Sunday, November 9, 2014

Baby Pigs

Here on the farm, we have two large pregnant female pigs.  My uncle is boarding them for a local farmer until after they give birth and every day we've gone in to visit them and feed them any leftover fruit/veggies that we have on board.
Tonight, after dinner, we realized one of them had given birth!

Here is "Apple White" (Pumpkin Pie named her..yes, after Ever After High, lol.)
She had 15 baby pigs!  Just amazing.

I was getting the girls ready for bed and J came in to tell us she was giving birth.  We got the girls into their coats and hats and ran out to see.  They were so tiny and so cute.  It was amazing to see them all walking around and climbing on each other.

So precious.  The girls were so in awe of these tiny little guys.  We are so blessed to be here :)  xo


  1. OMG, they are so cute! I remember we had pigs on our farm too and we loved the baby piglets. I remember helping my Dad deliver some babies once. What a fun experience for your girls!

  2. Ooohhh, my heart melts seeing these adorable little creatures! They are so cute! Thanks for the lovely pictures Farrah, give the little pigs a big hug from me (unless their mum doesn't want that yet :-) ). xx

  3. Yes, I know!!...aren't they precious? They are just sooo cute and tiny, we are dying with love over here :) The other female pig is also due to have her babies soon..I'll post pics when that happens! One has a name already...if you notice the 2nd piglet from the bottom with the little brown markings...its name is Button (after Little Button)..just seemed appropriate, lol ;)