Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hearts For Hearts Dell

Just recently (I mean like just this summer) I have discovered so many creative and fun doll lines.

While accidentally stumbling upon this fantastic doll blogging community, this particular post introduced me to one of my favorite new dolls... the Hearts For Hearts line made by Playmates Toys.  Even as a kid, I have always been fascinated by different cultures and people.  I had several pen pals growing of which was from South Africa and I still, to this day keep in touch (20 years later!)

I especially like this line as it brings awareness to young kids about children in different parts of the world.

This doll line is also one that donates a % of their proceeds to charity, which you can read more thoroughly at the post I linked above.  This is amazing and it's too bad more companies don't do this.
Here are the 5 other dolls included in the original release.

My other favorite discovery are the Karito Kids, but more on that later :}

So the only unfortunate thing about this whole new love affair is that most of the Hearts for Hearts dolls have either been sold out or discontinued, so the only way to find the ones that have already been released is through the secondary market like Ebay or Amazon.  Some of them (like Tipi) seem to be rare and expensive, while others you can pick up, new, anywhere from $40-60 or so.  They originally retailed for about $24.99 I believe and were sold in places like Target, Toys' R' Us, and Walmart.

Her packaging was one of the easiest to open that I have experienced in a while!.  Included is the doll, a little booklet, a brush and hair tie, some decorative cardboard details and a bracelet, which PP snatched right up and wore for 2 days straight. The left side of the box, as you can see, has a little storyline to introduce the doll's character.

I really love all of the different dolls, but was especially drawn to this little lovely face. 

It's pretty ironic because she one of the Americans!  The reason I like her so much is that she is almost a spitting image of Pumpkin Pie.  Same coloring, same big blue eyes and I just can't resist so I marked her high up on my wish list as the first H4H girl I wanted to purchase. 

I found her on Ebay, new in the box for a "Buy It Now" option of $40.  I scooped her right up!
In the following photos, I'll do a mini-review as there are already so many wonderful reviews already out there and I am sure anyone reading this blog is already aware of this line ;)

Here is is out of her box.  She goes by the name "Dell" and her family is supposed to be from the Kentucky Appalachian Mountains.  Her dad and older brother make and sell guitars and her and her mom bring soup to people in need.  She also loves to knit (go girl!) and wants to become a song-writer.  Here is a little more bio info for her and the other dolls if you are interested.
Dell is about 14 inches tall and can easily stand on her own.  She has 5 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, hips) and her face and arms appear to be made of vinyl and her body of plastic.  My particular doll's joints seem a bit loose, especially her head, but I am not sure if that is pretty standard. Not a big deal for me as she does hold her head well, once you position it.

As you can see, she has a camo cap, some colorful bracelets and a peasant style top.  Not completely in love with her ensemble, but I really appreciate the fact that it covers her body and is appropriate for little girls. 
I'm supposed to be 10 years old!
Here is a quick look at her profile.  Cute little nose. 

 Her necklace was fixed at the back of her neck, and I think the only way to take it off was to cut it, so I opted to leave it on for now.  The butterfly matches her eyes.   Here's the rest of her get-up.

I love the little shoes.  I would wear these if they came in red :)
She can sit on her own, but I find she seems to balance the best when doing a center split.  Better her then me. 

It is hard to tell from this photo, but her hair is gorgeous.  This is the softest doll hair I have ever felt and it is very shiny and easy to brush. 

She almost looks like a completely different doll with her hair down.  She reminds me a bit of a young Kate from "Lost" :)
Looking especially lovely in 3/4 profile.

Here is a closer look at her charming little face.  She has bright blue/green plastic insert eyes and I think the detail in the irises is phenomenal.  The eyes are really what make this doll in my opinion. The eyebrows are done nicely and add to her sweet innocent look.  I think her lips are painted a very pleasant natural pink with a youthful shine and her freckles are adorable.  As a girl who grew up with freckles, I really appreciate when other dolls have them as well!
For a size comparison, here she is next to our other new addition, Zoey (Karito Kid-looove her).  Zoey is about 21 inches tall.  An American Girl doll would be somewhere in between these two sizes. 
Astrid is about the same size, but sadly, Astrid's brilliant Viking outfit doesn't come off.  Dell would've looked super cute as a Dragon Trainer :)
And of course, next to Pumpkin Pie's beloved ballerina Barbie. 

That about wraps it up, folks.  What's not to love about this cutie pie?? ;)
According to this post on, they have 2 new dolls coming out this summer.  I am looking forward to them as now that I have Dell, I want to collect them all!
And now, I'll leave you with a few shots from one of our evening nature trail walks. 

Tomorrow is moving day...should be long and tiring, lol and I admit to feeling a little bit of sadness as this is the last night in our home.  It will be nice to be all moved into our new home tomorrow, though, that is for sure.  I won't have internet until next week, so goodbye for now!  I hope all of you have a great weekend, where ever you are, and thank you again for visiting the blog.  :}

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