Friday, October 3, 2014

Morning Walks

Please forgive the lack of posts lately...I have always been a little snap happy when it comes to taking photos.  I take way too many. All the time.  Every time I am outside.  That makes for a lot of photos to sort through and edit.  I'm still working on August photos, which is what these are. ;}

Since moving back home, to the farm, I feel like I am seeing everything through new eyes.

I was always in awe of the land, fields, animals, trees and creek and I think I have always known deep down how special this place really is.

But it wasn't until I moved back here as an adult that I really and truly appreciate it. 

I have ALWAYS loved being outside in nature.  It's where I feel complete.  It's where I feel closer to my true self or my soul or whatever you want to call it.

Most of my time outdoors nowadays is spent with the girls.  90% of it is making sure Little Button doesn't get shocked by a fence or fall into the creek, but the other 10% is actually exploring around and enjoying nature with them. (That's me waving at you guys!) ;)

My girls (and kids in general) seem to have a natural desire to be outdoors no matter what the temperature is.  They are never as cold as I am and they never complain or ask to come inside.  They prefer to walk barefoot, feeling the ground with their feet and really embrace being in the present moment.
This amazes me how natural this is to them and I think we, as adults sometimes lose this connection to nature.  We get freaked out by mud and bugs.

Since moving here, I've decided to try to give myself a hour each weekend day to get outside on my own and take a walk. Guilt-free!
I think it's important for all of us to take time to ourselves each day if we're able.

Here are some photos of one of these walks.  This one was taken around 630 am.  There are a few different paths that lead to different fields and I usually try to putz around most of them.  The cows and horses usually rotate so you never know who will be where. That's exciting to me!

This corn was actually all harvested this weekend, so now this field looks completely different and there is a different batch of cows here.
In case you were wondering. :}

Daisy are my favorite flowers.  Simple and perfect.  

Nature is so beautiful.  I know I sound like a hippy and I kind of am, but I can't even express how much I love being here.  To be surrounded by land to walk on, think, just breathe and sit quietly has been so good for me and my own person conscious awareness.

It still amazes me that a little spider can create something so artistic and perfect. 

When I was young and used to come here every day, I never EVER would've thought I'd be back here raising a family and walking these same walks again.  As a teenage I couldn't WAIT to get out of here.  I always imaged I'd live somewhere warm, tropical or very far away.

Life has brought me back here for whatever reason, and now, I really do see it with new eyes and really can appreciate how important being in nature and being here really is to me.

Happy Friday!  xoxoxo


  1. Hi Farrah, I'm glad to read you're so happy with where you live, it's a truly wonderful place! Nature is a miracle. You know I enjoy your pictures very much, and these are again a real treat :-). xx

    1. Thank you, Night Owl..I appreciate your sweet words. I am so glad you are enjoying the photos :):)

  2. How beautiful! I grew up on a farm too and sometimes wish I could go back there. I have very fond memories of the farm and your post brought back some of them to me. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Phyllis! It's nice to hear there is another "farm girl" out there ;)

  3. Hello from Spain: Fabulous photos. You live in a wonderful place. Keep in touch

    1. Hola Marta! Muchas gracias :):) Thank you for your comment and I hope you have a nice weekend!

  4. Its really an Exquisite spot, and you take incredibly Beautiful picture - what camera do you use? That spider picture is overwhelmingly Beautiful!
    Love, TiGGy

    1. Hey there Tiggy, thank you so much!! I am really glad you like the photos. I mainly use a Canon 60D camera for most of the photos on the blog. Occasionally I use my camera phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S3. :) Thanks for stopping by!