in 1943 by Hasbro.
I love the little quote on the bottom of the box.  Cheesy, but true!
Little Button was totally engrossed in the My Little Ponies by now, so it was just Pumpkin Pie and me for this one.  We didn't play for long as J popped his head out onto the patio to announce dinner time (bless him and his Italian culinary skills), but I grabbed a few quick shots.

Loved all the little character kids either happy or sad to be going up or down.
 "The artwork on the board teaches a morality lesson, the squares on the bottom of the ladders show a child doing a good or sensible deed and at the top of the ladder there is an image of the child enjoying the reward. At the top of the chutes, there are pictures of children engaging in mischievous or foolish behavior and the images on the bottom show the child suffering the consequences."  Wikipedia

"foolish behavior" it.
Life lessons and fun all in one. 

Overall, it was great to receive these games.  I hope, as the girls get older, to have more game nights.  I try really hard to turn off the iPad (I'm obsessed!) and keep the internet usage to a minimum until after the kiddos are asleep. It's amazing how much they pick up on and want to mimic that behavior. I have no idea what it is going to be like in 10 years when my girls are teenagers...oy vey!  I am cherishing  these days when they are so little, so innocent and so present in these moments of interactive play.

I'm really glad to have been given these old staples for now and I'll be on the hunt for more thrift shop treasures in the days to come.

Hope you all have a good day today!
        What are some of your favorite old games??


  1. Love this post!! You of course know how much of a board game fan I am....some of my favorites being Fireball Island, Monopoly, Ticket to Ride! Miss ya sis!!

    1. Lol, thanks! I forgot about Fireball Island...that was a good one. And Domino Rally of course! Miss you guys so much!