Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Karito Kids-Pita and My Life dolls

Today's post is more of a photo shoot than an actual review, but I wanted to share two new dolls that made their way into our collection this summer:
Karito Kids Pita and My Life "As a Party Planner".

I took these photos back in August, shortly after we moved to "the farm" and wanted to share them with you all.

Please pardon the lag time.  I'll probably have my Autumn photos ready to go in the dead of winter, lol.

I love the Karito Kids dolls.  I just love them!  I was late to the game with this toy line (as usual) so I am sure this is old news and should be on my Throwback Thursday posts, but oh well..I guess we can make it a Throwback Wednesday. :}

Here is the lovely Araceli (original name is Pita), my other Karito Kid doll.  Zoey (or Ingrid, as I call her) was my first KK doll and a few weeks after I found Ingrid, I found Pita on Ebay for a great price.  I have really grown to love this doll.

A little bit more about Araceli in a few....

Karito Kid Pita, 21 inches tall.  

My Life as a Party Planner 18 inches tall.

Here is "Jessie" our My Life 18 inch doll.  This was a birthday present for Pumpkin Pie.  She picked her out herself and was absolutely thrilled to have her first big doll.  These dolls can be found at Walmart stores in the US and they are a nice, less expensive alternative to an American Girl Doll.    Here's a link to the other ones in the line.  I think they are really nice for the price of $27.97

These dolls have a new face mold this year and I especially love the African American doll in this line as seen above.

Elsa decided to go for a walk with us as well.  She loves summer.  She loves the wind in her hair. 

Taking a quick rest on the rocks before we head down the trail.  

Here is a portion of Araceli's dress that came with her.  This is not her full outfit as she comes with a yellow shirt and red jacket, but it was hot out so Pumpkin Pie was very concerned about her not getting too overheated. :}

Jessie is dressed in an extra outfit we purchased, which includes a cute tank top, purple ruffle skirt and everyone's fav-a fringy jean jacket.  She normally comes in a purple satin dress (for her party planning, of course.)

Jessie has a very pretty face.  She has amber eyes with applied lashes over painted lashes.  She has a very dainty nose and a lovely flush to her checks.  Her hair is especially beautiful.  I was really pleased with how good the hair ended up being on this doll.  It was really nice to brush out and was soft and very shiny.  I think an older girl would really enjoy braiding or trying out other styles on her. (I know I did.) :)

If you would like an actual, detailed review of this doll, check out this great one at the Toy Box Philospher.  :)

As cute as Jessie is, Araceli's amber eyes really steal the show for me.  Her face is very pleasing to me, although I have to admit, it wasn't love at first site.  When I first saw her online, I didn't think I would ever seek her out, but in person she is stunning.  

Her hair is amazing.  Best doll hair I've ever seen (not that I have too much to compare her to, but really, this line has great hair!)

Araceli (or Pita for that matter) is meant to be from Mexico.  I think she would look really nice in some of American Girl-Josefina's outfits and I look forward to building up a nice collection of outfits for her, especially Latin and South American style clothing.
I am still in a "let's just buy dolls" phase, and haven't been investing too much in clothing, accessories or furniture for any of my dolls.  This is a new hobby for me and I am just loving it. :)

The girls found themselves amused with this gravel pile while I was taking photos.  They loved letting the stones sift through their fingers and pretending they were queens of the mountain.  Imaginations are the best.

Another side-by-side look to compare their faces.  Interesting to note that Jessie's head is a little larger despite the rest of her body being smaller than Araceli's.
Jessie's face really doesn't do much for me.  She's sweet, but a bit vacant.  Araceli on the other hand, is clearly a higher quality doll and I "connect" a bit more with her (if that makes sense.)

Finally we made it to the creek.  Throwing rocks was definitely in order.  These kids could throw rocks for an hour.  Such a simple thing, but they love it!

Another look at Jessie with her hair down.
I have to say...this was a really good "trial run" for me to see if Pumpkin Pie was old enough, or interested enough in this doll to warrant a larger/better quality 18 in doll.  She had been showing a lot of interest in the American Girl doll line and I think it is suffice to say that she is no where near interested enough in a doll for that price.

Plus, I would rather get one for myself first, lol. ;) 

She really did love this doll when we first got her. Loved her...for about 2 days.
At this point, 2 months later, she has absolutely no interest in her, which is fine.  She even told me "you can have her, Mom"  (!!)  She's much more content to carry around a notebook and a pencil and just draw or tote around her little stuffed animals, pretending to be a pet-sitter.

Little Button likes her, but if I left her alone to the devices of a 2 year old, her hair would be a mess, she'd have limbs pulled off and pen marks (this kid has some sort of pen-radar) all over her body.

Jessie now sits on my doll shelf and when Pumpkin Pie wants to play "school" with the rest of dolls, then she is excited again to play with her.  Maybe for Christmas, I will get a few more outfits to dress her up in/accessories and that might relight the spark ;).

"I don't really care about dolls yet, Mom!"

"I love dolls, I especially love dragging Elsa around by her hair and putting her down in the mud!" 

Sweet Araceli enjoying the creek from her patch of minty herbs. 

We passed some gorgeous cows on our walk back to the house.  They seem so peaceful here...happy to be munching away on patches of grass and clover.

It's interesting to note that cows are not afraid of anything remotely smaller than them.  They all love Little Button.  Usually a part of the herd will come over and just stare at her.  LB stares back.

This child is absolutely smitten with cows.  

Our photo shoot was complete so off we skipped back to the house for a snack.

I almost slipped on mud trying to get this cute shot!
It's moments like this that melt my heart.  :)  Such good sweet little girls I have.  Little gems. It's ok if they aren't quite into dolls yet.  They might not ever be, but for now, we have lots of fun taking them out for walks and I am always happy to share my photos with all of you.  Hope you all have a good night! xo


  1. Great pictures! Your little girls (the real ones, lol) are adorable and I love the way you talk about them -- such a mom! Oh, and the dolls are pretty too! I love hearing you talk about the farm -- reminds me so much of my childhood growing up on our farm. The great thing about being on a farm is that there is so much available that we didn't need a lot of toys -- we could be anything we wanted! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so very much for your beautiful comments, Phyllis. You are so right about not really needing toys when you have so much outdoor space to enjoy. That is one of my favorite things about being here. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post :) xoxo!

  2. Hi Farrah, a lovely post, I enjoyed it very much. I love to read your stories (and look at your photographs) about where you live and about your two adorable girls :-). The dolls are very cute, the Karito Kids are unique compared to other doll lines, and your other dollie has a beautiful hair color. Hugs xx

    1. Night Owl, you are just too sweet. Thank you for your lovely words..they are really encouraging to me :)

  3. Hey - I just listed this post on my blog as a "more" feature for my doll who is just like your doll. Great minds must think alike! The blog post is here:

    1. Oh wow, thanks so much Nonna! :) She's a really pretty doll, isn't she? My youngest daughter has officially adopted her at this point and really loves her. She prefers her over our other OG doll, while my 5 year old prefers the OG we have. Interesting!

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