Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rahel-Hearts for Hearts Doll

Hi everyone!
Meet of the newest members of our ever-growing collection of dolls here on the farm.

Hearts for Hearts Rahel

If you've been reading my blog for few months, you may recall that I did a Hearts for Hearts review already on the first one I got, Dell.  Since then, I have been pretty interested in starting a collection of these pretty little dolls.

Rahel has been on my list for a while and I was so excited when I finally saw her on Amazon at her original price of $27.99.  Such a treat compared to most of the over-inflated prices on Ebay I was coming across.  If you like her, she is still listed at this price!

Rahel is a doll made to represent a 10 year old girl living with her family in Ethiopia.  She dreams of growing up to be a doctor as her mother currently works as a community health provider and she adores helping other people.
Such a sweet little heart in this one :)

Here's a look at her packaging.  I won't go into too much detail, but I will say, it is really easy to get her out of the box. The only thing that struck me was how different her eyebrows looked in the photo.

Rache is 14 inches tall and comes with a blue comb, child-sized bracelet and a little storybook going into greater detail about her story.

Faces first as always!  My favorite feature of these dolls are their eyes.  Rahel's are gorgeous amber-colored and clear as well as round with natural, smokey brown eye shadow which creates a nice depth of field.

Her top is a mustard colored leotard paring with a woven, pretty red skirt, which is embroidered and fringed near the bottom. She wears beige slip on sandals, which actually stay on very well (those plastic ties have since come off and they still stay on pretty well ;})

As you can see, Rahel has a vinyl face and body with multi-colored plastic beads, a set of 4 blue bracelets on one arm and 2 red woven bracelets on the other.  

Her eyebrows are a little higher arched and rounded then Dell's, and her cheeks have a lovely, flushy, glow.  Her lips are beautifully scuplted and painted in a glossy, dusty maroon.   Her hair is very nice quality, appears deeply rooted and generously placed around her head.

Rahel also has tiny amber colored earrings. 

She has 5 points of articulation (neck, shoulders and hips.)  The only way she can balance while sitting is in this very wide position (my hips hurt just looking at this..ha!)

Enjoying the creek with little buddy Dell. 

Behind the scenes with Little Button xo. 

The girls wanted her to try on Misha's cute bear hat.  QUITE cute, if I say so myself!

Of course, trading clothes was in order . 

Seriously...could this doll be ANY CUTER? 

Here's another style we thought suited her little personality.  

Here she is next to our Karito Kid-Araceli (Pita-21 inches) to show as a size comparison.

Overall, we all love little Rahel.  Pumpkin Pie thinks she's "just so beautiful" and I do as well.  I am so pleased with this doll line and have been hearing rumors that 2 more will be released, but until then, I will keep my eyes open for deals for the other ones I am hoping to add to my collection. Luckily, I was also was able to purchase Lilian from Amazon at her normal price (still there!) so hoping for a photo shoot with her soon, as well.

In real life, I did my first maternity photo shoot today and even though I was pretty nervous, I think it came out very well.  I have always loved photography and am hoping this may be the start of something more.  Goodbye nursing and hello photographer extraordinaire!  ;)

Wishing a great rest of the weekend to you all and thanks for stopping by.  xo xo xo


  1. This doll does have a beautiful face! She was a great buy for you. I love her eyes too and her hair is adorable.

  2. This is a lovely, cute doll indeed! Her eyes are amazing. I loved what you did with her hair too. Congratulations with this new girl :-). You take great pictures, I hope you can do more with it! xx

    1. Thank you, Night Owl..I appreciate your kind words so much :) xo

  3. Hello from Spain: Great dolls. Fabulous pics. Lovely daughter. I also like their outfits. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta, thanks for the nice comment (especially about my daughter :))

  4. Definitely a beautiful doll. The amount of detail is crazy! It's cool that they can stand on their own. :] // ▲ ▲

    1. I agree, much detail was put into their little outfits and stories. I love it! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment :) xo