Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Warm Breezy Walks (part 1) with Barbie, Liv and La Dee Da

As you guys know, I'm a bit behind in my photos/posts as I have this crazy habit of taking a million photos all the time and they usually get a bit backed up.  It's a charming little habit I have, I like to think ;) 
We are supposed to get 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow (just in time for Thanksgiving-which is luckily being hosted here at our house this year, so no slippery roads for us!) 
I wanted to continue on with my happy, sunny, shiny photos for now if you all don't mind.  Summer makes me really happy. 

You all know Millie, our porch chicken.  As an update, she is now fully integrated and accepted into the roost of other hens and lives out her days happily foraging away and sleeping in her cozy hen house at night. 

Tropical Barbie 
So after tending the beautiful Hawaiian gardens on the farm, Tropical Barbie decided a lovely walk out to the field was in order.  

Tropical Miko
Miko agreed.  Miko's an easy-going gal like that.

Liv-It's My Nature Hayden

Liv-It's My Nature Katie

La Dee Da Garden Party Sloan 

Hayden, Katie and Sloan were busy climbing trees, but totally agreed that a walk would be good for the soul and great for the legs.  
They love it when we drag them around and pose them in the wilderness. 

Enjoying a quick rest break.  Little legs make it hard to keep up!

Enjoying the August sunshine...

Cute little Sloan prefers the shade :) 

 You got it girl, it's too hot up there! 

Barbie was really enjoying the lush greenery and the lulling flow of the creek. 

Miko was wondering when it was time to jump in the water...

Sloan was perfectly content sipping her tea and enjoying the butterflies. 

Ah..feet in, life is good. 

I love it here...let's never leave...

Barbie and Miko decided to stay in the lush and refreshing creek, while the rest of us gals moved on to the tree.   

Back in the trees for Hayden and Katie..can't keep them on the ground for long. 

Sloan's enjoying the warmth and golden afternoon sun. (So was I!)

So did Pumpkin Pie. :)


  1. Aaah... How many months till summer again? ;-D. Winter hasn't even started officially yet, and your pictures make me long for summer again :-). You chose the perfect dolls to take on this walk, the tropical dolls look very in place, and the Liv's are nature girls after all! Great pictures!!!

    1. I know what you mean! The sky is dumping down heaps of fluffy snow as I type this and we are still officially in Autumn, lol. The girls had a great time helping me pose the dolls...Pumpkin Pie is getting quite brilliant about keeping her eye out for perfect doll nooks ;). Thanks for you lovely comment, as always. :). Xo

  2. Glad for the beautiful summer photos. Helps to hang onto it a bit longer before the long winter! We had a few days of warmer weather and rain, so all of our snow is gone. But that doesn't last long in Michigan! Snow is forecast for the next couple of days. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Did you guys get any of that lake effect snow that hit Buffalo last week? Luckily, it didn't hit us as we are much farther east, but yes, snow is here today and probably for the next 5 months, lol. Glad to know there are many people in the same boat. Thanks for commenting, Phyllis and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  3. I sooo do the same thing, take too many pictures and can't seem to keep up in this busy season. But you chose Beautifully, and your Beautiful Sloan seems to be soaking in all the sunshine she can. All your dolls look Beautiful! Happy ThanksGiving - Very Grateful for YoU! ~ LuV, TiGGy

    1. Thank you, TiGGy! Yes, I am glad I am not the only snap happy person out there :) Loved your Thanksgiving post and thankful for you as well! :)