Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tropical Barbie and Miko -Throwback Thursday

Today I wanted to share some photos of 2 of my favorite Barbies that I had growing up. 
Tropical Barbie and Tropical Miko!

These weren't my very first Barbies, (the first Barbie I received when I was about 4 or 5 years old was Golden Dreams Barbie) :), but I clearly remember being given these Tropical dolls when I was about 7 years old. 

My sister got Barbie...

...and I got Miko!  
I loved her soooo much.  I thought, and still think, she is one of the prettiest dolls I've ever seen. 

Check out these feet!  These dolls were made by Mattel and came out in 1986 and our original dolls are unfortunately long gone so I found these two on Ebay.   When I opened the boxes, it was like stepping back in time!  So many memories of playing with them came rushing back.  We would spend hours brushing and braiding their hair.  

Of course, my girls LOVE THEM. 

Here she is next to Pumpkin Pie's "Jessie-Toy Story" Barbie.  
 Which one do you think looks sweeter? 

But I have such pretty green eyes!   

Here is the difference in body styles.  
Tropical Barbie only has 7 points of articulation.  She has clickable knee joints and her head has a really good range of motion.  Her articulation is actually a wee bit better than Grace's.  

They can still wear each other's clothes, though which is nice.  One thing I do still have are the outfits we saved from the 80s and 90s so I've been having fun dressing them up. 

Here's a few shots showing their different profiles.  

Barbie and Miko wanted to get outside and see the farm so off we went.  ;)

This sweet, sweet face!  
Very California, very 80s :)

We are sooo happy to be out of our boxes!  :)

So lovely! 

All in all, they loved the farm, we love them and the next stop will be finding some water for these gals to lounge nearby.  (I already did a photo shoot, stay tuned, lol.)  :}

I found these dolls for about $30 on Ebay (for both together) and opening them up, seeing these little faces, brushing their long hair and bringing them outside to photograph has really been so much fun! 
They will both always hold a special place in my heart (especially Miko) and will be treasured part of my collection from here on out. 

Do you have a certain doll/Barbie that was one of your favorites as a child?  I would love to know!
xo :)


  1. Hi Farrah, they both look gorgeous, I really like the faces of this time period very much. They look great in your photographs, surrounded by the green plants. I had a favorite doll to play with as a child, it was Malibu Francie. I guess it was her happy smile that made me like her so much. And I recently was able to buy her. It brought back memories to hold that doll in my hands again! I look forward to your new photo shoot :-) xx

    1. Hi Night Owl, thanks for your comment. Malibu Francie has such a sweet smile and I love her apple cheeks. I love that flood of memories that come back from holding a old childhood toy again that you haven't seen in a long time. That's great that you were able to find her again :) xo

  2. Both are classic beauties! I love remembering the hours of playtime my sister and I had playing with our first Barbies. Mine was the Platinum Bubble Cut Barbie. Like you, the one of my youth is long gone, but I found her on eBay years later, so I have her again. I did a post on her -- I think it was my second post in my blog, called "The Doll That Started It All".

  3. Wow, Phyllis, what a great post and an amazing collection of vintage Barbie's you have! There is just something special about those early dolls that "started it all." Wasn't it so great to have a sister to play Barbie with? And even nicer that you are able to share that love with your daughters! Thanks for the kind comment and have a great weekend :) Xo

  4. I agree, this Miko is really beautiful :)